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And felt

Hell heard the unsufferable noise, Hell saw
Heaven ruining from Heaven, and would have fled
Affrighted ; but strict Fate had cast too deep
Her dark foundations, and too fast had bound.
Nine days they fell ; confounded Chaos roar'd,
Through his wild anarchy, so huge a rout
Incumber'd' him with ruin : Hell at last
Yawning receiv'd them whole, and on them clos’d;
Hell their fit habitation fraught with fire
Unquenchable, the house of woe and pain.
Disburden'd Heaven rejoic'd, and soon repair’d
Her mural breach, returning whence it rolld.
Sole victor from the expulsion of his foes
Messiah his triumphal chariot turn’d :
To meet him all his Saints, who silent stood
Eye-witnesses of his Almighty acts,
With jubilee advanc’d; and as they went;
Shaded with branching palm, each order bright,
Sung triumph, and him sung victorious King,
Son, Heir, and Lord, to him dominion given,
Worthiest to reign : he celebrated rode
Triumphant through mid Heaven, into the courts
And temple of his mighty Father thron’d


On high ; who into glory him receiv’d,
Where now he sits at the right hand of bliss.

Thus measuring things in Heaven by things on earth,
At thy request, and that thou may'st beware
By what is past, to thee I have reveald
What might have else to human race been hid;
The discord which befel, and war in Heaven
Among the angelic powers, and the deep fall
Of those too high aspiring, who rebell’d
With Satan ; he who envies now thy state,
Who now is plotting how he may

Thee also from obedience, that with him
Bereav'd of happiness thou may’st partake
His punishment, eternal misery ;
Which would be all his solace and revenge,
As a despite done against the most high,
Thee once to gain companion of his woe.
But listen not to his temptations, warn
Thy weaker ; let it profit thee to have heard
By terrible example the reward
Of disobedience ; firm they might have stood,
Yet fell ; remember, and fear to transgress.

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RAPHAEL, at the request of Adam, relates how and wherefore this world was first created; that God, after the expelling of Satan and his Angels out of Heaven, declared his pleasure to create another world and other creatures to dwell therein ; sends his Son with glory and attendance of Angels to perform the work of creation in six days: the Angels celebrate with hymns the performance thereof, and his re-ascension into Heaven.


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