Canaan in the Second Millennium B.C.E.

Eisenbrauns, 1. jan. 2005 - 410 sider

Throughout the past three decades, Nadav Na'aman has repeatedly proved that he is one of the most careful historians of ancient Canaan and Israel. With broad expertise, he has brought together archaeology, text, and the inscriptional material from all of the ancient Near East to bear on the history of ancient Israel and the land of Canaan during the second and first millenniums B.C.E. Many of his studies have been published as journal articles or notes and yet, together, they constitute one of the most important bodies of literature on the subject in recent years, particularly because of the careful attention to methodology that Na'aman always has brought to his work.

Collected here are 23 essays on the Hurrians, the Egyptians and their presence in the Levant during the second millennium B.C.E., Canaanite city-states, the Amarna Letters, and the neighbors of Canaan in the north, such as Alalakh and Damascus. The essays range over such topics as scribes and language, archaeology, cultural influences, and the interrelations of the great powers during this period. The volume includes indexes of ancient personal names, place-names, and biblical references.

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The Hurrians and the End of the Middle Bronze Age in Palestine 1
The EgyptianCanaanite Correspondence
Ammishtamrus Letter to Akhenaten EA 45 and Hittite Chronology
Looking for the Pharaohs Judgment
The Origin and the Historical Background of Several Amarna Letters
Biryawaza of Damascus and the Date of the Kāmid elLōz Apiru Letters
Praises to the Pharaoh in Response to His Plans for Campaign to Canaan
The Canaanites and Their Land
Economic Aspects of the Egyptian Occupation of Canaan
Pharaonic Lands in the Jezreel Valley in the Late Bronze Age
On Gods and Scribal Traditions in the Amarna Letters
The Transfer of a Social Term to the Literary Sphere
The Town of Ibirta and the Relations of the Apiru and the Shasu
Amarna ālāni puruzi EA 137 and Biblical ry hprzyhprzwt Rural Settlements
The Ishtar Temple at Alalakh
A Royal Scribe and His Scribal Products in the Alalakh IV Court

Four Notes on the Size of Late Bronze Canaan
The Network of Canaanite Late Bronze Kingdoms and the City of Ashdod
Canaanite Jerusalem and its Central Hill Country Neighbors in the Second Millennium BCE
Literary and Topographical Notes on the Battle of Kishon
The Conquest of Canaan in the Book of Joshua and in History 317 Index of Ancient Personal Names
Index of Biblical References

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Side 105 - And when I heard the words of the tablet of the king, my lord, my heart rejoiced and my eyes became very bright, EA 144:13-18 (Zimredda): And when I have heard the words of the king, my lord, that he wrote to his servant, and my heart rejoiced and my head was lifted and my eyes became bright upon hearing the words of the king, my lord. EA 195:16-23 (Biryawaza): My lord is the Sun in the sky and like the rising of the Sun from the sky, so the servants await the coming forth of the words from the mouth...
Side 129 - The kings came, they fought; then fought the kings of Canaan, at Ta'anach, by the waters of Megid'do; they got no spoils of silver.
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