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It is only natural that the domestic life of every great man should be a matter of deep interest to the world at large. As leading actors in the grand drama of public fame, our eminent men must necessarily hold a foremost place in our social history. Hence it is only a justifiable curiosity which seeks to know more about them when “out of harness," at play, and in their own homes.

It was a suggestive idea of this kind incidentally mentioned in the Times a few

years ago, that prompted the compilation of the present work, which, it is hoped, will make the public more thoroughly acquainted with many of those celebrated men whose tastes, habits, and other personal traits of character, have never hitherto been systematically collected.

But, while a work of this kind-s0 wide is its subject-must be at its best merely fragmentary, and contain much that is already known to biographers and critics, it is hoped that, as a popular book, and written for the public, it will meet with favour and interest. Should this be the case, the Author intends to continue the subject on a future occasion.


May 6th, 1889.




Duke of Wellington-Charles James Fox-William Hazlitt

Earl of Carlisle-Lord Byron-William Wilberforce-
William Ward — Lord Frederick Beauclerk — Lord
William Lennox-Sir Horace Mann--Lord Lyttelton-
Lord Westbury-Bishop of Sodor and Man-Samuel
Morley-George Edward Street-Lord Chatham-Lord
Temple-Douglas Jerrold-Charles Dickens-John Met-
calf-Josiah Wedgwood—John Dalton-Goldsmith-
Samuel Clarke Dean Swift - Douglas Steward-
Patrick Fraser Tytler, Lord Eldon--Faraday-William
Pitt Sir Henry Raeburn — Montrose — Alexander
Elphinston-Captain Porteous—Sir Ashton Lever-Sir
William Wood-Earl of AylesfordEarl of Eglinton-
Richard Owen Cambridge—John Leech-Vice-Chan-
cellor Shadwell-Bishop Wordsworth-Henry Manning
-Lord Lyndhurst-Charles Darwin-David Hume-
Sir Walter Scott-Wm. Cowper-Thomas Henry Buckle
-Earl of Sunderland-Samuel Warren-Sydney Smith

- Richard Penn-Sir Francis Chantrey-Lord Howe-
Frederic Denison Maurice-Archbishop Whately-Lord
Palmerston-Sir Charles James Napier-Marquis of
Queensberry - Henry Fawcett - Attwood - Abraham
Carter- Lord Chesterfield - George Payne-Admiral




pp. 1-37



William Pitt-Prior— Thomas Warton--Porson-Elmsley

Turner - Bishop Corbet - George Selwyn - Charles
Mathews-Dr. Paley-Lord Macaulay-Charles Lamb
-Douglas Jerrold-Curran-Dr. Battie-Lord Stowell
-Shelley-Robert Stephenson-Edmund Kean-Lord
Westbury-Vice-Chancellor Shadwell—Lord Byron-
T. Assheton Smith-Lord Hatherley-Sydney Smith-
Warren Hastings—Sir Thomas Munro-David Garrick
-Charles Lever—Third Earl Spencer-Charles James
Fox-Gibbon-Goldsmith-Faraday-Sir Charles Barry
-James Brindley

pp. 38-59

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