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irresponsible. The first often appears to have been deliberately planned, the act of a sane, rational mind. However, the best alienists say some phase of insanity always accompanies this rash act. The second are mentally deranged, for which there are many causes. Two classes, also, as to character are found among the unfortunates: the religious and irreligious. What then may we conclude from the most mysterious tragedy on earth ?

Satan always scores a victory when a neighbourhood is shocked by the news of a suicide; the victory is direct and indirect. If the victim is prepared or unprepared, sane or insane, the crime can somehow never be forgiven. A strange demoralizing influence is always felt; a feeling of horror and depression. If the victim is pious, and many, many are the most devout in the church, do they forfeit their salvation by the felo de se? Not necessarily. Now we wish to say here, with every word underscored: no sane, devout person will destroy themselves. Where, then, is the motive and victory of Satan? Much, every way. The whole church or community will be religiously paralyzed. It is generally believed that no self-murderer can be saved. But behold a sainted mother in Israel found hanging in the barn: we have in mind just such an incident, and remember also the gloom, the depression, the silent whispers, the downcast look on the faces of all who knew her. Satan may know that he has nothing directly to gain, but, indirectly, doubt and discouragement prevail. Anything to get the world to doubt God.

A very devout man, writing of a personal experi



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ence, says: “ There seemed to be some designing the so cutie spirit near me for days that constantly whispered in kedias my ear, and sometimes it seemed almost audible,“ Go kill thyself; you have disgraced your Redeemer and you are not fit to live.” Scores of such testimonies are on record. Sure,

Think of the logical traps used by the Designer to incite the deed : if poverty, “ My family will be cared for better than I can.” If a suffering body, “ This will cure me of my pain.” If fear of exposure, “ That will end it-charity will forgive me then." If hopeless over some sin, “ Better die than face the disgrace. It will solve all the problems," says the Tempter. It is often remarked concerning some one: « How cowardly;” but it is not cowardice; it is inability to answer the Devil's logic to commit suicide.

Again, gruesome as it is, and here is more strange evidence in favour of the satanic explanation : It is fearfully contagious. Professor Bailey, of Yale, said that the report of a suicide by any special method will be followed by others in the same manner. Morbid, despondent people hear of it and follow the example. That which should be revolting in the extreme possesses a strange charm. Ingersol toured the country at one time advocating suicide as the best way out of life's difficulties. Many took his advice and a fearful epidemic followed. One young man in a rural community of Illinois committed suicide ; three others, all associates, followed in a few weeks. No special motive could be given for either. We are forced to place the blame where it belongs, and sympathize with the victims.



“ Then he forsook God which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation. They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger. They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not.” - Deuteronomy xxxii. 15-17.

“ But I say the things which the Gentiles sacrificed, they sacrificed to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and the table of devils.”—1 Corinthians x. 20–21.

SATAN's consuming passion is thirst for power. He is the “prince of darkness,” but also the “ god of this world,” and this long period of satanic rule is called night. God's glorious Sabbath of rest was superseded by the black intervention of toil and suffering Satan's scheming fight has been for the rulership of this world. He succeeded in winning the entire antediluvian world, which to save the coming generations necessitated the Flood.

He began adroitly with the only remaining family; swept the postdiluvian peoples into midnight heathenism. Today, nearly one billion descendants of Noah worship not God—but demonian_demons, just what the Greeks and Romans worshipped in Apostolic times. No less than two hundred and fifty million are devil worshippers by name: Satan began his fight of opposition by assuming

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the form or incarnating himself in the body of a piary! snake. Therefore it is not an accident, growing out of mythological tradition, that serpent worship has been the chief religion of many peoples.

The 2. Egyptians worshipped Set which personified all evil-uk.giak enemy of all good-they called Typhon, a monstrous serpent-like animal. To this god human sacrifices were offered on great religious holidays. It is no accident that the millions who know not the true God nevertheless, some way, learned to worship the Devil, and generally in the form of a serpent. The Egyptians had a serpent-god in Typhon; the Canaanites worshipped a snake in the days of Abraham; the Babylonians worshipped Python, which is a specie of the most deadly reptile on earth, and another name for Typhon. On the monuments and tablets of many dead civilizations the engravings of serpents show their particular customs of devil worship. The American Indians were snake worshippers ; in Ohio an altar more than a half mile in length remains in good preservation. This altar is one of the wonders, being a perfect outline of a gigantic snake. We readily see that tribal association and tradition have had nothing to do with the customs of our own aborigines; the same being who inspired the peoples of the Old Orient, millenniums ago, to worship the snake-devil inspired our red men in his primeval forest.

David speaks of demon worship: “Yea they sacrificed their sons and daughters unto Shadim." Jereboam built places to worship evil spirits; the ordained priests to serve the altars of “Satyrs," and children

were offered. The Molech of the Canaanites was also devil worship; when the Israelites forgot God, they “ caused their children to pass through the fire unto Molech," an evil god. The damsel whom Paul delivered possessed the spirit of Python—the snake. The priestesses of the Delphic oracles prophesied by the spirit of Python; this was the dominant religion throughout Greece. The Actez war god of the Montezumas, where two hundred and fifty thousand human skulls were found in the temple, was a bloody system of devil worship. The Yezidis of Persia, descendants of the early Python worshippers, worship the Devil to-day, and are known as such.

We are not confined to heathenism, ancient or i modern, to find the same religion of " divinations.”

The best authorities of Spiritualism believe that the supernatural, occult demonstrations, as produced in their séances, are from demon agencies. The whole system of mythology grew out of what is to-day the work of mediums. The Old Testament is filled with statements concerning " familiar spirits"; they heard voices, received messages, saw physical disturbancesjust as may be witnessed at any spiritual séance. The most reliable of mediums do not deny that evil spirits (damned demons) come to them at times. One fact is noteworthy: when men and women become spiritists, they discard all the essentials of the Christian faith. They are modern types of demon possession. It is no unusual thing during a séance to hear a regular clash of voices: blasphemy, oaths, vulgar, obscene language, terrible threats, etc.

What connection do we find between Devil worship

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