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Conduct and Character. Account of the

two New Zealand Youths,

Secr. VII. Arrival at Ulietea. Astronomical Observa-

tions. A Marine deserts, and is delivered

up. Intelligence from Omai. Instructions

to Captain Clerke. Another Desertion of

a Midshipman and a Seaman, Three of

the chief Persons of the Island confined

on that Account. A Design to seize Cap-

tains Cook and Clerke discovered. The

two Deserters brought back, and the Pri-

soners released. The Ships sail. Refresh-

ments received at Ulietea. Present and

former State of that Island. Account of

its dethroned King, and of the late Regent

of Huaheine,

VIII. Arrival at Bolabola. Interview with Opoony.

Reasons for purchasing Monsieur de Bou-

gainville's Anchor. Departure from the

Society Islands. Particulars about Bola-

bola. History of the Conquest of Otaha

and Ulietea. High Reputation of the Bola-

bola Men. Animals left there and at Ulie.

tea. Plentiful Supply of Provisions, and

Manner of salting Pork on Board. Va.

rious Reflections relative to Otaheite and

the Society Islands, Astronomical and

Nautical Observations made there,


IX. Accounts of Otaheite still imperfect. The

prevailing Winds. Beauty of the Coun-

try. . Cultivation, Natural Curiosities.

The Persons of the Natives. Diseases.

General Character, Love of Pleasure.

Language. Surgery and Physic. Arti-

ticles of Food. Effects of drinking Ava.

Times and Manner of Eating. Connex-

ions with the Females. Circumcision.

System of Religion. Notions about the

Soul and a future Life.

Various Super-

stitions. Traditions about the Creation.

An historical Legend. Honours paid to

the King. Distinction of Ranks. Pu.

nishment of Crimes. Peculiarities of the

neighbouring Islands. Names of their

Gods. Names of Islands they visit. Ex-

tent of their Navigation,



Sect. X. Progress of the Voyage, after leaving the

Society Islands. Christmas Island disco-

vered, and Station of the Ships there.

Boats sent ashore, Great Success in

catching Turtle. An Eclipse of the Sun

observed. Distress of two Seamen who

had lost their way. Inscription left in a

Bottle. Account of the Island. Its Soil.

Trees and Plants. Birds. Its Size. Form.

Situation. Anchoring Ground,


XI. Some Islands discovered. · Account of the

Natives of Atooi, who came off to the

Ships, and their Behaviour on going on

Board. One of them killed. Precautions

used to prevent Intercourse with the Fe-

males. A Watering-place found. Recep-

tion upon landing. Excursion into the

Country. A Morai visited and described.

Graves of the Chiefs, and of the human

Sacrifices, there buried. Another Island,

called Oneeheow, visited. Ceremonies

performed by the Natives, who go off to

the Ships. Reasons for believing that

they are Cannibals. A Party sent ashore,

who remain two Nights. Account of what

passed on landing. The Ships leave the

Islands, and proceed to the North, 148

XII. The Situation of the Islands now discovered.

Their Names. Called the Sandwich Islands.

Atooi described. The Soil. Climate. Ve.

getable Productions. Birds. Fish. Do-

mestic Animals. Persons of the Inhabit-

ants. Their Disposition. Dress. Orna-

ments. Habitations. Food. Cookery.

Amusements. Manufactures. Working-

tools. Knowledge of Iron accounted for.

Canoes. Agriculture. Account of one of

their Chiefs. Weapons. Customs agree-

ing with those of Tongataboo and Ota-

heite. Their Language the same. Extent

of this Nation throughout the Pacific

Ocean. Reflections on the useful Situa-

tion of the Sandwich Islands,


XIII. Observations made at the Sandwich Islands,

on the Longitude, Variation of the Com-

pass and Tides. Prosecution of the Voy

age. Remarks on the Mildness of the Wea-

ther, as far as the Latitude 44° North.

Paucity of Sea Birds, in the Northern He-

misphere. Small Sea Animals described.

Arrival on the Coast of America. Appear-

ance of the Country. Unfavourable Winds

and boisterous Weather. Remarks on

Martin de Aguilar's River, and Juan de

Fuca's pretended Strait. An Inlet disco-

vered, where the Ship's anchor. Behavi-

our of the Natives,


CHAP.IV. Transactions amongst the Natives of North Ame-

rica ; Discoveries along that Coast and the

Eastern Extremity of Asia, Northward to Icy

Cape; and return Southward to the Sandwich



Sect. I. The Ships enter the Sound, and moor in a

Harbour. Intercourse with the Natives.

Articles brought to barter. Thefts com-

mitted. The Observatories erected, and

Carpenters set to work. Jealousy of the

Inhabitants of the Sound to prevent other

Tribes having Intercourse with the Ships.

Stormy and raioy Weather. Progress

round the Sound. Behaviour of the Na-

tives at their Villages. Their Manner of

drying Fish, &c. Remarkable Visit from

Strangers, and introductory Ceremonies.

A second Visit to one of the Villages.

Leave to cut Grass, purchased. The Ships

sail. Presents given and received at part-



II. The Name of the Sound, and Directions for

Sailing into it. Account of the adjacent

Country. Weather. Climate. Trees.

Other Vegetable Productions. Quadru-

peds, whose Skins were brought for Sale.

Sea Animals. Description of a Sea-Otter.

Birds. Water Fowl. Fish. Shell-fish, &c.

Reptiles. Insects. Stones, &c. Persons

of the Inhabitants. Their Colour. Com.

mon Dress and Ornaments. Occasional

Dresses, and monstrous Decorations of

wooden Masks. Their general Disposi.

tions. Songs, Musical Instruments. Their



Eagerness to possess Iron and other Me-



Sect. III. Manner of Building the Houses in Nootka

Sound. Inside of them described. Furni-

ture and Utensils. Wooden Images. Em-

ployments of the Men. Of the Women.

Food, Animal and Vegetable. Manner of

preparing it. Weapons. Manufactures

and Mechanic Arts. Carving and Painting.

Canoes. Implements for Fishing and

Hunting. Iron Tools. Manner of procu-

ring that Metal. Remarks on their Lan-

guage, and a Specimen of it. Astronomi-

cal and Nautical Observations made in

Nootka Sound,


IV. A Storm, after. sailing from Nootka Sound.

Resolution springs a Leak. Pretended

Strait of Admiral de Fonte passed unex.

amined. Progress along the Coast of Ame-

rica. Behring's Bay. Kaye's Island. Ac-

count of it. The Ships come to an An-

chor. Visited by the Natives. Their Be-

haviour. Fondness for Beads and Iron.

Attempt to plunder the Discovery. Re-

solution's Leak stopped. Progress up the


Sound. Messrs Gore and Roberts sent to

examine its Extent. Reasons against a

Passage to the North through it. The

} Ships proceed down it to the

open Sea 260

V. The Inlet called Prince William's Sound.

1181 ::!.. Its Extent. Persons of the Inhabitants de-

scribed. Their Dress. Incision of the Un.

101 anitz der-lip. Various other Ornaments. Their

363..., vir: Boats. Weapons. Fishing and hunting

9711 .: Instruments. Utensils. Tools. Uses Iron

is applied to food. Language, and a

. Specimen of it. Animals. Birds. Fish.

Iron and Beads, whence received, 279

i el VI. Progress along the Coast. Cape Elizabeth.

...JO'T :: Cape St Hermogenes. Accounts of Beer.

- 110

Dising's Voyage very defective. Point Banks.

2015 : Cape Douglas." Cape Bede. Mount St

Augustin. Hopes of finding a Passage up

an Inlet. The Ships proceed up it. Indu-

bitable Marks of its being a River. Named

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Cook's River. The Ships return down it.

Various Visits from the Natives. Lieute-

nant King lands, and takes Possession of

the Country. His Report. The Resolu-

tion runs aground on a Shoal. Reflections

on the Discovery of Cook's River. The

considerable Tides in it accounted for, 291

Sect. VII. Discoveries after leaving Cook's River.

Island of St Hermogenes. Cape Whitsun.

day. Cape Greville. Cape Barnabas. Two-

headed Point. Trinity Island. Beering's

Foggy leland. A beautiful Bird described.

Kodiak and the Schumagin Islands. A

Russian Letter brought on Board by a

Native. Conjectures about it. Rock Point.

Halibut Island. A Volcano Mountain.

Providential Escape. Arrival of the Ships

at Oonalaschka. Intercourse with the Na.

tives there. Another Russian Letter. Sam-

ganoodha Harbour described,


VIII. Progress . Northward, after leaving Oona-

lashka. The Islands Oonella and Acootan,

Ooneemak. Shallowness of the Water

along the Coast. Bristol Bay. Round

Island. Calm Point. Cape Newenham.

Lieutenant Williamson lands, and his Re.

port. Bristol Bay, and its Extent. The

Ships obliged to return on account of

Shoals. Natives come off to the Ships.

Death of Mr Anderson; his Character;

and Island named after him. Point

Rodney. Sledge Island, and Remarks

on landing there. King's Island. Cape

Prince of Wales, the Western Extreme of

America. Course Westward. Anchor in

a Bay on the Coast of Asia,


IX. Behaviour of the Natives, the Tschutski, on

seeing the Ships. Interview with some of

them. Their Weapons. Persons. Orna-

ments Clothing. Winter and Summer

Habitations. The Ships cross the Strait, to

the Coast of America. Progress North-

ward. Cape Mulgrave. Appearance of

Fields of Ice. Situation of Icy Cape. The

Sea blocked up with Ice. Sea-horses kill-

ed, and used as Provisions. These Ani-


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