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fixed like Hercules's Pillars, and inscrib'd with a Ne plus ultra. The Treasures of Nature are inexhaustible. Here is employment enough for the vastest Parts, the most indefatigable Industries, the happiest Opportunities, the most prolix and undisturb'd Vacancies. ..

“Much might be done, would we but endeavour, and nothing is insuperable to Pains and Patience. I know that a new Study at first seems very vast, intricate, and difficult; but after a little resolution and progress, after a Man becomes a little acquainted, as I may so say, with it, his Understanding is wonderfully cleared up and enlarged, the Difficulties vanish, and the thing grows easie and familiar."

These words of John Ray have many a time stimulated me; may they encourage others to study human-kind. Once more I must insist on the sad fact that the old landmarks are being rapidly removed, and there is a pressing need for immediate investigations in anthropology in this as well as in all the other parts of the world.

It is now my pleasing duty to take this opportunity of thanking those who have assisted me in their various ways.

To my colleagues in different departments of anthropology I offer the thanks of a comrade. I have everywhere endeavoured to render unto every man his dues. The Proprietor and Committee of Science Progress have kindly permitted me to reprint as Chapter V. an article of mine that appeared in the January number of that valuable record of recent scientific advance.

The editor of The Daily Chronicle has courteously given me permission to make use of a series of articles on “ Toys and Games: Their History and Literature,” which I wrote for the Saturday issue of that enterprising journal, and which were published in August and November, 1896, and in January and February, 1897.

Dr. Paul Topinard, the great French anthropologist, gen

erously lent me the blocks of the maps he compiled to illustrate the distribution of hair and eye colours in France. Amongst other authors to whom I am indebted for permission to reproduce their illustrations, I would mention Dr. R. Collignon, Dr. J. Beddoe, Mr. C. H. Read of the British Museum, Professor Telesforo de Aranzadi, Mr. G. Thurston, and others. Finally I would like to record my. indebtedness to my friend, Mr. Edwin Wilson, of Cambridge, the artist who has prepared many of the illustrations for this book.

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