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hundred dollars ($500), or imprisonment in the county jail for a period of three months, one or both at the discretion of the court.

Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That in the event of any communicable disease aforesaid breaking out, or being reasonably suspected to exist in any locality in this State, it shall be the duty of the local health authorities, or persons owning or having any interest whatever in said animals, immediately to notify the said State Board of Health of the fact, when said Board shall institute such measures for the restriction or stamping out of such disease or diseases as they may think necessary. Any person or persons above specified, who shall neglect or refuse to notify said State Board of Health of the existence of any communicable disease as aforementioned, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall be fined not more than ten dollars ($10), or confined in the county jail not exceeding two months, or both, at the discretion of the court.

SEO. 6. Be it further enacted, That whenever, in the opinion of the State Board of Health, the public safety demands the de. struction of any animal cr animals, under the provisions of this act, they shall, before ordering the killing or slaughtering of the same, appoint two competent and disinterested freeholders, who shall be affirmed or sworn before proceeding to act, and they, together with the State Veterinary Surgeon, shall thus constitute a Board of Appraisement to make a just and true valuation of said animal or animals to be so killed or slaughtered, and in val. ueing shall consider the health and condition of animal when killed; and after said Board of Appraisement shall make and deliver a written certificate, setting forth all the essential facts in the case to the lawful owner, who shall present the same for payment to the chairman of the court of the county in which such animal or animals are so killed or slaughtered, and the same shall constitute a county charge, and to be paid as other claims against the county now are.

SEC. 7. Be it further enacted, That any person or persons who knowingly shall import or bring into this State any animal or animals affected with pleuro-pneumonia, rinderpest, glanders, or other communicable diseases, or who shall sell or trade, or offer for sale or trade, any animal or animals so diseased, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be pun.

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ished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars ($100), or imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding three months, or both, in the discretion of the court.

SEC. 8. Be it further enacted, That the Governor of the State, with the State Board of Health, may cooperate with the Government of the United States for the objects of this act, and the Gov. ernor is hereby authorized to receive and receipt for any moneys receivable by this State, under the provisions of any Act of Congress which may at any time be in force upon this subject, and to pay the same into the State Treasury to be used according to the Act of Congress and the provisions of this act, as nearly as

may be.

Sec. 9. Be it further enacted, That all laws or parts of laws in conflict with this act be, aand the same are hereby repealed, and that this act take effect from and after its passage, the public welfare requiring it.

Passed April 10, 1893, and approved April 10, 1893.

ELIXIR SIX IODIDES, made by the Walker-Green Pharmaceutical Company, is an excellent tonic and alterative, indicated in pernicious anæmia, skin diseases, specific diseases, systemic infection, chronic uterine and pelvic diseases, and wherever an alterative and tonic is needed. See the correct formula in the advertisement.

LEUCORRHEA AND DYSMENORRHEA.Send to Henry K. Wampole & Co., Pharmaceutical Chemists, Philadelphia, Pa., and get a sample of their Asparoline Compound, and see how pleased you will be with its results in the above-named diseases.

HALL & RUCKEL's Hollow SUPPOSITORIES are unquestionably a great convenience to physicians. Try them.

METCALF's Coca WINE is always uniform, therefore always reliable. As a tonic and invigorator it is always safe, agreeable and certain, being prepared from freshest coca leaves and the purest wine, with the utmost skill and precision. For fatigue of mind or body it is invaluable,

We have had great satisfaction in purchasing woven goods, supporters, etc., of G. W. Flavell & Bro., 1005 Spring Garden street, Philadelphia, Pa. They commenced in a very moderate way, and, by strict fiilelity and honest goods, have worked their way up to a large trade.- Medical World, April, 1893.

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Dr. J. L. MINOR says: I have used your Elixir Three Chlorides in a number of patients requiring tonic and alterative treatment, and have come to place much reliance upon it in such

The composition of the Elixir is a very happy and effective one.

Memphis, Tenn., October 11, 1891.



IN THE TREATMENT OF NERVOUS DISEASES AND GENERAL DEBILITY, McArthur's Syrup Hypophosphites demonstrates its restorative powers. Here it is not the stimulating action of the remedies usually classed as tonics that is needed. The organic powers of the system are already taxed to their utmost ability to carry on the physiological processes of life. The hypophosphites of lime and soda gives the much-needed effect in these conditions--100 that of a stimulant by irritation, but that of a true nutriment to the starving tissues. Its tonic effects are permanent as they are the effects of a richer blood supply, bringing healthy food and oxygen to the tisues. Thus the patient is gradually brought up to his normal condition.

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SATISFACTORY results will be obtained from the use of Neurosine in all forms of alcoholism. If given in drachm doses every few hours it effectually relieves the distressing effects of a debauch.


In the announcement for the summer course of lectures at the Chicago Post-Graduate Medical School, by Lawson Tait, of Birmingham; Reginald Harrison, of London; Schauta, of Vienna; Price, of Philadelphia, etc., by an unfortunate mistake of the printer, Emory Luphear, M.D., of Kansas City, was placed as a resident of New York, and his subject is not men




Recommended as a restorative in all cases where the nery. ous system has been reduced below the normal standard, by overwork, as found in brain-workers, professional men, teachers. students, etc., in debility from seminal losses, dyspepsia of nervous origin, insomnia where the nervous system suffers

It is readily assimilated and promotes digestion.

Dr. Edwin F. Vose, Portland, Me., says; “I have prescribed it for many various forms of nervous debility, and it has never failed to do good.”

Send for descriptive circular. Physicians who wish to test it will be furnished on application, with a sample, by mail, or a full size bottle without expense, except express charges. Prepared under the direction of Prof. E. N. HORSFORD, by the


Beware of Substitutes and Imitations.

A Vitalizing Tonic to the Reproductive System



MT A Scientific Blending of True Santal and Saw Palmetto in a

Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle.


Prostatic Troubles of Old Men--Pre-Senility,
Difficult Micturition-- Urethral Inflammation,

Ovarian Pains--Irritable Bladder. POSITIVE MERIT AS A REBUILDER.

DOSE:-One teaspoonful four times a day.

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(we refer to THE AMERICAN MEDICO-SURGICAL BULLETIN, Successor to MERCK'S BULLETIN) is its distinctive character. Some journals are devoted to the expansion of a single man's ideas or the advancement of a special theory. THE AMERICAN MEDICO-SURGICAL BULLETIN, Successor to MERCKS BULLETIN is a comprehensive, well-rounded, clearly outlined review of the entire field. It offers just what the busy physician or surgeon desires to know. This is the reason that many hundreds of new names are added every month to its subscription list.

If you do not know the journal and want to examine it, a copy will be cheerfully forwarded without expense. THE BULLETIN PUBLISHING CO.,

P. O. BOX 2535, NEW YORK.

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The best endorsement of a business college is the demand for the employment of its students. Goodman's College secured thirty-one students employment in three months. No other college in the South has made such a showing. During the past three years Prof. Goodman has been overrun with requests for his services as an expert accountant by State, city and county officials; large corporations, represent. ing over fifteen millions of capital; banks and many other departments of business. In all his expert work his students are his assistants, he having had eight employed at one time. Re. cently

$50,000 shortage in the accounts of the City of Chattanooga was realized as the result of the work of himself and students, and $75,000 shortage located in the accounts of the Catholic Knights of America,

He retains the management of his college, and has experienced teachers in charge to impart the new methods he comes in contact with during his various examinations.

Students admitted at any time, and for any
number of months. Address


Nashville, Tenn.

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