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necessary the non-essential and often unwarranted addenda which the preachers have pinned on to our great system of belief. The physician is often painfully aware that the constituted church authorities are both incapable intellectually, and unfit morally to formulate rules for the guidance of other lives.

Much of the lack of confidence which physicians have in preachers comes from the fact that preachers are, as a rnle, not educated in the simplest matters concerning the physical being of man and of the whole natural world. Hence they are continually making the most absurd and irrational arguments, based perhaps on the “science” that is found in newspapers, and which too often constitutes the sole basis of their scientific education. Hence, too, they are continually becoming the victims of the most shameful and ignorant charlatans, who have found by experience that nothing is too irrational to obtain the sanction of the pulpit. Quacks of all descriptions, impostures of the vilest sort, so-called “patent” medicines of least possible value, robbers of the poor, slayers of the innocent, all and every one of them thrive and grow fat because of fulsome pulpit eulogies and more fulsome written testimonials from preachers. Is it any wonder that honest men, whose wide and often sad experience has given them opportunity to know and appreciate the foul character of many of these illegitimate money-makers and their money-making schen es, should turn in digust from association with those mistaken disciples, who by voice and pen have done what they could to make fraud successful, and should determine in the future to serve the Master without the intermediary of what they believe to be a falsehood-sullied pulpit?Denver Medical Times.

CODEINE is a drug that undoubtedly receives from the medical profession far less attention than its many good qualities demand. It is an undoubted anodyne, and has the advantage over morphia that it does not check the secretious, does not produce disagreeable after-effects and is not likely to lead to a habit. On account of this last characteristic it is a good deal used as a substitute for morphia in some of the cures for the opium habit, but as far as can be ascertained this method of treatment is never completely successful, and the patient's real struggle begins when the codeine is stopped. As an ingredient in cough mixtures the drug is a most excellent one and an admirable substitute for morphia. A disease in which it has often been pronounced a specific is diabetes mellitus, where it is given in doses double or even more than double those ordinarily recommended. Indeed it is said by some writers that no result can be expected from a dose less than a grain, although the regulation dose is not over over-half that quantity.-N. W. Lancet.

THE KANSAS WAY.The following appears at the foot of a billhead of a Kansas physician. It is unique, original, and pointed, and we presume effective: “A prompt settlement of this bill is requested. If bills are paid monthly, a discount of ten per cent. is given. Bills not paid promptly will be passed to my attorney for collection. If you pay your physican promptly he will attend you promptly, night or day, rain or shine, while your slow neighbour suffers and waits, as he made the doctor wait, and while he is waiting the angels gather him in.”Kansas Med. Journal.

ETHERIZATION IN CROUP.-Betz (Wiener Medicinische Presse) recommends etherization in croup, from the view that there are cases of croup in which the causa lethalis is not alone the pathologico-anatomical changes in the larynx, but is to be sought in the nervous system. He reports the case, to illustrate, of a thirteen-months-old child, in which, on acconnt of very threatening symptoms of croup, tracheotomy was advised. Betz ordered:


R Ether Sulph.........

Ether acet..
Menthol........ ij. Every quarter of an hour three drops to be inhaled from a small handkerchief.

His purpose was to produce a local anæsthesia in the larynx and to occasion a general narcosis, in order to quiet the child and to control the spasmodic muscular contractions of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, and thereby produce easier respiration. After two hours the child was quieter, appeared somewhat dull, but the stenosis had partly disappeared. The etherization was now continued, three to four drops every half hour. After twenty-four hours the child was out of danger.

If the etherization is a means of loosening the pseudo-membrane it is yet to be observed. It should, however, be used as a palliative remedy when tracheotomy or tubage is not practicable.-Annals of Gyn. and Pædiatrics

CONGESTION.—It is wonderful, when one comes to think of it, how many diseases are caused by congestion, and also how many diseases can be cured by relieving or removing the congestion. When there is too much blood in the head, causing what is celled cerebral congestion, or congestive headache, we have an infalliable remedy—one that is a ways handy, always pure, and always of uniform strength. This valuable remedy is known to every physician in America and Great Britian as Peacock's Bromides. If this preparation fails to relieve, one always knows that either the diagnosis is wrong, or a substituted preparation has been used; therefore, the genuine Peacock's Bromides is an infallible test as to the character of the headache. The same is true in regard to uterine congestion, congestion of the lungs, throat, kidneys, bowels, etc. If, then, so many diseases are caused by congestion, it naturally follows that, the cause being one--congestion—the cure is one-to remove the congestion; the remedy is one—Peacock's Bromides, together with whatever collateral treatment that may be indicated.

SANDER & Sons' Eucalypti Extract (Eucalyptol).—Apply to Dr. Sander, Dillon, Iowa, for gratis-supplied samples of Eucalyptol and reports on cures effected at the clinics of the Universities of Bonn and Griefswald. Meyer Bros.' Drug Co., St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo., Dallas, Texas, and New York, sole agents.

The only promidont Emulsion, of Cod Livor on introduced directly to the medical profession,

It is advortised exclusively in medical Journals,


Produces rapid increase in Flesh and strength.

FORMULA.-Each Doso contain:

Pure Cod Liver Oil..80 m. (drops) Soda..... 1-8 Grains
Distilled Water.....35"

Salicylic Acid 2.14
Solublo Pancreatin. 5 Grains.

Recommended and Prescribed by

It is pleasant to the Taste and
acceptable to the most delicate Stomach.


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HYDROLEINE (Hydrated Oil) is not a simple alkaline emulsion of oleum morrhue, but

a hydro-pancreated preparation, containing acids and a small percentage of soda. Pancreatin is the digestive principle of fatty foods, and in the soluble form here used, readily converts the oleaginous material into assimilable matter, a change so necessary to the reparative process in all wasting diseases.

Lautenbach's Researches on the functions of the liver would show the beautiful adjustment of therapeutics in preparation of Hydroleine, furnishing, as it does, the acıd and soda necessary to prevent self. poisoning by re-absorption of morbid tubercular detritus and purulent matters into the general circulation,

In Wasting Diseases the most prominent symptom is emaciation, the result of starvation of the fatty tissues of the body as well as the brain and nerves This tendency to emaciation and loss of weight is arrested by the regular use of Aydroleine, which may be discontinued when the usual average weight has been permanently regained.

The following are some of the diseases in which HYDROLEINE is indicated.

Phthisis, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Cough.

Scrofula, Chlorosis, General Debility, etc.

To Brain Workers of all classes. Hydroleine is invaluable, supplying as it does, the true brain-food, and being more easily assimilated by the digestive organs than any other emulsion.

The principles upon which this discovery is based have been described in a treatise on "The Digestion and Assimilation of Fats in the Human Body." by H C. BARTLETT, Ph. D, F.C. S, and the experiments which were made, together with cases illustrating the effect of Hydrated Oil in practice, are concisely stated in a treatise on Consumption and Wasting Diseases," by G. OVEREND DREWRY, M., D.


Sold by all Druggists at $1.00 per Bottle.




A şample of Hydrololgo will do 4994 free upon appllonnon, to any phylolan (onclosing business ourd) to the 0. 8,


* Recently an excellent preparation has been put


the market in the form of Fairchild's glycerin

“of pepsin ; it is essentially a glycerin extract. It

may be administered with dilute hydrochloric


"acid, and thus constitute an artificial gastric juice.

"It is also free from the disagreeable odor of many " of the old pepsin products and keeps indefinitely.”

PROF. EWALD, “ Diseases of the Stomach."

N. B.-The attention of physicians and pharma

cists is called to the importance of obtaining the

genuine Fairchild's Glycerinum Pepticum, as the

"glyceroles” are inferior products—simply solutions of peptone pepsin, of offensive taste, and readily change and deteriorate,

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