The Athenaeum: A Magazine of Literary and Miscellaneous Information ..., Bind 1

John Aikin
Longmans, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1807

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Side 255 - Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth Unseen, both when we wake, and when we sleep : All these with ceaseless praise his works behold Both day and night.
Side 459 - Morpheus' train. But hail! thou Goddess sage and holy! Hail, divinest Melancholy! Whose saintly visage is too bright To hit the sense of human sight, And therefore to our weaker view...
Side 110 - Fables: but he frankly declared to me his mind, " that he did not delight in that learning, because he did not believe they were true;" for which reason I found he had very much turned his studies, for about a twelvemonth past, into the lives and adventures of Don Bellianis of Greece, Guy of Warwick, the Seven Champions, and other historians of that age.
Side 66 - Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining Countries, from the latter part of the Reign of Edward II. to the Coronation of Henry IV.
Side 55 - Like fears that cross the mind, Like meteors gleaming through the night, Like thunders on the wind. The vision of the tomb is past ; Beyond it who can tell In what mysterious region cast Immortal spirits dwell ? I know not, but I soon shall know When life's sore conflicts cease, When this desponding heart lies low, And I shall rest in peace. For see, on Death's bewildering wave, The rainbow Hope arise, A bridge of glory o'er the grave, That bends beyond the skies.
Side 105 - Our British gardeners, on the contrary, instead of humouring nature, love to deviate from it as much as possible. Our trees rise in cones, globes, and pyramids. We see the marks of the scissors upon every plant and bush.
Side 449 - To bear the ills they have, Than fly to others that they know not of.
Side 508 - Biblicse, being a connected, serins of Notes on the Text and Literary History of the Bibles or Sacred Books of the Jews and Christians, and on the Bibles or Books accounted Sacred by the Mahometans, Hindus, Parsees, Chinese, and Scandinavians.
Side 465 - ... made to them, but they fled in such order into the woods, that it booted them not to follow : so going on their way forward till they came to a river, which they could not...

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