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640. largior aether, a freer air, i.e. not closed in by the denser clouds and exhalations of the earth.-et, connecting irregularly the two ideas of freedom and brilliancy. - lumine purpureo, brilliant light.

62. gramineis palaestris, wrestling-matches on the grass. (See Fig. 119.)

644. plaudunt choreas, keep time to the dance.

645. Threïcius sacerdos, Orpheus, the mythic father of song and revealer of mysteries. - longa, as a priest.

646. numeris septem (dat.), the seven tones of the scale as played on the lyre. — discrimina vocum, the notes of the voice.

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647. eadem, referring to discrimina, but naturally identified with numeris. — pectine, so called because inserted among the strings of the harp like the "comb" among the threads of the loom. (See Fig. 63, p. 114.)

648. Teucri, see table, p. 65.

651. arma... .. inanes, he gazes from afar upon the phantom arms and chariots of the heroes.

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653. gratia, fondness for.657. choro (abl. of manner).

currum (obj. gen., contracted).

658. superne volvitur, flows in the world above.

The Eridanus

(Po) was held to have its rise in the infernal regions. In fact, near its source it flows underground for about two miles.

660. manus... passi (§ 187, d; G. 202, R.; H. 461), a troop that had suffered wounds in fighting for their country.

discerno, -crēvi, -crētum, -cer- | nere, [dis-cerno], 3. v. a., separate, divide. - Fig, decide, determine, distinguish, descry, perceive: litem (settle). discerpo, -cerpsi, -cerptum,-cerpere, [dis-carpo], 3. v. a., pluck apart, tear away, tear off, rend asunder. Less exactly, scatter, disperse.

discerptus, -a, -um, p.p. of dis


discessus, -ūs, [as if dis-†cessus, cf. discedo], m., a departure, a parting.

discinctus, -a, -um, p.p. of discingo.

discindo, -scidi, -scissum, -scindere, [dis-scindo], 3. v. a., tear apart, rend asunder. — discissus, -a, -um, p.p. as adj., torn, mangled.

discingo, -cinxi, -cinctum, -cingere, [dis-cingo], 3. v. a., ungird (cf. disiungo). discinctus, -a, -um, p.p. as adj, loosely clad, unbelted.

discissus, -a, -um, p.p. of discindo.

disclūdo, -clūsi, -clūsum, -clū

dere, [dis-claudo], 3. v. a., unclose (cf. disiungo), open. - In another sense of dis, shut apart (cf. dido), confine.

disco, didici, no sup., discere, [√dic + sco], 3. v. a., learn, find out, come to know.. With inf., learn how: currere. discolor, -ōris, [dis-color, decl. as adj.], adj., of different color or colors, variegated: aura auri (of different color from the rest.) discordia, -ae, [†discord + ia], f., disagreement, discordance, discord. - Personified, Discord. discors, cordis, [dis-†cord, decl. as adj.], adj., (with mind apart, inharmonious, discordant, tending, hostile: arma; animi; venti (warring). - Less exactly, differing, varying, discordant:

ora sono.


discrepo, -pui, no sup., -crepāre, [dis-crepo], 1. v. n., sound out of tune, jar.- Less exactly, differ: aetas. discrimen, -inis, [as if dis-crimen, cf. discerno], n., a separation, a distinction: nullo (with no distinction); quo; nullo discrimine habebo (treat as of no account).

More concretely, a separation, a division, an interval: dedit vobis Pallas (make a distinction or difference); una anima dabit tanta (make so much difference, be of so much importance); vocum septem (notes of the scale); aequo (interval); parvo (tenui) leti (slight separation, narrow escape from death); qua spina dedit costis (intervals between). —Also, (cf. discerno), a decision, a turning-point, a crisis, peril, hazard: rerum (crises of fate); tanto (tali) (such a crisis). discrimino, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [†discrimin-], I. v. a., distinguish, divide: via agros (mark out with torches);

discumbo, -cubui, -cubitum, -cumbere, [dis-cumbo], 3. v. n., (lie apart), recline (in place, cf. dispono); super ostro (take their places).

discurro, -cucurrí (-curri), -cursum, currere, [dis-curro], 3. v. n., run apart, rush apart, separate, divide. As in dispono, rush to one's place, hasten to (severally); discurritur in muros. discussus, -a, -um, p.p. of discutio.

discutio, -cussi, -cussum -cutere, [dis-quatio], 3. v. a., (strike apart), strike off. Fig., dispel, dissipate: umbras.

disiciō, (disii-), -iēcī, iectum, -icere, [dis-iacio], 3. v. a, (throw apart or aside), scatter, disperse, strew far and wide, overthrow (by scattering the pieces), demolish, shatter, cleave: montes; rates; pacem (destroy). - disiectus,

-a, -um, p.p. as adj., scattered, disordered, broken, routed. disiectus, -a, -um, p.p. of disicio. disiicio, see disicio.

disiungo, -iunxi, -iunctum, -iungere, [dis-iungo], 3. v. a., disjoin (cf. discludo), separate: Italis oris (drive from). dispar, aris, [dis-par], adj., unlike (cf. difficilis), unequal. dispello, puli, pulsum, -pellere, [dis-pello], 3. v. a., drive apart, force asunder. — Fig., dissipate, dis el, scatter: umbras Somnos (cleave by passing through). dispendium, -ī (-ii), [dis-†pendium, cf. compendium], n., (a paying out, cf. pendo), expense,

loss. disperdo, -didī, -ditum, -dere,

[dis-perdo], 3. v. a., utterly destroy: carmen (murder, mangle). dispergō, -spersi, -spersum, -spergere, [dis-spargo], 3. v. a., scatter, spread abroad, disperse vitam in auras (breathe forth). dispersus, -a, -um, p.p. of dis


dispicio, -spexi, -spectum, -spicere, [dis-†specio], 3. v. a., see through

displiceo, -plicui, -plicitum, -plicere, [dis-placeo], 2. v. n., displease (cf. diffido): mihi equus (I disapprove the horse).

dispōno, -posui, -positum, -pōnere, [dis-pono], 3. v. a., (set apart), arrange (cf. digero), set in order. dissēnsus, -ūs, [as if dis-sensus, cf. dissentio], m., dissent, dissension, variance. dissideō, -sēdī, -sessum, -sidēre, [dis-sedeo], 2. v. n., (sit apart), be apart: nostris sceptris terra (not be ruled by). dissilio, -silui, no sup., -silire, [dis-salio], 4. v. n., spring apar!, burst asunder, split in pieces. dissimilis, -e, [dis-similis], adj., unlike (cf. difficilis), inferior to. dissimulo, -āvi, -ātum, -āre,

[†dissimili- (cf. simulo and simul)], I. v. a., pretend not, dissemble, conceal, remain hid. dissulto, no perf., no sup., -āre, [as if dis-salto, cf. dissilio], 1. v. n., spring apart, spring aside, burst forth fulmine crepitus. distendo, -tendi, -tentum (-tensum), -tendere, [dis-tendo], 3. v. a., stretch apart, distend. Less exactly, swell, fatten. distento, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [distento], I. v. a., stretch out, distend, extend.

distentus, -a, -um, p.p. of distendo.

distillo, see destillo. distineo, -tinui, -tentum, -tinēre, [dis-teneo], 2. v. a., hold off, keep off

disto, no perf., no sup., distāre, [dis-sto], I. v. n., stand off. Less exactly, be distant, be far


distractus, -a, -um, p.p. of distraho.

distraho, -traxi, -tractum, [distraho], 3. v. a., pull apart, rend


districtus, -a, -um, p.p. of distringo.

distringo, -strinxi, -strictum, stringere, [dis-stringo], 3. v. a., bind apart, stretch and bind. ditio, -ōnis; see dicio, the proper spelling.

ditissimus, -a, -um; see dives. diū [abl. of stem akin to dies, cf.

noctu], adv., long, a long time. diurnus, -a, -um, [†dius- (akin to

dies) + nus], adj., of the day, daily. dius, -a, -um, [akin to divus (perh. same word) and deus], adj., divine, godlike. - Neut., the sky, the open air (cf. sub love). divello, -velli, -volsum (-vulsum), -vellere, [dis-vello], 3. v. a., tear asunder, tear apart, tear arvay. diverberõ, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [dis-verbero], 1. v. a., (strike apart), cleave, cut asunder.

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dives, divitis, [?], adj.,_rich, abounding in, wealthy. Poetically, fertile: ager. · Collateral form, dis, ditis (ditior, ditissimus).

divido, -visi, -vīsum, videre, [dis-tvido (separate, cf. viduus)], 3. v. a., part, separate, divide, cut through animum (turn in different directions); muros (make | a breach in).

divinitus [†divino + tus], adv., from heaven, providentially, divinely.

divīnus, -a, -um, [†divŏ- (reduced) +īnus), adj., of a god, heavenly. Less exactly, prophetic, sacred, holy, religious, godlike, superhuman, divine: mens; Alcimedon; res; lacus; poeta; os. dīvīsus, -a, -um, p.p. of divido. divitiae, -ārum, [†divit + ia], f. plur., riches, wealth.

divortium, -i (-ii), [as if dis-vor

tium (†vorto + ium, n. of ius), but cf. diverto], n., a turning aside.-Concretely, a parting way, cross-roads, corners. dīvus, -a, -um, [√div (strengthened) + us], adj., divine, godlike, heavenly. Masc., a god.- Fem., a goddess.

dō, dedi, datum, dare, [√da, give, and dha, place, confounded, cf. δίδωμι and τίθημι], I. v. a., give (in all senses, mixed with idea

of putting forth), offer, present, bestow, grant, concede, permit, allow, afford, yield, supply aprum dari optat; fortuna dabatur; terga (turn); sceptra (give away); animam (give up); finis dabitur; manibus dant fontes germanae; sacra deosque(appoin!); fata cursum (ordain); millia leto (consign); ulmos igni (commit).- Esp. of utterance, say, tell, utter (cf. accipe, hear): da Tityre nobis; dicta; ululatus (cf. sonitum, below). With reflexive, or corpora, or the like, throw one's self, consign one's self, spring: saltu sese in fluvium; sese in acies; corpora ignibus. In special phrases: poenas, suffer, cf. solvo, pendo (punishment being regarded by the ancients as a penalty paid); iura (leges), administer (cf. TíOnu).- Esp. of marriage, marry (a woman to a man), give (in marriage). Perhaps more closely connected with dha, appoint, ordain: dies; natura modos. Less exactly (perhaps from influence of dha, cf. edo), cause, give forth, display, make, form, produce, bring forth, oftener with nouns as periphrasis for verb) : placata venti maria; prolem (give birth to); tabulata iuncturas (offer, afford); funera (spread havoc); sonitum; nidorem (give out); cuneum ( form); discrimina costis (leave); discrimina vobis; spatium (leave); stragis acervos (pile); colores (display); multa melius se (succeed, prosper); amplexus (embrace); cantum (sing). — With participle or adj, as periphrasis for a verb (cf. reddo, facio), cause to be, make haec vasta (lay waste); te defensum (secure your defence).

doceo, docui, doctum, docēre, [akin to ddons and perh. dico], 2. v. a., show, teach, tell, explain,

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