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recolo, -colui, -cultum, colere, [re-colo], 3. v. a., retill. — Fig., consider, contemplate, survey. recondo, -condidi, -conditum, -condere, [re-condo], 3. v. a., hide away, conceal, bury (of a weapon), plunge, deposit. recoquo, -coxi, -coctum, -coquere, [re-coquo], 3. v. a., reforge, refine (by melting). recordor,-ātus,-ārī, [lost stem frecord- (re-tcord-, cf. concors)], 1. v. dep., recall to mind, recall. rector, -ōris, [√reg + tor], m., a ruler, a director, a leader, a pilot,

a steersman.

rectus, -a, -um, p.p. of rego. recubo, no perf., no sup., -cubāre, [re-cubo], I. v. n., lie on the back, recline, lie at length, lie. recumbo, -cubui, -cubitum, -cumbere, [re-cumbo], 3. v. n., lie down, lie, fall back, fall, lie low (of clouds), sink. recurrõ, -curri, -cursum, -currere, [re-curro], 3. v. n., hasten back: sol recurrens (revolving). recurso, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [recurso, cf. recurro], I. v. n., run back. Fig., recur, return, be renewed, be repeated: curae tuo dulci ex ore.

recursus, -ūs, [re-cursus, cf. recurro], m., a returning course, a reflux, the ebb (of the waves). recurvus, -a, -um, [re-curvus], adj., curving backward, curved. recūsõ, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [re†causo, cf.causor], I. v. a. and n., excuse one's self, make objection, be reluctant, refuse, reject, decline, disavow: longe (shrink back afar). recussus, -a, -um, p.p. of recutio. recutio, perf. not found, -cussum, -cutere, [re-quatio], 3. v. n., strike back.-recussus, -a, -um, P.P., re-echoing.

redarguo, ui, no sup., -uere, [red-arguo], 3. v. a., disprove, refute.

redditus, -a, -um, p.p. of reddo.

reddo, -didi, -ditum, -dere, [reddo], 3. v. a., give back, restore, return, repay, pay, render.- With reflexive or in pass., return, go back: redditus (returning). Also, give forth, give up, yield, render up, utter, send forth.— Passive, appear, come forth, be heard. Also of things given as due, give, consign, bestow, offer (as a sacrifice), impose. Also, render, make, imitate, express. redemptus, -a, -um, p.p. of redimo.

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redeo, -ii (-ivi), -itum, -ire, [redeo], irr. v. n., go back, return, come back, come again, come in (of a race), bend around (of a mountainrange) anni (revolve). redimiculum, -i, [tredimi- (of redimio) + culum], n., a band, a headband, a fillet, a headdress. redimiõ, -ii, -itum, -ire,[ ? ], 4.v. a.,

bind around, encircle, wreathe. redimitus, -a, -um, p.p. of redimio.

redimo, -ēmī, -emptum, -imere,

[red-emo, buy], 3. v. a., buy back, ransom, redeem. reditus, -ūs, [red-itus, cf. redeo],

m., a return.

redoleo, -olui, no sup., -olēre, [red-oleo], 2. v. a. and n., smell of, emit an odor, be fragrant. reduco, -dūxi, -dūctum, -dūcere, [re-duco], 3. v. a., lead back, bring back, draw back, restore, rescue: reducti remi (plied with force); reducitur aestas (returns). redūctus, -a, -um, p.p. as adj., retired, secluded. reductus, -a, -um, p.p. of reduco. redux, -ucis, [re-dux], adj. (pass.

sense), returning; returned, restored.

refectus, -a, -um, p.p. of reficio. refello, -felli, no sup., -fellere,

[re-fallo], 3. v.a., refute, disprove. refero, retuli (rett-), relatum, referre, [re-fero], irr. v. a., bring back,answer,bear back,bring again, restore, give back (echo), change:

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pedem, vestigia (turn backward, retreat); consilia in melius (change); referri omnia (decline); vina throw up); fert refertque fletus (bear again and again); vestigia in decimum annum (delay). With reflexive or in pass., return, come back, go back: huc omnia; currus; referuntur habenis datis (ride back); relatam classem nuntio (returned). Also, carry (something which is due or to the place where it belongs), bear, offer, pay, render, consign: hunc sedibus suis; venti ad aures divum (bear, whither it is sent); terrae cacumen (plant); hoc manibus patrum (give this message); numerum (report, account for); grates(make return,cf. gratias ago, gratias habeo); se pestis (flies); sollemnia tumulo (perform); in te oculos (turn). -Also, repeat, represent, show signs of, betray, resemble: nomen avi (bear again); nomine avum; te ore; saporem salis (show). Also, bring forth, utter, give out, report, relate, tell, mention, recite: pectore voces; horresco referens (to relate); signa sol (show, give); valles pulsae (echo); gemitum ictus (give forth); ipse parentem te (claim). refert, rētulit, referre, [unc. case of res-fert], irr. v. imp., it is important, it is expedient. reficio, feci, fectum, ficere, [re-facio], irr. v. a., change, renew, repair, restore, reinforce, refresh, encourage.

refigo, -fixi, -fixum, -figere, [re-figo], 3. v. a., unfix, unloosen, tear down fixit leges refixitque (publish and tear down again, as laws were hung up on tablets). refingo, no perf., no sup., -fingere, [re-fingo], 3. v. a., refashion, mould again.

refixus, -a, -um, p.p. of refigo. reflecto, flexi, -flexum, -flecte

re, [re-flecto], 3. v. a., bend back,

turn back, bend, change: animum (turn one's attention). — In pass., bend: reflexus (bending round). reflexus, -a, -um, p.p. of reflecto. refluo, no perf., no sup., -fluere, [re-fluo], 3. v. n., flow back, recede, subside. reformido, perf. not found, -ātum, -are, [re-formido], 1. v. a., dread. - Poetically, of trees injured by pruning.

refringo, -frēgī, -fractum,-fringere, [re-frango], 3. v. a., break refugio, fūgī, no sup., -fugere, off. [re-fugio], 3. v. a. and n., fly back, shrink back, flee away, recede. Fig., shrink, be reluctant, refuse, shrink from: fugit refugit (Ay this way and that): animus meminisse (shrinks from the recollecrefulgeo, -fulsi, no sup., -fulgēre, tion); sol (hide himself). [re-fulgeo], 2. v. n., shine forth, refundo, fūdi, -fūsum, fungleam, shine, glitter. dere, [re-fundo], 3. v. a., pour back, pour forth, throw back. refūsus, -a, -um, p.p., thrown up, poured forth, overflowing: refuso Oceano (in the surrounding refūsus, -a, -um, p.p. of refundo. ocean). refūto, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [re†futo, cf. futatim, futilis], 1. v. a., (force back), repel. — Also, rēgālis, -e, [treg- (of rex)+ alis], refute, confute, prove false. adj., kingly, royal, regal: comae (of the princess).

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rēgificus, -a, -um, [†reg- (as if
rēgina, -ae, [treg+ina, cf. gal-
regi-) -ficus], adj., regal.
lina], f., a queen, a princess.-
Of a divinity, royal mistress.
app. as adj., royal (of the royal
regio, -ōnis, [as if √reg + io (prob.
through adj.-stem)], f., a direction,
Also (cf. fines), a

a course.

region, a quarter. rēgius, -a, -um, [†reg + ius], adj.,

of a king, royal (cf. regalis, re- | relātus, -a, -um, p.p. of refero. gal). Also, princely, queenly, relaxō, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [remagnificent. rēgia, fem., (sc. laxo], I. v. a., loosen, free, open, domus), a royal abode, a palace, rarefy. a royal city. regnator, -ōris, [†regnā (of regno) + tor], m., a ruler, a sov ereign, a king.

regnātus, -a, -um, p.p. of regno.
regnō, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [†reg-
nõ], 1. v. n. and a., reign, rule, |
bear sway. Act., rule over.-
Impersonal: regnabitur (the rule
shall be).- regnandam Albam
acceperit (the throne of Alba);
regnandi cupido (of regal power);
ignis regnat per ramos (rage

regnum, -1, [√reg + num (n. of
-nus, cf. plenus)], n., a realm, a
kingdom, regal power, a throne, a
reign, command, authority.
regō, rexi, rectum, regere,[√reg,
akin to Gr. opéyw, Sk. rajan (cf.
Rajah), Eng. right], 3. v. a., di-
rect (orig. as of a line, &c.?), guide,
steer: sol orbem (hold its course).
-Esp., govern, rule, sway, con-
trol: imperium Dido (hold sov-
ereign command). - rectus, -a,
-um, p.p. as adj., straight, direct,
right rectis vestigia pedibus
(straight-forward tracks); recto
flumine (straight up the river);
recto litore (straight along the
shore). Neut. as subst., right,

regressus, -ās, [re-gressus, cf. re-
gredior], m., a return, a change
(going back).
rēicio (reiic-, reic-), -iēcī, -iec-
tum, -icere, [re-iacio], 3. v. a.,
throw back, throw away, throw off,
throw down, drive back, hurl back.
Fig., reject, refuse, cast (of the
eyes), turn away.

reiccto, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [re

relegō, -lēgi, lectum, legere,
[re-lego], 3. v. a., coast by again,
sail along again.

relēgỗ, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [re-
lēgo], 1. v. a., remove, send away,
banish, consign, entrust.
relictus, -a, -um, p.p. of relinquo.
religātus, -a, -um, p.p. of religo.
religio (rell-), -ōnis, [prob. re-

legio, cf. relego], f., (reverence, diligent attention to a person, cf. observantia).- Esp., reverence for the gods, piety, devotion, religion, veneration. Also, a ceremony, an observance, a rite, sacred rites: prospera (omens). — Also, of things, sanctity, holiness. Transf., divinity (thing sacred). religiōsus (rell-), -a, -um, [†religion + osus, poss. fr. some simreligō, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [repler stem], adj., sacred, venerable. ligo], I. v. a., bind fast, fasten, tether.- Esp. of vessels, moor. relino, -lēvī, -litum, -linere, [relino], 3. v. a., unseal, open. relinquo, liqui, -lictum, -linquere, [re-linquo], 3. v. a., leave behind, leave, abandon, depart from, forsake, give up, relinquish, desert.

reliquiae (rell-), -ārum, [treli-
quo- (reduced) + ia], f. plur.,
remnants: Danaum (remnants
left by, &c.).
relūceo, lūxi, no sup., -lūcēre,
[re-luceo], 2. v. n., shine forth,
blaze up, shine, glare.
reluctor, -ātus, -ārī, [re-luctor],
1. v. dep., struggle.

remēnsus, -a, -um, p.p. of re-

iacto, cf. reicio], 1. v. a., throw-remeo, avi, no sup., -āre, [re

ing forth, throwing out. reiectus, -a, -um, p.p. of reicio. relabor, -lāpsus, -läbi, [re-labor], 3. v. dep., glide back, recede.

meo], I. v. n., return.

remētior, -mēnsus, -metīri, [re metior], 4. v. dep., measure back, retrace, traverse again.


rēmex, -igis, [prob. tremo-agus | renovo, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [re

(reduced, cf. prodigus)], m., an
oarsman, a rower.— Collectively,


rēmigium, -ī, (-iī), [†remig + ium], n., rowing, oars (collectively), oarsmen. - Poetically: alarum (machinery). reminiscor, no p.p., reminisci, [re-miniscor, cf. comminiscor, ✓man], 3. v. dep., remember. remissus, -a, -um, p.p. of remitto. remitto, -misi, missum, -mittere, [re-mitto], 3. v. a., let go back, send back, return, repay.With reflexive, return, come back. -Also, give up, yield, relax, abate. -With reflexive, yield, admit one's self conquered. Also, send forth, yield, give out. remordeo, perf. not found, -morsum, -mordere, [re-mordeo], 2. v. a., gnaw, vex, trouble. remōtus, -a, -um, p.p. of removeo. removeo, -mōvi, -mōtum, -movēre, [re-moveo], 2. v. a., move away, remove, conceal. remūgio, no perf., no sup., -mūgire, [re-mugio], 1. v. n., bellow forth, resound, bellow, roar, mur




-mulsum, -mulcere, [re-mulceo], 2. v. a., droop (of an animal's tail, with allusion to the petting of domestic animals).

Remulus, -i, [?], m., a Rutulian. remurmuro, no perf., no sup., -are, [re-murmuro], I. v. n., give | forth a murmur, murmur, roar. Remus, -i, [?], m.: 1. The brother of Romulus; 2. A Rutulian. rēmus, -1, [prob. akin to perμós],

m., an oar.

renārrō, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [renarro], I. v. a., relate, tell. renascor, -nātus, -nasci, [renascor], 3. v. dep., spring again, grow again.

renātus, -a, -um, p.p. of renascor. renīdeŏ(-nidui), no sup., -nīdēre, [?], 2. v. n., beam forth, gleam.

novo], I. v. a., renew.

reor, ratus, rēri, [†rē- (of res), or stem akin], 2. v. dep., reckon, -think, suppose, judge, suspect. ratus, -a, -um, p.p. in act. sense, thinking, &c.; in pass. sense, confirmed, certain, valid, settled, serepello, repuli (repp-), repulcured. sum, repellere,[re-pello], 3.v.a., drive back, dash back, spurn, rerependo, -pendi, -pēnsum, -penpel, thwart, reject. dere, [re-pendo], 3. v. a., weigh back. Also (cf. pendo), pay back, requite: magna (fully rerepens, entis, [?], adj., sudden, quite); fata fatis (balance). repente [abl. of repens], adv., unexpected. suddenly, unexpectedly. repercussus, -a, -um, p.p. of rerepercutio, -cussi, -cussum, -cupercutio. tere, [re-percutio], 3. v. a., strike reperio, rēperi (repp-), reperback, reflect. tum, reperire, [re (red)-pario], 4. v. a., find, discover, detect. repertor, -ōris, [as if re-partor, cf. reperio], m., a discoverer, an

repertus, -a, -um, p.p. of reperio. inventor, a progenitor (cf. pario). repetitus, -a, -um, p.p. of repeto. repeto, petii (-ivi), -petitum,

-petere, [re-peto], 4. v. a., go
back for, go back to, seek again, re-
turn, bring back, demand back,
trace back, begin again, repeat,

repleo, -plēvī, -plētum, -plēre,
[re-tpleo, cf. compleo], 2. v. a.,
fill up, fill, swell (of rivers): popu-
los sermone (fill the cars of,
repletus, -a, -um, p.p. of repleo.
repōno, posui, -positum, -pō-

nere, [re-pono], 3. v. a., put back,
replace, restore, repair, renew.
- Also, put aside, lay down, put
down, set down, abandon: falcem

arbusta (need no more). — Also, carry away, lay away, put away, lay, serve up, confer upon, store away: haec imis sensibus (let sink deep). – repositus (repostus), p.p. as adj., far away, distant, remote. Also, buried. reporto, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [reporto], I. v. a., bring back, carry back, report, announce: pedem ab hoste (turn back). reposco, no perf., no sup., -poscere, [re-posco], 3. v. a., demand back, demand (as due), claim, call for. repostus, -a, -um, see repono. reprimo, -pressī, -pressum, -pri

mere, [re-primo], 3. v. a., hold back, check, restrain, stop. repugno, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [repugno], I. v. n., resist, struggle. repulsus, -a, -um, p.p. of repello. requies, ētis (-i), [re-quies], f., rest, repose, respite, cessation: tu requies miserae (rest, solace); ea certa laborum (rest, haven). requiēsco, -quievī, -quiētum, -quiescere, [re-quiesco], 3. v. n., rest: flumina (stay their course). requirō, -quisivi, -quisitum, -quirere, [re-quaero], 3. v. a., seek out, search for, seek, call for, miss, feel the need of, ask, enquire. rēs, rei, [?, cf. reor], f., a thing, a matter, an event, an affair, an occurrence, a circumstance, an exploit, an enterprise, an undertak ing, a state of things: res Italae (exploits, history). Also (plur.), nature, the earth, the universe: sors rerum (part of the universe); rerum (in the world, with superl.); rerum dominos (of the world); res tenerae (frail creatures); maxima rerum (of all things). — Also (with or without an adj., fortune (either good or bad), circumstances, power, the State, empire, condition, property, estate: summae res (the highest interests); tenues res (humble fortunes); fessi rerum (weary of their lot).

- Also: rebus novandis (for

the new course of action); res tuae (your interests, party); res incognita (uncertain state of things); res divinae (religious rites); res summa (the main struggle, the general success); pro re (under the circumstances). rescindo, -scidi, -scissum, -scindere, [re-scindo], 3. v. a., cut away, tear away, tear down, lay open, cut into.

reseco, secui, -sectum, -secāre,
[re-seco], I. v. a., cut away, cut
off, trim off.

reserỗ, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [re-
sero], I. v. a., unbar, unclose, open,
disclose, reveal.

reservo, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [re-
servo], 1.v. a., keep back, reserve,
hold in reserve, keep, save.
†reses, -idis, [re-√sed as stern, cf.
deses], adj., idle, inactive, dor-
mant, peaceful.
resideõ, -sēdī, -sessum, -sidēre,
[re-sedeo], 2. v. n., sit down.
resido, -sēdī, no sup., -sidere, [re-
sido], 3. v. n., sit down, sink down,
halt, encamp, settle, fall back.
Fig., subside, abate, cease, become
calm (of the heart from passion).
resigno, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [re-
signo], 1. v. a., unscal, open.

Poss, also, seal, close (?).
resisto, -stiti, no sup., -sistere,
[re-sisto], 3. v. n., stop, make a
stand, stand back (away), stand
firm, resist, oppose, withstand.
resolūtus, -a, -um, p.p. of resolvo.
resolvo, -solvi, -solūtum, -sol-
vere, [re-solvo], 3. v. a., unloose,
unbind, unseal, disentangle, open,
break through, relax, scatter, dis-
solve: ambages (unravel); iura
(violate, break the tie); curas
(break the bonds of care).— With
reflexive or in pass., dissolve, thaw,

resono, -āvi, no sup., -āre, [resono], I. v. n., resound, murmur.

Active, cause to sound, fill with (song), make echo. Also, sound (with the notes of), cf. redoleo,

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