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(flowing). With reflexive, or in pass., throw one's self, rush: aestus (flow).- Esp. of driving, let loose, let go, spur on: habenas; iuga; so also: funes; velis rudentes; palmes immissus (unchecked).—Fig., inspire, inflict:


immixtus (in-), p.p. of immisceo.

immo [abl. of īmus (in-mus, superl. of in)], adv., (in the lowest degree), more or less contradicting what precedes, often to assert something stronger, no, nay, nay rather, nay but. immobilis (in-), -e, [in-mobilis], adj., immovable, unmoved (lit. and fig.): Ausonia (unshaken). immolo (in-), -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [timmolo- (in-mola, decl.


adj.), from sprinkling the meal on the head of the victim], I. v. a., immolate, sacrifice, offer. - Less exactly, kill (cf. macto), slay. immortālis (in-), -e, [in-mortalis], adj., immortal, undying, eternal: fas (of immortality). immōtus (in-), -a, -um, [inmotus, p.p. of moveo], adj., unmoved, undisturbed, immovable, unshaken, secure, fixed: unda (tranquil). — Also, fig. in same senses: mens; fata lumina (fixed); immotum sederet animo (immovably fixed). immūgio (in-), -īvi (-ii), -itum, ire, [in-mugio], 4. v. n., roar within, bellow within.-Fig., resound within regia luctu. immulgeỗ (in-), no perf., no sup., -mulgere, [in-mulgeo], 2. v. a., milk into: ubera labris. immundus (in-), -a, -um, [inmundus], adj., unclean, foul, filthy: cinis (unsightly). immúnis (in-), -e, [in-munis, without a share, cf. communis], adj., free from, secure from: belli. Also (contributing nothing), idle,


immurmură (in-), -āvī, -ātum,

-āre, [in-murmuro], 1. v. n., murmur in.

impacātus (in-), -a, -um, [inpacatus], adj., unpacified, unconquered.

impar (in-), -paris, [in-par], adj., unequal, uneven, ill-matched, odd (of number); puer congressus Achilli (on unequal terms); fata (as between two combatants). impāstus (in-), -a, -um, [in-pastus], adj., unfed, hungry. impatiens (in-), -ēntis, [in-patiens], adj., impatient: vulneris (frenzied by).

impavidus (in-), -a, -um, [inpavidus], adj., unterrified, undaunted, without fear. impedio (in-), -īvi (-ii), -itum, -ire, [timped- (cf. expedio, compes) as if †impedi-], 4. v. a., entangle, entwine: loricam hasta (pin fast).- Less exactly, hinder, impede, hamper. — Fig., hinder, prevent, delay: mora ignaros. impello (in-), -puli, pulsum, -pellere, [in-pelloj, 3. v. a., strike upon, strike, lash: luctus aures; marmor remis. Also, of the result, push over, overthrow, overturn. - Esp., urge on, urge, drive, force on puppim; impulsa sagitta; impulsus furiis Cassandrae; impulsus vomer (driving the plough); undas Zephyri. — Fig., urge, impel, induce, force, compel; also (see second division above), shake: animum. - Poetically: arma (excite war, as by the clash of weapons). impendeo (in-), no perf., no sup., -pendere, [in-pendeo], 2. v. n., overhang. Fig., threaten, impend: ventus. impendo (in-), -pendi, -pēnsum, -pendere, [in-pendo], 3. v. a., expend on. Fig., expend, devote, bestow, apply: laborem; curam. impensus, -a, -um, p.p. as adj., spent, expended. -Neut. plur., expenses, cost.

impensē [abl. of impensus], adv.,

expensively. Less exactly, earnestly, seriously, vehemently. impēnsus, -a, -um, p.p. of impendo.

imperditus (in-), -a, -um, [inperditus], adj., undestroyed: corpora Graiis (not slaughtered). imperfectus (in-), -a, -um, [inperfectus], adj., unaccomplished, unfinished.

imperito (in-), āvī, -ātum, -āre, [as if timperito- (stem of supposed p.p. of impero)], I. v. n., command, be lord of: pecori (of a bull).

imperium (in-), [†imperŏ-, arranging, cf. opiparus (reduced) +ium (n. of -ius), cf. impero], n., requisition (prob. orig. meaning), command, control, authority, sway, rule.-Concretely, a command, an order, an empire, a power.



imperỗ (in-), -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [timperò (cf. imperium), but cf. paro], 1. v. a. and n., demand (of a requisition, prob. the original meaning). command (esp. of military authority), rule, order: tolli corpus; arvis. imperterritus (in-), -a, [in-perterritus], adj., unterrified, undaunted, undismayed. impetus (in-), -ūs, [in-†petus (petus, cf. petulcus, perpetuus)], m., an inpinging, a violent rush, an impetus, an impulse, force, violence (of attack), vehemence, momentum. impexus (in-), -a, -um, [in

pexus], adj., uncombed, unkempt. impiger (in-), -gra, -grum, [inpiger], adj., active, energetic: hausit pateram (nothing loth). impingo (in-), -pēgi, -pactum, -pingere, [in-pango], 3. v. a., dash against: agmina muris (force to).

impius (in-), -a, -um, [in-pius], adj., impious, sacrilegious, godless.

Less exactly, accursed (of anything without divine qualities of


mercy and justice): Mars; Furor; Fama. Poetically: fata (of impiety); Tartara (impious, the abode of the impious).- Masc., impious wretch.

implacabilis (in-), -e, [in-placabilis], adj., inexorable, unappeasable, implacable.

implacatus (in-), -a, -um, [inplacatus], adj., inexorable, insatiable.

impleŏ (in-), -plēvī, -plētum, -plere, [in-tpleo, cf. compleo], 2. v. a., fill in, fill up, fill: mulctralia vaccae; implentur fossae; sinus (swell); manum pinu (seize with full hand). — Less exactly, of sounds, &c., fill with, inspire: nemus querelis; animum veris; Rutulos animis; nuntius Turnum (fill the ears of); sinum sanguis (overflow). — Fig., satisfy, satiate implentur Bacchi veteris (drink their fill); amorem genitoris.

implico (in-), -plicāvī (-plicui), -plicatum (-plicitum), -plicăre, [in-plico], I. v. a., entwine, interweave, enfold, entangle: comam laeva (grasp); se dextrae (clasp); pedes (of an eagle seizing a serpent, grasp with); tempora ramo (encircle); ossibus ignem (kindle); equitem (of a falling horse, pin down); natam telo (bind); totas acies (mingie in confusion). Fig., entangle, involve vos fortuna bello. implōrō (in-), -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [in-ploro], 1. v. a. and n., call upon (cf. exploro), beseech, implore, beg for. implūmis (in-), -e, [in-tpluma (weakened, decl. as adj.)], adj., impeded.

impōno (in-), -posui, positum, -pōnere, [in-pono], 3. v. a., place upon, place, lay, pour (of a libation), serve up. — Fig., impose, lay upon, fix, put, enjoin: finem pugnae; pacis morem (ordain); dominum patriae.

importūnus (in-), -a, -um, [in-
portunus, cf. Portunus], adj.,
(doubtless a sea-term, cf. oppor-
tunus), untimely, unsuitable, in-
cruel, unreasonable.- Transferred
to augury, ill-boding, ill-omened.
impositus, -a, -um, p.p. of im-

Also, troublesome,
Of moral qualities,

imprecor (in-), -ātus, -ārī, [in-
precor], 1. v. dep., pray (for
something against some one): li-
tora litoribus contraria.
imprimo, -pressi, -pressum, -ere,
[in-premo], 3. v. a., impress.
imprimis, see in.


improbus (in-), -a, um, [in-pro-
bus], adj., wicked, bad, villainous,
malicious, mischievous, fierce,
cruel, shameless, ravenous,
principled: fortuna (malicious
rabies ventris (ravening); labor
("rascal," as if the enemy of man).


Rarely in a good sense, cunning, shrewd. improperātus (in-), -a, -um, [inproperatus], adj., lingering. imprōvidus (in-), -a, -um, [inprovidus], adj., unforeseeing: pectora turbat (startled). imprōvisus (in-), -a, -um, [inprovisus], adj., unforeseen, unexpected, sudden.—imprōvīsō, abl., on a sudden, unexpectedly. imprūdēns (in-), -ēntis, [in-prudens], adj., not anticipating, surprised, incautious, ignorant: frons laborum (unused to); evaserat hostes (without knowing it). impubes (in-), -is (also -eris), [in-pubes, decl. as adj.], adj., beardless, youthful.

impulsus (in-), -a, -um, p.p. of impello.

impulsus (in-), -ūs, [in-pulsus, cf. impello], m., a shock. impūnis (in-), -e, [in-†poenā (weakened, decl. as adj., cf. exanimis)], adj., unpunished. impūne, neut. acc. as adv., with

impunity. Less exactly, without danger, safely, without harm. imus, -a, -um, superl. of inferus. in [I. E. pron. VAN, cf. Gr. àvá, év], With abl., in, within, on, In all Eng. senses. upon, among. -Special phrases: in manibus, close at hand: bis in hora, twice an hour; in primis (imprimis), among the first, especially.

Often, in the matter of, in case of, in regard to: in hoste; in Daphnide (for); in hoste PriaWith acc., into, upon,



among, to, towards, against, at,
for: nos in sceptra reponis (re-
store to power, &c.); in solidum
finditur via; adspirant aurae
in noctem (blow on into, &c.);
in te committere (upon); quietum
in Teucros animum (towards);
compositi in turmas; cura in
vitulos traducitur (to); se con-
dit in undas (in); in agros
(over). Esp. of distribution,
among: in naves; spargere in
volgum; in versum distulit ul-
mos (in). Also of purpose, ten-
dency, &c., for: usum in castro-
rum; audere in praelia; in
lumina; in medium (for the
common advantage, but also, into
the middle). Often, on account
of different English conception,
in, on considere in ignes; in
numerum (in time, to the meas-
ure); in spem; in puppim ferit.

Special phrases: in plumam (in the manner of, so as to make); in obliquum (transversely); in dies (from day to day); in vicem, invicem (in turn); in octo pedes (up to); in noctem (towards).

Of apparel, &c., in, with: ignota in veste. inaccessus, -a, -um, [in-acces

sus], adj., (unapproached), inaccessible (cf. acceptus, acceptable). Īnachius, -a, -um, [†Inacho- (reduced) + ius], adj., of Inachus, Inachian.-Less exactly, of Argos, Argive, Grecian.

Inachus, -1, [Gr. Ivaxos], m., son | of Oceanus and Tethys, the mythic founder of Argos, and father of Io. inamābilis, -e, [in-amabilis], adj.,

unlovely, hateful.

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inānis, -e, [?], adj., empty, void, substanceless rotae (unloaded); regna (of the shades). - Fig., empty, idle, useless, purposeless, meaningless: verba (counterfeit). inarātus, -a, -um, [in-aratus], adj., unploughed, untilled. inardēsco, -arsi, no sup., -ardēscere, [in-ardesco], 3. v. n. incept., take fire. Less exactly, blaze, glow, redden.

Inarimē, -ēs, [Gr. eiv 'Apíuois, the

place where Typhoeus was supposed to lie], f., an island in the Tuscan Sea, also called Ænaria (now Ischia).

inausus, -a, -um, [in-ausus], adj., undared, unattempted. incandescō, -candui, no sup., -candescere, [in-candesco], 3. v. n. incept., glow. incānēsco, -cānui, no sup., -cānescere, [in-canesco], 3. v. n. incept., whiten, become gray. incānus, -a, -um, [in-canus], adj.,

covered with gray, gray, hoary. incassum (also separate), see cas


incautus, -a, -um, [in-cautus],

adj., incautious, careless, off one's guard, in one's ignorance. incēdo, -cēssi, -cēssum, -cēdere, [in-cedo], 3. v. n., move on, proceed, move, advance. incendium, -ï (-iî), [in-†candium, or tincendo- (in-cando-, cf. candificus) + ium], n., a burning, a fire, fire, a conflagra


incendo, -cendi, -cēnsum, -cendere, in-cando, cf. accendo], 3. v. a., set on fire, kindle, burn: aras votis (light); squamam fulgor (light up). incēnsus, -a, -um, p.p., burning, on fire, fired.-Fig, fire, excite, set on fire: caelum clamor (fill).

incēnsus, -a, -um, p.p. of incendo. inceptus, -a, -um, p.p. of incipio. incertus, -a, -um, [in-certus], adj., uncertain, doubtful, wavering, unsteady, irregular, vague. incēssõ, -ivi, 3. v. a., assault, attack. incessus, -ūs, [in-†cessus], m., a walk, a gait, an advance. incesto, -āvī, -ātum, -āre, [†incesto-], 1. v. a., defile, pollute. inchoo, see incoho, the more ap proved spelling.

incido, -cidi, -cāsum, -cidere, [in-cado], 3. v. n., fall upon, happen upon, meet: animo deus (enter).

incido, cidi, -cisum, -cidere, [in-caedo], 3. v. a., cut into, cut off, cut, hack. Of the effect, cut (make by cutting).. So also: amores arboribus (cut on). Fig., cut off, sever, decide, settle: lites.

incinctus, -a, -um, p.p. of incingo. incingo, -cinxi, -cinctum, -cin

gere, [in-cingo], 3. v. a., gird (upon one's self or another). — From the fashion of ancient garments, clothe.

incipio, -cēpī, -ceptum, -cipere, [in-capio], 3. v. a. and n., begin, undertake.- inceptus, -a, -um, p.p. as adj., begun, inceptive, incipient, partially accomplished, attempted. - Neut., an undertaking, an attempt, a purpose (partially accomplished). Also (as in English), begin (to speak, &c.). incito, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [tincito-], I. v. a., set in motion, agitate, urge on.-Fig., arouse, excite, spur on.

incitus, -a, -um, [p.p. of †incieo, in-citus], adj., (set in motion), rapid, sinft, active. inclementia, -ae, [inclement + ia], f., cruelty, rigor, harshness.

Also, of things, cruel fate, harsh condition, bitterness: mortis. inclinatus, -a, -um, p.p. of inclino. inclino, -āvī, -ātum, -äre, [in

clino], I. V. a. and n., bend

(towards), incline. - Esp., bend downwards. inclinātus, -a, -um, p.p. as adj., bent downwards, falling, failing: domus. inclūdo, -clūsī, -clūsum, -clūdere, [in-claudo], 3. v. a., shut up, shut in, enclose, surround: vitam sanguine (choke). inclusus, -a, -um, p.p. as adj., shut up, in confinement, enclosed, confined: in flumine cervus (caught). inclusus, -a, -um, p.p. of includo. inclutus (incly-), -a, -um, [†clutus, p.p. of clueo, with in], adj., famous, renowned, famed. inclytus, -a, -um; see inclutus. incoctus, -a, -um, p.p. of incoquo. incognitus, -a, -um, [in-cognitus], adj., unknown, uncertain. incoho (inchoo), -āvī, -ātum, -are, [?], 1. v. a., begin, undertake

incolo, -colui, no sup., -colere, [in-colo], 3. v. a., dwell in, inhabit. incolumis, -e, [?], adj., safe, unharmed, uninjured.

incomitātus, -a, -um, [in-comitatus], adj., unattended, unaccompanied.

incommodus, -a, -um, [in-commodus], adj., inconvenient, unpleasant. Neut., an inconvenience, a trouble, a misfortune. incompositus, -a, -um, [in-compositus], adj., not arranged, irregular, rude.

incomptus, -a, -um, [in-comptus], adj., unadorned, rude, unpolished.

cocta rubores (Gr. acc., dyed with, &c.). increbrēsco (-bēsco), -brui, no sup., brescere, [in-crebresco], 3. v. n., thicken, increase, grow louder (cf. creber): nomen (be spread abroad).

incredibilis, -e, [in-credibilis], adj., incredible. incrementum, -1, [as if †incre(cf. incresco) + mentum], n., increase. - Less exactly, progeny, offspring.

increpito, -āvi, -ātum, -āre, [in

crepito], 1. v. a., (rattle), chide (cf. increpo), rebuke, taunt, find fault with.

increpo,-āvi(-ui),-ātum(-itum), -are, [in-crepo], I. v. a. and n., rattle, clatter, sound: malis (gnash); sonitum (blare). — Of a continued cry, chide, rebuke, taunt, upbraid.

incrēsco, -crēvi, -crētum, -crēs

cere, [in-cresco], 3. v. n., grow in, grow up. - Fig., arise, swell. incubo,-āvi(-ui),-ātum(-itum), -are, [in-cubo], 1. v. n., lie down upon, lie upon. — Fig., fall upon (of a storm), brood upon, strike (of winds, &c.), burst, bend one's energies, strive, exert one's self.Esp., lie upon (to watch), guard (in secret), hoard.

incultus, -a, -um, [in-cultus], adj., uncultivated, untilled, wild.

Fig. (cf. colo), unkempt, uncared for. Neut. plur., wild regions, deserts.

inconcessus, -a, -um, [in-conces-incumbo, -cubui, -cubitum,

sus], adj., unallowed, forbidden, unlawful.

inconditus, -a, -um, [in-conditus], adj., not arranged, rude, unpolished. incōnsultus, -a, -um, [in-consultus], adj., unadvised, without advice

incoquo, -coxi, -coctum, -coquere, [in-coquo], 3. v. a., boil in, cook in. - From the process, dye, color: vellera Tyrios in

-cumbere, [in-tcumbo], 3. v. n., lie upon, lean upon, lean over: laurus arae (overhang). Fig., brood upon, settle on, bend to (of oars, &c.), strive, threaten, aim at.

In proverbial expressions: fato urgenti, lend one's weight to, urge on, hasten. incurro, -curri (-cucurri), -cursum, currere,[in-curro], 3.v.n., rush on, rush in, rush. incursus, -ūs, [in-cursus, cf. in

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