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is right, our conscience bearing witness may hear, that they may learn and to what is good or evil, by excusing, fear the Lord your God, and observe or else accusing us accordingly; yet we to do all the words of this law : and are not a sufficient law.unto ourselves. that their children, who have not Notwithstanding therefore the law. known, may hear, and learn to fear written in our hearts, we shall never the Lord, &c.-Deut. xxxi. 11–13. come to the full knowledge of that xvii. 18–20. Josh. i. 3. · good and acceptable and perfect will When Josiah heard it read, he rent of God, which is to direct us in this his clothes.—2 Kings xxii. 11. &c. life, but by his word, which he hath Ezra ix. 4. in due time manifested to us : from I have esteemed (hid, or laid up) whence we may be fully instructed in the words of his mouth, inore than my all things which belong unto our peace, necessary food (or appointed portion). and salvation, even the salvation of our - Job xxiii. 12. souls.

The word of the Lord is tried (or And if any man sin (as in many refined):—Ps. xviii. 30. xii. 6. things we offend all), there is no other The law of the Lord is perfect, way of being assured that we shall not converting the soul : the testimony all perish, but from the Scriptures ; of the Lord is sure, making wise the which acquaint us, that we have an simple : the statutes of the Lord are advocate with the Father: and give us right, rejoicing the heart : the coman account in what manner, and upon mandment of the Lord is pure, enwhat terms God is pleased to recon- lightening the eyes, &c. the judgeile us to himself.*

ments of the Lord are true and righSECT. III. Of the Scriptures, the writ- than fine gold ; sweeter also than

teous altogether : more to be desired ten word of God, the word of truth; honey, and the honey-comb. Moretheir authority, use, end, and excellency.—Heb. i. 1. xi. 3, 4. Prov. &c.—Ps. xix. 7-11. xciii. 5. cxix.

over, by them is thy servant warned, xxiii. 23.

72. 105. 2 Sam. xxii. 31. What nation so great, that hath sta- Lo, I come: in the volume of the tutes and judgments so righteous as all book it is written of me.-Ps. xl. 7. this law which I set before you this He established a testimony in Jaday?-Deut. iv. 8. Ps. cxix. 138. cob, and appointed a law in Israel, 172.

which he commanded our fathers that Therefore shall ye lay up these my they should make them known to their words in your heart, and in your soul, children: that the generation to come and bind them for a sign upon your might know, the children who should hand, that they may be as frontlets be born, should arise and declare to between your eyes. And ye shall teach their children, that they might set them your children, speaking of them their hope in God, and not forget when thou sittest in thine house, and the works of God, but keep his comwhen thou walkest by the way; when mandments, and might not be as their thou liest down, and when thou risest fathers, &c.-Ps. lxxviii. 5–8. up. And thou shalt write them upon Because they rebelled against the the door-posts of thine house, and words of God, and contemned the upon thy gates, that your days may be counsel of the Most High; therefore multiplied, &c. Deut. xi. 1821. he brought down their heart, &c. vi. 6-8.

Ps. cvii. 11, 12. Luke vii. 30. Thou shalt read the law before all Wherewithal shall a young man Israel in their hearing, &c. that they cleanse his way? by taking heed ac

cording to thy word. Thy word have See Bishop Gastrell's Institutes. I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee: thy word hath quick- the thing whereto I sent it.--Isa. lv. ened me, &c. Remember the word 10, 11. anto thy servant, apon which thou To this man will I look, to him who causedst me to hope. I will speak of is poor, &c. and trembleth at my thy testimonies before kings : Un- word, &c. Hear the word of the Lord, less thy law had been my delight I ye who tremble at his word, &c. he had perished in my affliction. Thou, shall, &c.- Isa, lxvi. 2. 5. through thy commandments, hast Behold, the word of the Lord is to made me wiser than mine enemies, them a reproach : they have no de&c. I have more understanding than light in it. Therefore I am full of all my teachers; for thy testimonies the fury of the Lord, &c. Jer. vi. are my meditation, I understand more 10, 11. than the ancients, &c. How sweei The wise men are ashamed, &c. are thy words to my taste! thy word Lo, they have rejected the word of the is a lamp to my feet, &c. I hope in Lord : and what wisdom is in them? thy word : the entrance of thy word - Jer, viii. 9. Luke vii. 30. giveth light, it giveth understanding The prophet who hath a dream, to the simple.-Ps. cxix. 9. 11. 46. let him tell a dream; and he who 49, 50. 92. 96. 98-100. 103. 105. hath my word let him speak my word 114. 130.

faithfully. What is the chaff to the Thou hast magnified thy word above wheat ? saith the Lord. Is not my all thy name. All the kings of the word like as a fire? saith the Lord; earth shall praise thee, O Lord; when and like a hammer, which breaketh they hear the words of thy mouth.- the rock in pieces -Jer. xxiii. 28, 29. Ps. cxxxviii. 2. 4.

I will shew thee that which is He sheweth his word unto Jacob, noted in the Scripture of truth. Dan, his statutes and his judgments unto x, 21. Israel : He hath not dealt so with any Because Ephraim hath made many nation: and as for his judgments, they altars, &c. I have written to him the have not known them.-Ps.cxlvii. 19, great things of my law: but they 20. Deut. iv. 8.

were counted as a strange thing.-Whoso despiseth the word, shall be Hos. viii. 11, 12. Ps. cxix. 129. destroyed : but he that feareth the Behold, &c. I will send a famine, commandment, shall be rewarded (or &c. not of bread, &c. but of hearing the in peace).-Prov. xii. 13.

words of the Lord; and they shall Every word of God is pure, &c.— wander from sea to sea, &c. to seek Prov. XXX. 5.

the word of the Lord, and shall not To the law, and to the testimony: find it.-Amos viii. 11, 12. if they speak not according to this Do not my words do good to him word, it is because there is no light who walketh uprightly ?-Micah ii. 7. (or morning) in them.-- Isa. viii. 20. Christ (when the devil tempted

How beautiful upon the mountains him) said to him, It is written, Man are the feet of him who bringeth shall not live by bread alone, &c. It good tidings, who publisheth peace, is written again, Thou shalt, &c. that bringeth good tidings of good, Matt. iv. 4. 7. 10. that publisheth salvation : that saith Whosoever heareth these sayings unto Zion; Thy God reigneth Isa. of mine, and doeth them, I will liken lü. 7.

him unto a wise man, who built his As the rain cometh, &c. so shall house upon a rock, &c.—Matt. vii. 24. my word be which goeth out of my Luke vi. 47, 48. month : it shall not return unto me When the Pharisees contended, yoid, but it shall accomplish that Christ said unto them, Have ye not which I please, and it shall prosper in read what David did when he was

ye think



an hungered ? &c. Or have ye not ses, and in the Prophets, and in the read in the law, how that on the sab- Psalms, concerning me. Then opened, bath day ? &c.—Matt. xii. 2, 3. 5. he their understanding, that they xxi, 16.

might understand the Scriptures; and Have ye not read, that he who said unto them, Thus it is written, made them at the beginning, made and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, them male and female ? &c. What &c.—Luke xxiv. 25. 27. 44–46. x. God hath joined together, let not man, 25—27. &c.-Matt. xix. 4-6.

Ye have not his word abiding in And he said, It is written, My you, for whom he hath sent, him ye house shall be called the house of believe not. Search the Scriptures; prayer ; but ye have made it a den, for in them

have eternal &c. Did ye never read in the Scrip- life : and they are they which testify tures, That the stone which the of me. Had

believed Moses, ye builders rejected, the same is become would have believed me; for he wrote the head of the corner ?-Matt. xxi. of me: but if ye believe not his 13. 16. 42. Luke xx. 17.

writings, how shall ye believe my. Have ye not read that which was words - John v. 38, 39. 46, 47. ii. spoken unto you by God, saying, I 22. vii. 52. am, &c.-Matt. xxii. 31, 32. Luke Christ said, It is written in the XX. 37, 38.

Prophets, And they shall all be taught All ye shall be offended, &c. For of God. Every man therefore who it is written, I will smite the shep- hath heard and hath learned of the herd, and the sheep of the flock shall Father, &c.—John vi. 45. vii. 38. 42. be scattered abroad. Thinkest thou The word that I have spoken, the that I cannot now pray ? &c. But same shall judge him in the last day, how then shall the Scriptures be ful. &c. John xii. 48–50. filled, that thus it must be ? But all I have given unto them the words this was done, that the Scriptures of which thou gavest me, and they have the prophets might be fulfilled. - received them, &c. that the ScripMatt. xxvi. 31. 53, 54. 56. Luke ture might be fulfilled. Neither pray xix. 46. xxii. 37, 38.

I for these alone, but for them also Jesus said, Do ye not therefore err, who shall believe on me through because ye know not the Scriptures, their word.—John xvii. 8. 12. 20. &c.-Mark xii. 24.

Matt. x. 14, 15. Heaven and earth shall pass away : These things are written, that ye but my words shall not pass away. might believe that Jesus is the Christ,

- Mark xiii. 31. Luke xvi. 17. John the Son of God; and that believing, x. 35.

ye might have life.-John xx. 31. They have Moses and the pro- This Scripture must needs have phets, let them hear them. If they been fulfilled which the Holy Ghost, hear not Moses and the prophets, by the mouth of David, spoke before, neither.will they be persuaded, though &c.—Acts i. 16. 20. one rose from the dead.-Luke xvi. When the apostles preached, they 29. 31.

proved their doctrine by the ScripWhen Jesus taught his disciples, tures ; but this is that which was he said, O fools, and slow of heart to spoken by the prophet, &c. And believe all that the prophets have David, &c. --Acts ii. iii. iv. v. vii. spoken. And beginning at Moses, xvii. 2, 3. &c. he expounded unto them in all It is not reason we should leave the Scriptures, the things concerning the word of God, and serve tables, himself. All things must be fulfilled &c.—Acts vi. 2. 4. 7. xiii. 7. which were written in the law of Mo- Samaria had received the word of

God, yet had not received the Holy Ye have obeyed that form of docGhost. The Eunuch reading the trine which was delivered you.-Rom. Scripture, had Philip sent to him to vi. 17. convert him by it.-Acts viïi. 14-16. I had not known sin, but by the 29, &c. Luke viii. 11.

law, &c. Except the law had said, Call for Simon, who shall tell thee Thou, &c.— Rom. vii. 7. words whereby thou and all thy house For the Scripture saith, Whosoever shall be saved.--Acts xi. 13, 14. x, believeth on him, shall not be ashamed. 6. 33.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and Sergius Paulus desired to hear the hearing by the word of God. Rom. word of God, &c. Almost the whole x. 11. 17. city came together to hear the word It is written, The reproaches, &c. of God, &c.—Acts. xiii. 7. 44-46. For whatsoever things were written xix. 20.

aforetime, were written for our learnThese were more noble than those ing; that we, through patience, and in Thessalonica, in that they received comfort of the Scriptures, might have the word with all readiness of mind, hope.-Rom. xv. 3, 4. and searched the Scriptures daily, The mystery, which was kept secret whether those things were 80.-Acts since the world began; but now is xvii. 11.

made manifest, and by the Scriptures Apollos, &c. mighty in the Scrip- of the prophets, &c. made known, tures, &c. mightily convinced the &c.-Rom. xvi. 25, 26. Ephes. v. Jews and that publicly: shewing by 13. iii. 5, 6. the Scriptures, that Jesus was Christ. The preaching of the cross, is to -Acts. xviii. 24, 25. 28. xvii. 2, 3. them who perish, foolishness, &c.

Paul said, I wist not, brethren, that For it is written, I will destroy the he was the high priest; for it is writ- wisdom of the wise, &e.-1 Cor. i. ten, Thou shalt not speak evil of the 18, 19. ruler, &c.--Acts xxiii. 5.

Which things we speak, not in the After the way they call heresy, words which man's wisdom teacheth, 80 worship I, &c. believing all things but which the Holy Ghost teacheth which are written in the law, and comparing spiritual things, &c.--1 the prophets.-Acts xxiv. 14. John Cor. ii. 13. 6. ii. 22.

When the apostle had mentioned Saying none other things than many things which Israel did, &c. he those, which the prophets and Moses saith, Now all these things happened did say should come. --Acts xxvi. 22. unto them for ensamples: and they

There came many to Paul, &c. to are written for our admonition, upon whom he expounded and testified the whom the ends of the world are come. kingdom of God; persuading them - 1 Cor. x. 11. Rom. iv. 23, 24. concerning Jesus, both out of the law Ye keep the ordinances (or tradiof Moses, and out of the prophets, tions) as I delivered them to you.-1 from morning, &c.-Acts xxviii. 23. Cor. xi. . 2.

Which he had promised, &c. by his I declare unto you the gospel which prophets, in the holy Scriptures, &c. I preach, &c. By which also ye are The gospel of Christ; for it is the saved, if ye keep in memory, &c. For power of God unto salvation, &c.— I delivered unto you first of all that Rom. i. 2. 16, &c.

which I also received; how that Christ What advantage? &c. Much: be- died for our sins, according to the cause that unto them were committed Scriptures; that he was buried ; that the oracles of God. By the law is he rose again the third day, accordthe knowledge of sin.-Rom. iii. 1, ing to the Scriptures.-1 Cor. xv. I 2. 20.


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We are not as many, who corrupt taught, whether by word, or our the word of God (or deal falsely with epistle-2 Thess. ii. 15. the word).—2 Cor. ii. 17.

These things write I unto thee, &c. God who commanded the light to that thou mayest know how thou shine out of darkness, hath shined oughtest to behave thyself in the in our hearts, to give the light of the house of God, &c.—1 Tim. iii. 14, 15. knowledge of the glory of God in the If thou put the brethren in rememface of Jesus.--2 Cor. iv. 6. iii. 18. brance of these things, thou shalt be 2 Tim. i. 10.

a good minister of Jesus, &c.--! Tim. There are some who would pervert iv. 6. the gospel, &c. But though we, or I charge thee before God, and the an angel from heaven preach any other Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect an, gospel than that which we have gels, that thou observe these things, preached unto you, let him be ac, without preferring one before another, cursed: as we said before, so say I &c. 1 Tim. v. 21. vi. 13, 14. now again; if any man preach any If any man teach otherwise, and other gospel unto you than that ye consent not to wholesome words, the have received, let him be accursed. words of our Lord Jesus, and to the The gospel, &c. I neither received it doctrine which is according to godof man, &c. but by the revelation of liness; he is proud (or a fool), Jesus.Gal. i. 7-9. 11, 12. knowing nothing, but doting about

The Scripture foreseeing that God questions, and strifes of words, &c would, &c.* The Scripture hath con- +1 Tim. vi. 3, 4. 2 Tim. ii. 14-17, cluded all under sin.Gal. iii. 8. 22. Hold fast the form of sound words, James iv, 5,

which thou hast heard of me, &c. Nevertheless, what saith the Scrip-2 Tim. i. 13. ture? Cast out the bond-woman. Continue thou in the things which Gal. iv. 30.

thou hast learned, and hast been asHaving your feet shod with the sured of, knowing of whom thou hast preparation of the gospel of peace, learned . and that from a child thou and take, &c. the sword of the Spirit, hast known the holy Scriptures, which which is the word of God.-Ephes. are able to make thee wise unto salvi. 15. 17.

vation, &c. All Scripture is given by Those things which ye have both inspiration of God, and is profitable learned, and received, and heard, and for doctrine, &c. That the man of God seen in me, do: and the God of peace may be perfect; thoroughly furnished shall be with you.-Phil. iv. 9. unto all good works.-2 Tim. iii. 14

Let the word of Christ dwell in you -17. richly, in all wisdom, teaching, and, Preach the word, &c. for the time &c.Col. iii. 16. i. 9.

will come when they will not endure Ye received the word of God, which sound doctrine, &c. -2 Tim. iv. 24. ye heard of us ; ye received it not as God, who at sundry times and in the word of men, but as it is in truth, divers manners spake in time past the word of God, which effectually unto the fathers by the prophets, hath worketh also in you who believe.-i in these last days spoken unto us by Thess. ü. 13.

his Son, &c.—Heb. i. 1, 2. As ye

have received of us how ye Therefore ought we to give the more ought to walk, and to please God, so earnest heed to the things which we ye would abound, &c. Wherefore have heard, lest at any time we should comfort (or exhort) one another let them slip: for, if the word spoken with these words. 1 Thess. iv. 1. by angels was stedfast, &c. how shall 18.

we escape, if we neglect so great salHold the traditions ye have been vation; which at the first began to

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