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Resident Members of the Society.

Those with * prefixed have died ; those with † have resigned, or removed from

the State.

Names. Benjamin Abbot, Samuel Abbot, Ebenezer Adams, *Nathaniel Adams,(1) Daniel Adams, Charles H. Atherton, David Barker, Jr. Ichabod Bartlett, James Bartlett, Richard Bartlett, Samuel Dana Bell, Rev. Nathaniel Bouton, *Rev. Federal Burt,(2) Peter Chadwick, Levi Chamberlain, Henry B. Chase, Samuel E. Coues, Rev. Jaazaniah Crosby, Charles W. Cutter, * James Freeman Dana, (3) Moses Eastman, John Farmer, Asa Freeman, Salma Hale, Matthew Harvey, *Nathaniel A. Haven,(4) +Rev. Hosea Hildreth, Henry Hubbard, John Kelly, George Kent, Alexander Ladd, Moses Long, Stephen C. Lyford,

Jeremiah Mason, - Stephen Mitchell, Jacob B. Moore,

Residence. Time of Election. Exeter,

Original Member. Wilton,

15 June, 1827 Hanover,

Original Member. Portsmouth,

ditto Mont-Vernon,

9 June, 1831 Amherst,

9 June,

1824 Rochester,

Original Member. Portsmouth,

ditto Dover,

ditto Concord,

ditto (then of) Chester, 14 June, 1826 Concord,

9 June, 1831 Durham,

8 June, 1825 Exeter,

Original Member. Fitzwilliam,

10 Dec.

1828 Warner,

9 June, 1824 Portsmouth,

10 June,

1829 Charlestown,

10 June,

1829 Portsmouth,

Original Member. (then of) Hanover, 9 June, 1824 Concord,

10 June, 1829 do.

Original Member. Dover,

ditto Keene,

9 June,

1824 Hopkinton,

8 June, 1825 Portsmouth,

Original Member. (then of) Exeter,

ditto Charlestown,

15 June, (then of ) Northwood, Original Member. Concord,

ditto Portsmouth,

ditto Warner,

9 June, 1831 Meredith,

14 June,

1826 (then of) Portsmouth, Original Member. Durham,

ditto Concord,



(1) Died at Exeter, while attending hie duties as Clerk of the Superior Court, 5 Aug. 1829, at the age of 73. See page 110 of this volume.

(2) Died in the ministry, at Durham, 9 Feb. 1828, aged 39. See page 207 of tbis volume.

(3) Died in the city of New-York, 15 April, 1827, aged 33. See Memoir of him in Vol. ii. 290—300.

(4) Died at Portsmouth, 3 June, 1826, aged 36. See Memoir, Vol. ii. 229-235. Also, the Memoir in his Remains, xi-xl.

Parker Noyes, Daniel Oliver, Rev. Nathan Parker, Joel Parker, Oliver W. B. Peabody, Andrew Peirce, William Plumer, William Plumer, Jr. William Prescott, Rev. Israel W. Putnam, William M. Richardson, Jeremiah Smith, *William Smith,(1) Samuel Sparbawk, Rev. Moses George Thomas, tRev. Bennet Tyler, tRev. Thomas C. Upham, Timothy Vpham, Richard R. Waldron, Stephen P. Webster, John W. Weeks, James Wilson, Jr. Levi Woodbury,


Original Member. Hanover,

15 June, 1827 Portsmouth,

Original Member. (then of) Keene,

9 June, 1831 (then of) Exeter,

ditto Dover,

Original Member Epping,

ditto do.

ditto Gilmanton,

15 June,

1827 Portsmouth,

Original Member. Chester,

9 June, 1824 Exeter,

Original Member. do.

ditto (then of) Concord,

9 June,

1824 Concord,

9 June, 1831 (then of) Hanover, Original Member, (then of) Rochester, 9 June, 1824 Portsmouth,

Original Member do.

9 June,

1824 Haverhill,

10 June,

1829 Lancaster,

14 June, 1826 Keene,

9 June, 1831 (then of)Portsmouth, Original Member.

Honorary Members.

Rev. Timothy Alden, Rev. William Allen, D. D. Hon. Francis Baylies, James Bowdoin, Esq. *Nathaniel H. Carter, Esq.(2) Hon. Lewis Cass, Hon. John Davis, LL. D. Hon. Edward Everett, P. D. Rev. Thaddeus M. Harris, D. D. Rev. Abiel Holmes, D. D., LL. D. *Hon. Enoch Lincoln,(3) C. C. Rafn, P. D., F. S. A. Hon. James Savage, Lemuel Shattuck, Esq. William R. Staples, Esq. Rev. Thomas C. Upham, Mr. Thomas Waterman, Joseph G. Waters, Esq. Hon. Daniel Webster, LL. D. Joseph Willard, LL. B. Joseph E. Worcester, A. A. S.

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(1) Died 29 March, 1830. (2) Died at Marseilles in France, 2 Jan. 1830, aged 43. (3) Died 8 Oct. 1829, aged 41.

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Standing Committees. William Plumer, 1823—1825 Nathaniel Adams,

1823-1826 Levi Woodbury, 1825—1826 Nathan Parker,

1823—1826 Ichabod Bartlett, 1826 1830 Hosea Hildreth,

1823—1825 Salma Hale,

1830 Oliver W. B. Peabody, 1825-1829 Matthew Harvey,

1826-1829 1st Vice-Presidents.

Henry B. Chase,

1826-1829 Levi Woodbury, 1823—1825 Parker Noyes,

1829–1830 William Plumer, Jr. 1825—1829 William Prescott,

1829 Salma Hale, 1829–1830 Richard Bartlett,

1829–1830 Matthew Harvey, 1830 James Bartlett,

1830-1831 Alexander Ladd,

1830-1831 2d Vice-Presidents. Andrew Peirce,

1831 Bennet Tyler, 1823—1826 Henry B. Chase,

1831 Salma Hale,

1826-1829 Matthew Harvey,

1829-1830 Committees of Publication. Charles H. Atherton, 1830

Recording Secretaries.
John Kelly,

1823_1831 William Plumer, Jr. Moses Eastman,


Parker Noyes,

John Farmer.
Corresponding Secretaries.
Nathaniel A. Haven, Jr. 1823—1825

John Farmer,


William Plumer, Jr.

Richard Bartlett,

Jacob B. Moore, George Kent,


James F. Dana.
Samuel Sparhawk, 1825-1830
George Kent,



Richard Bartlett,
Jacob B. Moore,

1823-1830 John Farmer, Moses Eastman,


Jacob B. Moore,


Memoir of the Life of the Hon. Samuel DANA,

tate of Amherst, in the County of Hillsborough, State of Neu-Hampshire.— Ey Hon. CHARLES H. ATHERTON, of Amherst.

SAMUEL DANA was first admitted an attorney in the courts of this State in the county of Hillsborough. He came to the Inferior Court of Common Pleas in the autumn of 1781, when he was 42 years of age.

He was admitted an attorney of the Superior Court of Judicature, Sep tember Term, in 1783, and continued in the practice of law at Amherst, until the time of his death, the second day of April, 1798, when he had passed, but a few months, his fifty-ninth year. The circumstances which led him to enter the profession of law, at such an advanced age, will appear in the following sketch of his life.

His father was a respectable mechanic in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a numerous family. Samuel, his second son, was born January 14, 1739, Ó. S., in that part of Cambridge, now Brighton, and was the favorite selected by his parents for a liberal education and for the ministry. He was placed under the tuition of the famous master Minot, of Concord, and in 1751, was admitted a member of the freshman class in Harvard University, at the age of twelve years; a convincing proof of the aptitude of his mind to acquire instruction; for with all the modern improvements in education, it is difficult to fit a boy for college at that early period. In the year 1755, he was regularly graduated in that celebrated class, of

which John Adams, late President of the United States, was a member.

In pursuance of his original destination, Mr. Dana qualified himself for the ministry in the desultory manner, then but too common, by availing himself of the books and advice of the neighboring clergymen. He began to preach early, and the popularity of the young clergyman, soon secured him a call. He was settled in the minis. try at Groton, Massachusetts, June 3, 1761, the successor of the Rev. Caleb Trowbridge.

Having now, as he supposed, secured to himself a permanent establishment, and consulting alike his own happiness and his ministerial usefulness, he in the succeeding year (1762) united himself in wedlock with Miss Anna Kenrick. Years of sincere and zealous devotion to his sacred trust, on his part, and of confidence and affection on the part of his parish followed. Respected by his brethren of the clergy and caressed by his people, his prospects in life seemed settled, clear, serene.

Flow little could it then have been apprehended, that he was to terminate his life a member of the profession of the law in a neighboring State? The respect and esteem of the clergy he never lost; but the affection and confidence of his people were soon to fail him. Even then a storm was gathering which was to darken his prospects and blast his hopes.

The encroachments of the mother country and the rights of the colonies soon became the topics, which occupied all minds, and overpowered and absorbed all other considerations. Such was the jeopardy in which the country was placed, and such the excited state of the popular feeling, that all other ties yielded to the more intense grasp

of : political ties. T'he language of the people was, "he who is not for us is against us,” and Mr. Dana, if not a royalist, was at least lukewarm in

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