Botanical Gazette, Bind 22

University of Chicago Press, 1896
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Side 60 - THE GREAT WORLD'S FARM. Some Account of Nature's Crops and How they are Sown.
Side 210 - En gel in ami's manuscript notes, sketches, etc., I was far more surprised at the extent of these than I had been on collecting his printed works, for when mounted and bound they form sixty large volumes. In addition to their intrinsic value, these are of more than usual interest as showing the methodical manner in which Dr.
Side 204 - OPPORTUNITY. own employees, and while, except in a few instances already referred to, and notably in the national Department of Agriculture, to-day there is some hesitancy in recognizing the employment of a staff of investigators as a legitimate part of the maintenance expense of an establishment which does not use a large part of their time in instruction or necessary curator's routine, it is quite certain that within a very few years opinion will have so changed that a considerable number of salaried...
Side 192 - ... a history, through the pedantry of the Middle Ages with their ponderous tomes, botany, almost within our memory, stands as the scientific diversion or pastime of men whose serious business in life was of a very different nature. Such training as the earlier botanists had was obtained as being primarily useful in other pursuits than pure research, though there is abundant evidence that the master often enjoined upon the pupil the possibilities of botanical study, and no doubt he stretched the...
Side 211 - ... promises, or so manned as to make such assistance possible except at the sacrifice of more valuable direct research. For the present, then, the investigator must be content to do his own delving into the literature of his predecessors. Fortunately, much of the earlier literature has been sought out by some of the writers on any branch that has been the subject of earlier study, so that, starting with a memoir of recent date, one is guided to others, each of which may bring further references,...
Side 46 - Ehizoid-like hair. X 83. DlCTYOTA CILIATA. Fig. 6. Undeveloped tetraspore. X 200. Fig. 7. Tetraspore with two basal cells showing simple bisection. X 200. Fig. 8. Tetraspore showing radial divisions. X 200. Figs. 9 and 10. Irregularly divided tetraspores. X 200. All the figures were drawn with the aid of the camera lucida. From the drawings thus made Figures 3, 4, and 5 were reduced one third • the others remain as they were drawn.
Side 210 - ... and the adoption of a method insuring the preservation and use of even the most trivial information bearing on it, is the adoption of suitable library methods. The student whose specialty is small and little explored has mainly the task of observing and reasoning from the facts before him; but in the departments that have long been the subject of study, while a part of the work is already done to his hand, and the prospect is that he can go much further than on entirely new ground, the task of...
Side 297 - ... transmitted by a wall of a dead cell, it does not follow that the entire transmission from the point of reception to the motor organ is accomplished by such means alone.
Side 194 - Under the stimulus of the last two decades, botany has come to the front in most colleges as a study well calculated to develop the powers of observation and the reasoning faculties. Where it still occupies the place of a fixed study of a few terms...
Side 214 - The probability that all of his writings are to be found in one or a few journals or series of proceedings greatly simplifies the completion and use of such references, since the Royal Society's Catalogue, though perhaps more complete as to titles, is necessarily even further behind than the Jahresbericht. Where the subject of an earlier paper is again passed in review by the author, only the gravest necessity should lead to the selection of a new medium for the publication of the later paper. Whether...

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