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Side 259 - Next came one Who mourned in earnest, when the captive ark Maimed his brute image, head and hands lopt off In his own temple, on the grunsel edge, Where he fell flat, and shamed his worshippers...
Side 73 - To prevent all future disputes respecting the boundary line between the two great nations, the British government will retain the conquered provinces of...
Side 51 - Puzendoon creek during the night, with the gun-flotilla, bomb-ketch, &c. and commence a cannonade on the enemy's rear at •daylight. This service was most judiciously and successfully performed by that officer, who has never yet disappointed me in my most sanguine expectations.
Side 259 - Rear'd in Azotus, dreaded through the coast Of Palestine, in Gath and Ascalon, And Accaron and Gaza's frontier bounds.
Side 54 - ... all their artillery, stores, and reserve depots, which had cost them so much toil and labour to get up, with a great quantity of small arms, gilt chattahs, standards, and other trophies, fell into our hands. Never was victory more complete or more decided ; and never was the triumph of discipline and valour, over the disjointed efforts of irregular courage and infinitely superior numbers, more conspicuous.
Side 129 - Nakhaangee, advanced, and proposed a question to me, as if from his majesty. On receiving my answer he withdrew, as it might be supposed to communicate the reply ; and returned in an adequate time to ask another. Thus, he put three separate questions to me, which were as follows : " You come from a distant country ; how long is it since you arrived ? How were the king, queen, and royal family of England, when the last accounts came from thence ? Was England at peace or war with other nations ? and...
Side 74 - Government to maintain the relations of peace and amity between the Nations ; and as part indemnification to the British Government for the expenses of the war, His Majesty the King of Ava agrees to pay the sum of one crore of rupees.
Side 32 - B ing flood- -the singularity of their construction— the height of the waters, which threaten inundation to the whole city — and the amphitheatre of lofty hills that nearly surrounded us, altogether presented a novel scene, exceedingly interesting to a stranger.
Side 74 - In order to cultivate and improve the relations of amity, and peace hereby established between the two Governments, it is agreed, that accredited ministers, retaining an escort, or safeguard of fifty men, from each, shall reside at the Durbar of the other, who shall be permitted to purchase, or to build a suitable place of residence, of permanent materials ; and a Commercial Treaty, upon principles of reciprocal advantage, will be entered into by the two high contracting Powers.
Side 75 - This treaty to be ratified by the Burmese authorities competent in the like cases, and the ratification to be accompanied by all British, whether European or native ( American) and other prisoners, who will be delivered over to the British commissioners.

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