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free, open, christian proceeding, had no other publick effect, than to draw upon him, an arbitrary and illegal expullion (12) from the uniDersity of Cambridge, and from his mathematick-professor-ship there, by the heads of houses, and that without conferring with him in relation to his notions, they urging, that it was (0) riot usial to argue with béreticks ; an ad. dress of the convocation to the queen against him, wherein they desire to be put into a method how to puniih him ; a representation of him, by the faid convocation to the queen and the nation, as a person carrying on the cause of irreligion, the convocation's Secret censure (p) of divers of his positions, which censure has since stole out into print ; and their opens refusal (9) to examine his papers, and to hear him in his own defence, tho he demanded it of them, as a matter of right; and lastly, a prosecution commenc'd against him by Dr. PelLING, which upon the death of her late majefty dropp d.

He lives for the most part in London, the place of the greatest resort of men of understanding, birth, fortune, and learning in the iniverse. There he visits persons of both


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Sexes, and of the highest rank, who are delighted with his plainness, integrity, sense, and learning ; and to whom he discourses with the greatest freedom about many im. portant points, and especially about Athana. Jianism, which seems his most peculiar concern. He frequents the most publick coffee, houses, where most arę prone to show him respect, and none dare show him any dis respect : the clergy, either flying before him, or making a feeble opposition to him. By all which he has made a multitude of converts to the belief ; that the Father; Son, and Holy Ghost are three different intelligent agents, and not three intelligent agents making but one intelligent agent that the Father was before and is greater than the Son; that the Son is not the same being with the Father, and that the Father is the One God, (as say both the (x) scripture and Nicene creed) or that there are no other Gods but him ; all doctrines contrary to the present orthodoxy. And he has soften'd the zeal of many more, who used to call for fire from heaven, or the sword of the ma gistrate to defend their sentiments. He has at this time so much credit, that he now says and prints what he pleafeswithout incurring

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any hazárd of persecution from real or pretended zealots; who are forc'd to yield to the superior splendor and power of his hom hesty, fenfe, and learning, and fear drawing upon themselves something of more fatal con séquence, than the present conversions that he makes. And I am perswaded, that if any country could but furnish twenty such men as he is; that they would, without pay, and with mere liberty to speak their sentiments, put to flight twenty thousand lifted to support error.'

He is a person, who forms vast projects and designs for the defence of natural and reveald religion, and for restoring what he calls primitive christianity amongst us: as appears by his Theory of the earth; his Chronology of the Old Testament, and harmony of the forir gospels; his Elay on the Revelation of St. John ; his Primitive christianity reviv'd; his Astronomical principles of natural and revead religion ; his Esay to restore the true text of the Old Testament ; and his design of a new interleav'd bible with large additions, and divers particulars to confirm and illustrate the fame, that so all honest enquirers may be able' to judge for themselves, about the truth of those Scriptures, and to understand the greatest part of them impartially, without the danger of imposition from common prejudices; from any later partial expositions or mistakes whatsoever ; to say nothing, or not to enter into the detail of his lesser numerous projects, essays, designs,


fuppojals, and theories in behalf of religion. Nor is he without great designs for the improvement of philofophy, and for the welfare and trade of his country : as appears by his attempts to explain the philosophy of Sir Isasi AC NEWTON, and by his other works in mathematicks and pbyfičks, but above all, by his attempts to discover the longitude, for which he deserves the reward promis'd by parliament, tho' he should not fucceed." But the greatest good, that he promotes, seems to me what he does not defign ; and that is, by puting men upon enquiries, to make them fee further than himself, and to reject his narrow opinions. .. .

* He is a very serious and grave person, but yet chearful, and no enemy to innocent mirth; and he is, even, capable of laughing (5) heartily at egregious nonsense, stupidity, and folly in the most folemn persons, when they speak about the most folemn things.

I will conclude this account of him, with observing, that all the reform'd churches, and especially your church of Scotland (which is in a peculiar manner the object of theological spite among us) are highly oblig'd to him for à most ingenious defence of the validity of their ministry in his Argument to prove that


(*) Set éne of his printed Letters about Doxologies,

either all perfons solemnly, tho' irregularly set apart for the ministry are real clergymen, and all their ministerial axts are valid; or else there are now no real clergymen or christians in the world. Wherein your ministry, which is fo undeservedly contemptible in the eyes of our clergy, who do not make a just comparison between themselves and their neighbours, is, as

as it ought to be, set upon as good a foot as any ministry whatfoever. · I have nothing further to add, but that I hope this letter, tho' lang delay'd, will not be unacceptable to you, from,

Reverend SIR,
Your most hrimble Servant,

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