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HARTFORD, AUGUST 21st, 1845. In the absence of the President, the Institute was called to order by Mr. Thayer, one of the Vice Presidents, at half past seven o'clock, P. M. Prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr. Edwards, after which, the Introductory Lecture was delivered by the Rev. Joel Hawes, of Hartford.

After the Lecture, the Institute adjourned to meet in the Lecture-Room of the First Parish Church, at 84 o'clock, on Friday Morning.

Friday Morning, Aug. 22 – The Recording Secretary read that portion of the Records of the last year which pertained to the organization of the meeting.

Voted, To appoint a Committee of two to report the doings of the meetings. Professor E. A. Andrews and Mr. John Kingsbury, constituted this Committee.

Messrs. N. A. Eggleston and J. W. Skinner, were added to the Committee.

Messrs. Sherwin, Bishop, J. Abbott, A. Greenleaf, Fowle, Andrews and Green, were appointed a Committee of Nomination.

The Treasurer, W. D. Ticknor, Esq., being absent, Mr. P. Mackintosh, Jr. was appointed Treasurer pro. tem.

At 91 o'clock, the Institute listened to a Lecture from Mr. Wm. B. Fowle, On the best Method of Teaching Geography,after which, the question, “ What is the best Course to adopt in regard to Whispering in School," was discussed by Messrs. T. Sherwin, J. Abbott, and Professor Sanborn.

At eleven o'clock, a Lecture was delivered by G. S. Hillard, Esq., of Boston, “ On the Connection between Geography and History."

The Institute resolved to accept, with pleasure, the kind invitation of Mr. Turner to visit the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, and assigned Saturday, P. M., at four o'clock, for that purpose. Adjourned.

Afternoon, 3 o'clock, P. M. - The Institute listened to a Lecture on Physiology, by E. Jarvis, M. D., of Dorchester, after which the subject of whispering was resumed, and discussed by Messrs. Sanborn, Parish, F. Emerson, and others. Adjourned.

Evening, 7o'clock - The Institute listened to a Lecture On Education," by Hon. Horace Mann, of Boston. Adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock.

HARTFORD, August 23, 1845. The Recording Secretary read the doings of the previous meetings.

The Committee on Nomination reported a list of officers for the ensuing year, and the Institute proceeded immediately to ballot for the same.



Messrs. J. F. Bumstead, A. Greenleaf, and H. Barnard, were appointed a Committee to collect, count, and sort the


The Committee reported that the following list of officers

was unanimously elected.


George B. EMERSON, Boston, Mass.


Daniel Kimball, Needham, Mass.
Gideon F. Thayer, Boston,
Jacob Abbott, New York.
Horace Mann, Boston,
Peter Mackintosh, Jr., Boston,"
John Kingsbury, Providence, R. I.
Elipha White, John's Island, S. C.
Samuel Pettes, Boston, Mass.
Nehemiah Cleaveland, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Denison Olmstead, New Haven, Conn.
Benjamin Greenleaf, Bradford, Mass.
John A. Shaw, New Orleans.
Frederick Emerson, Boston, Mass.
Stephen C. Phillips, Salem,
Cyrus Pierce, Newton,
Wm. Russell, Medford,
David Choate, Essex,
Wm. B. Fowle, Boston,
Cyrus Mason, New York City.
J. H. Agnew, Newark, N. J.
Calvin E. Stowe, Walnut Hills, Ohio.
Soloman Adams, Boston, Mass.
Thomas Sherwin,
Emery Washburn, Worcester,“

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Alfred Greenleaf, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Nathan Bishop, Providence, R. I.
Luther Robinson, Boston.
Oliver Carlton, Salem, Mass.
Thomas A. Green, New Bedford, Mass.

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