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Their weapons various; some equipp'd, for speed 1),
With .javelins of the light Kathaian reed 2) [26];
Or bows of buffalo horn 3), and shining quivers 4)
Filld with the stems 5) that bloom on Iran's rivers [27];
While some, for war's more terrible attacks,
Wield the huge mace and ponderous battle-axe;
And, as they wave aloft in morning's beam
The milk-white plumage of their helms 6), they seem
Like a chenar-tree grove [28], when Winter throws
O'er all its tufted heads his feathering snows 7).

Belween the porphyry pillars, that uphold The rich moresque-work 8) of the roof of gold, Aloft the Haram's curtain'd 9) galleries rise, Where, through the silken net-work 10), glancing eyes 11), From time to time, like sudden gleams that glow Through autumn clouds, shine o'er the pomp below 12). — What impious tongue, ye blushing saints, would dare To hint 13) that aught but Heaven hath placed you there?

? Or that the loves of this light 14) world could bind, In their gross chain, your Prophet's soaring mind 15)? No-wrongful thought 16)!-commission'd from above 17) To people Eden's bowers with shapes of love 18) (Creatures so bright, that the same lips and eyes They wear on earth will serve in Paradise), There to recline 19) among Heaven's native maids, And crown the Elect with bliss that never fades 20)! Well hath the Prophet-Chief his bidding done 21); And every beauteous race 22) beneath the sun,

4) Kö

1) zu leichterer Wehr. 2) Rohr, 3) Büffelhorn. cher. 5) Zweige. » Pichula, welche vormals von den Persern zu Pleilen benutzt wurde« 5) wie im Morgenstrahl die milchweissen Federbüsche ihrer Helme emporwallen. 7) wenn der Winter dessen buschige Häupter mit schneeigem Pflaum bestreut. 6) Arabesken. 9) verhüllt. 10) seidene (Netzwerk) Vorhang. 11) feurige Augen. 12) auf den Pomp hernieder funkeln. 13) anzudeuten. 14) schnöde. 15) erhabener Geist. 16) frevler Gedanke. 17) vom Himmel beauftragt. 18) Huldgestalten; der Liebe Formen. 19) lagern. 20) mit wandellosem Glück. 21) seines Auftrags sich entledigt. 22) Stamm.

From those who kneel at Brahma's burning founts 1)
To the fresh nymphs bounding o'er Yemen's mounts;
From Persia's eyes of full and fawnlike ray,
To the small, half-shut glances of Kathay %);
And Georgia's bloom, and Azab's darker smiles,
And the gold ringlets 3) of the Western Isles;
All, all are there; — each land its flower hath given,
To form that fair young nursery 4) for Heaven!

But why this pageant 5) now? this arm'd array 6)? What triumph crowds the rich Divan to-day With turban'd heads, of every hue and race, Bowing before that veil'd and awful face, Like tulip-beds [29] of different shape and dyes 7), Bending beneath the invisible West-wind's sighs ? What new-made 8) mystery now, for Faith to sign, And blood to seal, as genuine and divine 9), What dazzling mimickry 10) of God's own power Hath the bold Prophet plann'd 11) to grace 12) this hour? Not such the pageant now, though not less proud, Yon warrior-youth, advancing from the crowd, With silver bow, with belt of broider'd crape 13), And fur-bound 14) bonnet of Bucharian shape [30], So fiercely beautiful in form and eye, Like war's wild planet in a summer-sky; That youth to-day,

- a proselyte, worth hordes Of cooler spirits and less practised 15) swords

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1) „ Die heissen Quellen Brahma's bei Chittogong, die für heilig gehalten werden. Turner.. 2) Von Persien's Blick, der, rehgleich, Strahlen-schiesst, Zum kleinern Aug Kathay's *), das halb sich schliesst.

Menke. *) China. 3) goldene Locken. 4) Pflanzschule; Bildungsschule. 5) Prunk; Gepränge. 6) Kriegerreihe.

7) Farbe.

8) neu ers onnen. 9) dass es der Glaube als echt und göttlich unterzeichne, Blut es besiegele. 10) blendend Gaukelspie!

11) ersonnen; erdacht. 12) verherrlichen. 13) Gürtel von gesticktem Kreppe 14) pelzbesetzt; pelzumzogen. 15) unversuchter.

Is come to join, all bravery and belief,
The creed 1) and standard of the Heaven-sent Chief.

Though few his years, the West already knows Young Azim's fame;. — beyond the Olympian snows,

, Ere manhood darken'd o'er his downy cheek 2), O’erwhelm'd in fight and captive to the Greek 3), He linger'd there till peace dissolved his chains; Oh! who could, even in bondage 4), tread the plains Of glorious 5) Greece, nor feel his spirit rise Kindling 6) within him ? who, with heart and eyes, Could walk where Liberty had been, nor see The shining foot-prints of her Deity, Nor feel those God-like breathings 8) in the air, Which mutely told her spirit had been there? Not he, that youthful warrior, - no, too well For his soul's quiet 9) work'd the awakening spell 10); And, now returning to his own dear land, Full of those dreams of good that, vainly grand, Haunt the young heart 11); proud views of human-kind, of men to gods exalted and refined 12); – False views, like that horizon's fair deceit 13), Where earth and heaven but seem, alas, to meet 14)! – Soon as he heard an arm divine was raised To right the nations 15), and beheld, emblazed 16) On the white flag Mokanna's host unfurl'd 17), Those words of sunshine 18), , Freedom to the World! At once his faith, his sword, his soul, obey'd The inspiring summons 19); every chosen blade 20)

6) sich ...

1) die Religionspartei. 2) ehe Männlichkeit seine daunige Wange färbte. 3) „ Im Kriege des Kaliphen Mahadi gegen die Kaiserin Irene, dessen Geschichte im Gibbon, vol. X. zu lesen ist: 4 4) Knechtschaft. 5) ruhmumstrahlt.

glühend heben. 7) die lichten Spuren. 8) göttergleiches Wehen. 9) sein still Gemüth. 10) der weckende (belebende) Zauber. 11) die, umsonst so gross, das junge Herz erfüllen. 12) verklärt. 13) Trug. 14) sich zu einen. 15) den Nationen Recht zu schaffen. 16) sah

glänzen. 17) die Mokanna's Heer entfaltet. 18) die sonnigen Worte,

19) begeisternder Aufruf, 20) auserwählte Klinge.

That fought beneath that banner's sacred text,
Seem'd doubly edged 1) - for this world and the next,

And ne'er did Faith with her smooth bandage %) bind
Eyes more devoutly 3) willing to be blind,
In Virtue's cause; never was soul inspired
With livelier trust 4) in what it most desired,
Than his, the enthusiast there, who kneeling, pale
With pious awe 5), before that Silver Veil,
Believes the form to which he bends his knee,
Some pure, redeeming angel, sent to free
This fetter'd world from every bond and stain 6),
And bring its primal glories back again )!

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Low as young Azim knelt, that motley crowd 8)
Of all earth's nations sunk the knee and bow'd,
With shouts of „ Alla!“ echoing long and loud;
While high in air, above the Prophet's head,
Hundreds of banners, to the sunbeam spread,
Waved, like the wings of the white birds that fan
The flying throne of star-taught 9) Soliman [31]!
Then thus he spoke: – , Stranger, though new the frame 10)
Thy soul inhabits now, I've track'd 11) its flame
For many an age 12), in every chance and change 13)
Of that Existence, through whose varied range 14),
As through a torch-race 15), where, froin hand to hand
The flying youths transmit their shining brand 16),
From frame to frame the unextinguish'd soul 17)
Rapidly passes, till it reach the goal 18)!

1) doppelt scharf; zweischneidig. 2) sanfte Binde.

3) hingebend. 4) entflammt von lebendigerm Glauben. 5) bleich vor frommer Scheu. 6) Fessel und Flecken. ?) Und deren ersten Glanz zu erneuen. 8) die bunte Schaar (Menge). 9) weise. 10) Form; Leib; Hülle. 11) nachgespürt. 12) „ Die Seelenwanderung war eine seiner Lehren. Siehe d'Herbelot. 13) Wechsel und Erneuen. 14) durch dessen mannigfache Stufenreihen. 15) Fackelspiel 16) 'schicken den hellen Feuerbrand. unerloschene Geist. 18) das Ziel.

17) der 5) ,

„Nor think 't is only the gross Spirits, warm'd With duskier 1) fire and for earth's medium form'd %), That run this course 3); - Beings the most divine Thus deign through dark mortality to shine 4). Such was the Essence that in Adam dwelt, To which all Heaven, except the Proud One, knelt 5): Such the refined Intelligence that glow'd In Moussa's frame; - and, thence descending, flow'd Through many a prophet's breast [32], — in Issa 6) shone

[ And in Mohammed burn'd; till, hastening on, (As a bright river that, from fall to fall In many a maze descending), bright through all, Finds some fair region where, each labyrinth passid, In one full lake of light it rests at last!) That Holy Spirit, settling calm and free From lapse 8) or shadow, centres 9) all in me!

Again, throughout the assembly at these words, Thousands of voices rung; the warriors' swords Were pointed up to heaven; a sudden wind In the open banners play'd, and from behind These Persian hangings, that but ill could screen The Haram's loveliness, white hands were seen Waving embroider'd scarss 10), whose motion gave A perfume forth; — like those the Houris wave When beckoning 11) to their bowers the Immortal Brave.

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But these,“ pursued the Chief, „ are truths sublime, That claim a holier mood 12) and caliner time Than earth allows us now;

this sword must first

1) dunkler. 2) für der Erde Mittelstrasse geformt. 3) die diese Bahn durchlaufen. 4) Gefallen sich (Verschmähen nicht), so durch öde Sterblichkeit zu glänzen.

» Und als wir den Engeln sagten : "Betet Adam an", da beteten sie ihn alle an, bis auf Eblis (Lucifer), der sich weigerte.' Koran, Kap. II.“ 6) » Jesus.

7) durch manchen Irrgang hinab sich windend. 9) vereinigt.

8) Fall. 10; gestickte Schärpen schwingen. 13) Sinn.

11) winken.

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