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" On Friday” (date not mentioned) " Mr. Mapletoft brought us word that Mr. Herbert was said to be past hope of recovery, which was very grievous news to nis, and so much the more so, being altogether unexpected. We presently therefore made our public supplication for his health in the words, and manner following:

O most mighty God, and merciful Father, we most humbly beseech thee, if it be thy good pleasure, to continue to us, that singular benefit which thou hast given us in the friendship of thy servant, our dear brother, who now lieth on the bed of sickness. Let him abide with us yet awhile, for the furtherance of our faith. We have indeed deserved by our ingratitude, not only the loss of him, but whatever other opportunities thou hast given us for the attainment of our salvation. We do not deserve to be heard in our supplications ; but thy inercies are above all thy works. In consideration whereof we prostrate ourselves in all humble earnestness, beseeching thee, if so it may seem good to thy Divine Majesty, that thou wilt hear us in this, who hast heard us in all the rest, and that thou wilt bring him back again from the gates of death : that thou wilt yet a while spare him, that he may Jive to thy honour, and our comfort. Lord, thou bast willed that our delights should be in the saints on earth, and in such as excel in virtue : how then should we not be afflicted, and mourn when thou, takest them away from us! Thou hast made him a great help, and furtherance of the best things amongst us, how then can we but esteem the loss of him, a chastisement from thy displeasure ! O Lord, we beseech thee that it may not be so: we beseech thee, if it be thy good pleasure, restore unto us our dear brother, by restoring to him his health : so will we praise and magnify thy name, and mercy, with a song of thanksgiving. Hear us, O Lord, for thy dear Son's sake, Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen."

health :


Thus have I complied with the desire of a worthy friend; and in so doing have, I think, given to the public, in these examples, not only a proof of the piety of Mr. Ferrar, but also of his excellence in devotional composition.


Let us all adore and bless God's wisest choices, and set vigorously to the task that lies before us; improving the present advantages, and supplying in the abundance of the inward beauty what is wanting to the outward lustre of a Church; and we shall not fail to find that the grots and caves lie as open to the celestial influences as the fairest and most beautified Temples.—And it must be our greatest blame and wretchedness, if what hath now befallen us be not effectually better for us, than whatever else even Piety could have suggested to us to wish or pray for.



In the year 1660 was published in 4', a volume intitled, The Shaking of the Olive Tree: the remaining Works of that incomparable Prelate Joseph Hall

, D. D. late Lord Bishop of Norwich. It contained among other things, Observations of some specialties of Divine Providence in the Life of Joseph Hall, Bishop of Norwich; and his Hard Measure ; both written with his own hand. The following Life is composed principally of a republication of those two tracts. They are printed from the abovementioned edition of the year 1660.

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