Memoirs of the Court of England During the Regency, 1811-1820: From Original Family Documents, Bind 1


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Side 440 - Sir, had you not better have a glass of water ?' Upon which he, much out of humour, said with an oath : ' No. I will go directly to the Queen :
Side 440 - I, according to the established etiquette, introduced (no one else being in the room) the Princess Caroline to him. She very properly, in consequence of my saying to her that it was the right mode of proceeding, attempted to kneel to him. He raised her, (gracefully enough,) and embraced her, said barely one word, turned round, retired to a distant part of the apartment, and, calling me to him, said — ' Harris, I am not well ; pray, get me a glass of brandy...
Side 28 - ... the Prince of Wales. Carlton House, Feb. 4th, 1811. The Prince of Wales * considers the moment to be arrived which calls for his decision with respect to the persons to be employed by him in the administration of the executive government of the country, according to the powers vested in him by the Bill passed by the two Houses of Parliament, and now on the point of receiving the sanction of the Great Seal. The Prince feels it incumbent upon him at this precise juncture to communicate to Mr. Perceval...
Side 30 - ... which has been introduced by parliament, in conformity to what was intended on a former similar occasion ; and that whatever ministers your royal highness might think proper to employ, would find in that full support and countenance, which, as long as they were honoured with your royal highness's...
Side 225 - With such support, and aided by a vigorous and united administration, formed on the most liberal basis, I shall look with additional confidence to a prosperous issue of the most arduous contest in which Great Britain was ever engaged. You are authorised to communicate these sentiments to lord Grey, who, I have no doubt, will make them known to lord Grenville.
Side 24 - AN ADDRESS TO THE PRINCE, 1811." *'In all humility we crave Our Regent may become our slave ; And being so, we trust that He, Will thank us for our loyalty. Then, if he'll help us to pull down, His Father's dignity and Crown, We'll make him, in some time to come, The greatest Prince in Christendom.
Side 230 - ... to his royal highness, or to our country. We have only therefore further to beg your royal highness to lay before his royal highness the prince regent, the expression of our humble duty, and the sincere and respectful assurance of our earnest wishes for whatever may best promote the ease, honour, and advantage of his royal highness's government, and the success of his endeavours for the public welfare. We have the honour to be, fee. (Signed) GREY, GRENVILLE. To his Royal Highness the Duke of...
Side 437 - Prince is very delicate and that he expects a long and very careful toilette de proprete, of which she has no idea. On the contrary, she neglects it sadly and is offensive from this neglect. Madame Busche executes her commission well and the Princess comes out the next day well washed all over.
Side 29 - Mr. Perceval can see nothing but additional motives for their most anxious exertions to give satisfaction to your Royal Highness in the only manner in which it can be given, by endeavouring to promote your Royal Highness's views for the security .and happiness of the country. Mr. Perceval...
Side 19 - Highness has condescended to honour them, if they suppressed the expression of their deep concern in finding that their humble endeavours in Your Royal Highness's service have been submitted to the judgment of another person, by whose advice Your Royal Highness has been guided in your final decision on a matter in which they alone had, however unworthily, been honoured with Your Royal Highness's commands.