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3 My feet shall travel all the length
Of the celestial road; •

And march with courage in thy strength,
To see my Father God.

4 When I am fill'd with sore distress,
O'erwhelm'd with guilt and sin,
I'll plead thy perfect righteousness,
And mention none but thine.

5 How will my lips rejoice to tell
The vict'ries of my King!

My soul redeem'd from sin and hell
Shall thy salvation sing.

6 Awake, awake, my tuneful pow'rs;
With this delightful song

'I'll entertain the darkest hours, Nor think the season long.

84. The Strong Hold. 104th.

Turn ye to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to-day do I declare that I will render double to thee. ZECH. ix. 12.

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Should justice appear,
A merciless foe,

Yet be of good cheer,
And soon you shall know
That sinners, confessing
Their wickedness past,
A plentiful blessing
Of pardon shall taste.

Then dry up your tears,
Ye children of grief,
For JESUS appears
To give you relief;
If you are returning
To JESUS, your friend,
Your sighing and mourning,
In singing shall end.

4 "None will I cast out

"Who come," saith the Lord,
Then why do you doubt?
Lay hold of his word:

Ye mourners of Sion,
Be bold to believe,

For ever rely on

Your Saviour and live.

85. The Sun of Righteousness. 8—8—6.

The Lord GOD is a Sun and Shield: the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.-PSALM Ixxxiv. 11. LIGHT of the world, thy beams I bless; On thee, bright Sun of Righteousness,

My faith has fixt her eye
Guided by thee, through all ligo,
Nor fear the ruin spread below,
For thou art always nigh. i

2 Ten thousand snares my path beset,
Yet wilt thou, Lord, in me complete,
The work thou hast begun
Superior to the pains I feel,

Close by the gates of death and hell
The heavenly road I run.

3 Still will I strive, and labour still,
With humble zeal to do thy will,
And trust in thy defence;
My soul into thy hands I give,
And, if he can obtain thy leave,
Let Satan pluck me thence.

86. The Sun of Righteousness. CM.

For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. PSALM XXXVI. 9.

ETERNAL Sun of Righteousness,
Display thy beams divine;
And cause the glories of thy face
Upon my heart to shine...

2 Light in thy light, O may I see,

Thy grace and mercy prove;
Reviv'd, and cheer'd, and blest by thee,
The GoD of pard'ning love.

3 Lift up thy countenance serene,
And let thy happy child

Behold, without a cloud between,
My Father reconcil'd.

4 JESUS, thy promis'd peace bestow
On me, through grace forgiven;
The holy joys of faith below,
And then the joys of heav'n.

87. Various. 148th.

Being made so much better than the Angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they. HEBREWS i. 4.

JOIN all the glorious names
Of wisdom, love, and pow'r,
That mortals ever knew,

That angels ever bore:

All are too mean to speak his worth,
Too mean to set our Saviour forth.

2 Great Prophet of our GOD,

Our tongues would bless thy name!
By thee the joyful news

Of our salvation came :

The joyful news of sins forgiv'n,
Of hell subdu'd and peace with heav'n.

3 JESUS our great High Priest,

Offer'd his blood and died:

My guilty soul shall seek

No sacrifice beside :





His powerful blood did once atone, And now it pleads before the throne. Almighty gracious Lord!

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Our Conqueror and our King! Thy sceptre and thy sword, t Thy reigning grace we sing: Thine is the pow'r-O may we sit In willing bonds beneath thy feet!

88. The same. 148th.

Array'd in mortal flesh,
The Cov'nant-Angel stands:
And holds the promises

And pardons in his hands:
Commission'd from his Father's throne
To make his grace to mortals known.

Be thou our Counsellor,"

Our Pattern, and our Guide;
And through this desert land
Still keep us near thy side:
O let our feet ne'er run astray,
Nor wander from the heavenly way.

We'd hear our Shepherd's voice,
Whose watchful eye doth keep
Poor tempted souls among

The thousands of his sheep

He feeds his flocks, he calls their names,
His bosom bears the tender lambs.

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