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Saviour of sinners thee proclaim,-
Sinners, of whom the chief I am.
5 This spotless robe the same appears
When ruin'd nature sinks in years:
No age can change its glorious hue,
The robe of CHRIST is ever new.

60 let the dead now hear thy voice!
Bid, Lord, thy banish'd ones rejoice!
Their beauty this, their glorious dress,
JESUS, the Lord, our Righteousness.

76. The Rock of Ages. 7s.

Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength or the rock of ages.-ISAIAH xxvi. 4.

ROCK of ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in thee!
Let the water and the blood
From thy riven side which flow'd,
Be of sin the double cure;
Cleanse me from its guilt and pow'r!

2 [Not the labours of my hands
Can fulfil the law's demands:
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears for ever flow,
All for sin could not atone:
Thou must save, and thou alone.]

3 Nothing in my hand I bring;
Simply to thy cross I cling;

Naked, come to thee for dress;
Helpless, look to thee for grace;
Vile, I to the fountain fly:
Wash me, Saviour, or I die!


4 While I draw this fleeting breath,
When my eye-strings break in death,
When I soar to worlds unknown;
See thee on thy judgment throne-
Rock of ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in thee!

77. The Saviour.


There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.-
PROVERBS xviii. 24.

ONE there is above all others,
Well deserves the name of friend;
His is love beyond a brother's,
Costly, free, and knows no end: i
They who once his kindness prove,
Find it everlasting love!

2 Which of all our friends to save us,

Could or would have shed their Yet did Jesus die to have us [blood? Reconcil'd in him to GOD!

This was boundless love indeed,
JESUS is a friend in need!

3 When he liv'd on earth abased,
Friend of Sinners was his name ;
Now above all glory raised,

JESU's love is still the same.
Still he calls them brethren, friends;
Still to all their wants attends.

4 Oh! for grace our hearts to soften!
Teach us, Lord, at length to love;
We, alas! forget too often,

What a friend we have above;
But when home our souls are brought,
We will love thee as we ought.

78. The Saviour. C.M.

Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.-Rom. iv. 25.

JESUS! O word divinely sweet!
How charming is the sound!

What joyful news! what heavenly
In JESU's name is found!


2 Our souls all guilty, and condemn'd,
In hopeless fetters lay;

With inbred sin corrupt, defil'd ;
To death and hell a prey.

3 JESUS, to purge away this guilt,
A willing victim fell,

And on his cross triumphant broke
The bands of death and hell.

4 Our foes were mighty to destroy, He mighty was to save:

He died, but could not long be held
A prisoner in the grave.

5 JESUS, who mighty art to save,
Still push thy conquests on;
Extend the triumphs of thy cross,
Where'er the sun has shone.
60 Captain of Salvation! make
Thy power and mercy known;
Till crowds of willing converts come
And worship at thy throne.

79. Shepherd. C.M.

The Lord is my Shepherd, &c.-PSALM Xxiii.

MY Shepherd will supply my need,
JEHOVAH is his name;

In pastures fresh he makes me feed
Beside the living stream.

2 He brings my wand'ring spirit back,
When I forsake his ways;
And leads me, for his mercy's sake,
In paths of truth and grace.

3 Yea when thro' death's dark vale I pass, Thy presence is my stay;

Thy power and thy supporting grace Drive all my fears away.

4 Thy hand in sight of all my foes
Doth still my table spread;
My cup with blessings overflows,
Thine oil anoints my head.
5 The sure provisions of my God,
Attend me all my days:

O may thy house be mine abode,
And all my works be praise!

80. The Shepherd of his People. L. M.

I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the LORD GOD.-EZEK. xxxiv. 15.

JEHOVAH is our Shepherd's name,
Then what have we, tho' weak, to fear?
Our sin and folly we proclaim,
If we despond while he is near.

2. When Satan threatens to devour,
When troubles press on ev'ry side;
Think of our Shepherd's care and pow'r,
He can defend, he will provide.

3. See the rich pastures of his grace,
Where, in full streams salvation flows;
There he appoints our resting place,
And we may feed, secure from foes.
4 There, 'midst the flock the Shepherd
The sheep around in safety lie; [dwells,
The wolf, in vain, with malice swells,
For he protects them with his eye.

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