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3 The soul, from sin for ever free,
Shall mourn its pow'r no more
But cloth'd in spotless purity,
Redeeming Love adore.]

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4 There on a throne, in glory bright,
The exalted SAVIOUR shines;
And beams unspeakable delight
On all the heav'nly minds.

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5 There shall the followers of the Lamb Join in immortal songs;


And endless honours to his name
Employ their tuneful tongues.

6 How will the wonders of his grace
In their full brightness shine!
His wisdom, power, and faithfulness,
All glorious, all divine!


7 But O their transports, O their songs,
What mortal thought can paint?
Transcendent glory awes our tongues,
And all our notes are faint!

8. LORD, tune our hearts to praise and love,
Our feeble notes inspire;
Till, in thy blissful courts above, è
We join th' angelic choir!

544. Christ in Glory. 8s. I LONG to behold him array'da In the fulness of glory above;

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The King in his beauty display'd, His beauty of holiest love. I trust through his grace to be there, Where JESUS hath fix'd his abode: O when shall we meet in the air, And fly to the mountain of GoD! 2 With him I on Zion shall stand,

(For JESUS hath spoken the word), The breadth of IMMANUEL's land

Survey by the light of my LORD;
And there with thy ransomed join'd,

Thy face I for ever shall see ;
My fulness of bliss I shall find,

My heaven of heavens, in thee.
3 How happy the people that dwell
At rest in the city above!
No pain the inhabitants feel,

No sorrow or sighing they prove.

A part in thy righteousness give;
So shalt thou, when death sets me free,
My soul to the city receive.

545. The Death of an Infant. 8—7. Let me go, for the day breaketh.-GEN. Xxxii. 26. "CEASE here longer to detain me,

"Fondest mother drown'd in woe; "Now thy kind caresses pain me, "Morn advances-let me go.

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2 "See yon orient streak appearing, "Harbinger of endless day; "Hark! a voice the darkness cheering, "Calls my new-born soul away!


3 "Lately launch'd a trembling stranger, "On the world's wild boist'rous flood: "Pierc'd with sorrows, toss'd with danGladly I return to GOD. [ger, 4"Now my cries shall cease to grieve thee, "Now my trembling heart find rest; "Kinder arms than thine receive me, "Softer pillow than thy breast!

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5 "Weep not o'er these eyes that languish, Upward turning to their home; Raptur'd they'll forget all anguish, "While they wait to see thee come.



6 "There, my mother, pleasures centre; Weeping, parting, care, or woe, "Ne'er our Father's house shall enter: "Morn advances-let me go.

7 "Yet to leave thee sorrowing,rends me "Though again his voice I hear: "Rise! may ev'ry grace attend thee!

"Rise, and seek to meet me there."

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546. Jabez. L.M.

And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren; and his mother called his name Jabez (that is sorrowful), saying, Because I bare him with sorrow. And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.-1 CHRON. iv. 9, 10.


2 Oh Israel's God, who hearest prayer,
Ou thee alone I cast my care:
Saviour, if thou thy blessing grant,
I all possess, I nothing want.

A CHILD of sorrow from the womb,
A man of sorrow to the tomb,
Conceived in sin, and born to grief,
Like Jabez, Lord! I seek relief.

3 My heart, enlarged by thy love,

To thee its faithfulness shall prove;
Supported by thy mighty hand,
I all my fears and foes withstand.

4 From evil keep me to the end;
From sin, from suff'ring, Lord, defend
Nor let impatience add to pain,
And faster bind its galling chain.

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5 He heard, he granted my request;
Safe in his care and love I rest;
Ye sons of sorrow, learn of me,
And to the same blest refuge flee.

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547. Christ the Door. C.M.

Then said JESUS unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and sball go in and out, and find pasture.-JOHN x. 9. And I will give the val ley of Achor for a door of hope.-HOSEA ii. 15.

AWAKE, our souls, and bless his name,
Whose mercies never fail;

Who opens wide a door of hope
In Achor's gloomy vale.

2 Behold the portal wide display'd; The buildings strong and fair: Within are pastures fresh and green, And living streams are there.

3 Enter, my soul, with cheerful haste, For Jesus is the door:

Nor fear the serpent's wily arts,
Nor fear the lion's roar.

4 Oh, may thy grace the nations lead, And Jews and Gentiles come,

All trav'lling thro' oue beauteous gate,
To one eternal home!

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