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233. The Glory of the Church. 8-7.

For the Lord hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation.-PSALM CXXXii. 13.

ZION is JEHOVAH's dwelling:
There "the King of Kings" appears:
Her's is glory far excelling

All the worldling sees or hears.
Zion's walls are everlasting:

Form'd thro' endless years to shine: Strength and beauty never wasting, Show their origin divine.

2 [Zion claims peculiar honour:

High distinction marks her lot:
Light eternal shines upon her;

Her's a sun that faileth not.
Zion's city hath foundations;

GOD himself hath rais'd her walls;
She survives the wreck of nations;
Zion stands whatever falls.]

3 Happy they who now discerning Zion's glory, thither move! Earth with all its honours spurning;

Zion is the place they love.
There the Lord his face disclosing,

Fills his people's hearts with joy:
While, from all their toils reposing,

Bliss is theirs without alloy.

4 Brethren, let the prospect cheer us:
Fair the lot that's cast for us:
When we call, our God will hear us;
Happy who are favour'd thus:
Let the timid fear no longer:
What tho' earth and hell oppose!
He who pleads our cause is stronger,
Stronger far than all our foes.

234. The Glory of the Church. 8-7.


The Lord

His foundation is in the holy mountains.
loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of
Jacob; Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of
God. PSALM lxxxvii. 1 to 3.

GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken,
Zion, city of our Gon!

He, whose word cannot be broken,
Form'd thee for his own abode:
On the rock of ages founded,

What can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation's walls surrounded,

Thou may'st smile at all thy foes.
2 [See! the streams of living waters
Springing from eternal love,
Well supply thy sons and daughters,

And all fear of want remove:
Who can faint while such a river
Ever flows thy thirst t' assuage?
Grace which, like the LORD, the giver,
Never fails from age to age. ·

3 Round each habitation hov'ring,
See the cloud and fire appear!
For a glory and a cov'ring,

Showing that the Lord is near:
Thus deriving from their banner

Light by night and shade by day,
Safe they feed upon the manna
Which he gives them when they pray.]

4 Blest inhabitants of Zion!

Wash'd in the Redeemer's blood!
JESUS, whom their souls rely on,
Makes them kings and priests to God;
'Tis his love his people raises

Over self to reign as kings:
And as priests, his solemn praises
Each for a thank-off'ring brings.
5 Saviour, if of Zion's city,

I thro' grace a member am—
Let the world deride or pity,

I will glory in thy name:
Fading is the worldling's pleasure,
All his boasted pomp and show!
Solid joys and lasting treasure,

None but Zion's children know.

235. For a Revival in the Church.87+4.

Return, we beseech thee, O GOD of hosts, look down from heaven, and behold, and visit this vine; and the vineyard which thy right hand hath planted. PSAL. Ixxx.. 14. 15.

SAVIOUR, visit thy plantation;
Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain!
All will come to desolation,
Unless thou return again:
Lord, revive us,
All our help must come from thee !

2 Keep no longer at a distance,
Shine upon us from on high;
Lest, for want of thine assistance,
Ev'ry plant should droop and die:
Lord, &c.

3 Surely once thy garden flourish'd,
Ev'ry part look'd
gay and
Then thy word our spirits nourish'd,
Happy seasons we have seen:
Lord, &c.

4 Let our mutual love be fervent,
Make us prevalent in pray❜rs;
Let each one, esteem'd thy servant,
Shun the world's bewitching snares:
Lord, &c.

5 Break the tempter's fatal power,
Turn the stony heart to flesh
And the work, from this good hour,
In thine own revive afresh :

Lord, revive us,
All our help must come from thee.

236. The Security of the Church. 148th.

Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, rejoice.-PHIL. iv. 4.

REJOICE, the Lord is King,
Your GoD and King adore;
Mortals, give thanks and sing,
And triumph evermore:
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

2 JESUS, the SAVIOUR reigns,
The GOD of truth and love;
When he had purg'd our stains,
He took his seat above:

Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

3 [His kingdom cannot fail,

He rules o'er earth and heav'n;
The keys of death and hell
Are to our JESUS given:
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.]

4 He sits at God's right hand, Till all his foes submit, And bow to his command,

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And fall beneath his feet: 11 ****

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