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2 Publish! spread to all around,
The great IMMANUEL's name;
Let the trumpet's joyful sound
Him Lord of Hosts proclaim!
Heavenly love the song inspires,
JEHOVAH-JESUS, thee we sing!

Sound the cymbals, strike the lyres,
The sweetest music bring.

3 Thee, in whom we move and live,
Let all the world adore!
Glory to their Sovereign give,
And triumph evermore!
Thee for ever will we praise,
The reign of thy Salvation sing,
Ancient of eternal days,
And Universal King!

137. For his Humiliation & Glory. S.M.

Wherefore GOD also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name; that at the name of JESUS every knee should bow; of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that JESUS CHRIST is Lord, to the glory of GOD the Father.PHIL. ii. 9 to 11.

COME, all harmonious tongues,
Your noblest music bring,

'Tis CHRIST the everlasting GOD,
And CHRIST the man we sing.


Proclaim "the word made flesh,"
To take away our guilt;

What precious drops of sacred blood
For sinful men he spilt.

3 The waves of swelling grief Did o'er his bosom roll;



And, for our sins his Father's wrath
Lay heavy on his soul.

Down to the shades of death
His sacred head he gave:
Yet he arose to live and reign
Triumphant o'er the grave.
Now the Redeemer sits
High on his Father's throne:
The Father lays his vengeance by

"Well pleased in his Son.

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There his full glories shine
With uncreated rays ;

And there his saints and angels dwell
To everlasting days.

138. Jehovah-Jesus. L. M.

And they shall call his name IMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, GOD with us.-MAT. i. 13.

My song shall bless the Lord of all,
My praise shall climb to his abode;
The SAVIOUR by that name I call,
The great, supreme, almighty God.

2 [Without beginning or decline,
Object of faith, and not of sense;
Eternal years have seen him shine,
He shines eternal ages hence.]

3 As much when in the manger laid,
Almighty Ruler of the sky,

As when the universe he made, And fill'd the morning stars with joy. 4 Of all the crowns JEHOVAH bears, Salvation is the dearest claim;

That gracious sound well pleased he hears,

And owns IMMANUEL for his name. 5 A cheerful confidence I feel,

My well-plac'd hopes with joy I see; My bosom glows with heavenly zeal To worship him who died for me. 5 As man, he pities my complaints, His power and truth are all divine; He will not fail, he cannot faintSalvation's sure and must be mine.

139. For his Kingdom. 7s.

Sing praises to GOD, sing praises; sing praises unto our King, sing praises.-PSALM xlvii. 6.

GLORY, glory to our King!

Crowns unfading wreath his head! JESUS is the name we sing;

JESUS risen from the dead;

JESUS Conq'ror o'er the grave: JESUS mighty now to save. 2 JESUS is gone up on high,

Angels come to meet their King; Shouts triumphant rend the sky, While the victor's praise they sing: "Open now, ye heav'nly gates! "Tis the King of Glory waits."

3 Now behold him high enthron'd!
Glory beaming from his face!
By adoring angels own'd,
GOD of holiness and grace!
O for hearts and tongues to sing
Glory, glory to our King!"


4 JESUS, on thy people shine!

Warm our hearts and tune our

That with angels we may join,

Share their bliss and swell their songs. Glory, honour, praise, and pow'r, LORD, be thine for evermore!

140. As Lamb. 6-4.

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. REV. v. 12.

GLORY to GOD on high!
Let earth and skies reply,
Praise ye his name:


His love and grace adore,
Who all our sorrows bore;
Sing aloud evermore,
Worthy the Lamb,

JESUS Our Lord and Gon,
Bore sin's tremendous load,
Praise ye his name:

Tell what his arm hath done,
What spoils from death he won;
Sing his great name alone;
Worthy the Lamb.

3 Join, all ye ransom'd race,
Our Lord and GOD to bless
Praise his name:

In him we will rejoice,

And make a cheerful noise,
Shouting with heart and voice,
Worthy the Lamb.

4. What tho' we change our place, Yet we shall never cease


Praising his name:

To him our songs we bring,
Hail him our gracious King,
And without ceasing sing,
Worthy the Lamb.]

Let all the hosts above
Join in one song of love,
Praising his name.

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