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O'er every fierce temptation bound,
The billows yield a solid ground,
The wave is firm as rock.

3 But if from him I turn mine cye, And see the raging floods run high, And feel my fears within,

My focs so strong, my flesh so frail-
Vile unbelief will straight prevail,
And sink me into sin!

4 Lord, I my unbelief confess,
My little spark of faith increase,
And I shall doubt no more ;

But fix on thee

my steadfast eye, And on thine outstretch'd arm rely, Till all the storm is o'er.

129. The Leper healed. S. M.

MAT. viii. 2 to 4.

BEHOLD the leper comes
Oppress'd with pain and grief,
Pouring his tears at JESUS' feet
For pity and relief.

2 'O speak the word,' he cries,
And heal me of my pain:

'Lord, thou art able, if thou wilt,
'To make a leper clean.'

3 The Lord in mercy hears;
And speaks the gracious word;
The leper feels his strength return,
And all his sickness cur'd.


JESUS, to thée I look, Sick of a worse disease: Sin is my painful malady,

And none can give me ease. 5 But thy Almighty grace

Can heal my lep'rous soul:
O bathe me in thy precious blood,
And that will make me whole.


130. For the Atonement.


When we were yet without strength, in due time CHRIST died for the ungodly.-ROM. v. 6.

O THOU, who didst thy glory leave,
Rebellious sinners to retrieve
From nature's deadly fall,

If thou hast bought me with a price,
My sins against me ne'er shall rise,
For thou hast borne them all.

2 And wast thou punish'd in my stead?
Didst thou without the city bleed,
To expiate my stain?

On earth iny Gon vouchsaf'd to dwell,
And made of infinite avail

The suff'rings of the man.

3 Behold him for transgressors given!
Behold th' incarnate King of Heaven
For us, his foes, expire!
Amaz'd, O Earth! the tidings hear:
He bore, that we might never bear
His Father's righteous ire.

4 Ye saints, the man of sorrows bless,
The Gon, for your unrighteousness
Deputed to atone :

Praise, till, with all the ransom'd throng,
Ye sing the never-ending song,
Aud see him on his throne.

131. For Deliverance from Sin. 8—7—4.

If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.-
JOHN viii. 36.

GRACIOUS Lord, my heart is fixed,
Sing I will, and sing of thee:
Since the cup that justice mixed,
Thou hast drank, and drank for me:
Great deliv'rer!

Thou hast set the pris'ner free.

2 Lute and harp, awake to praise him! All my pow'rs your tribute bring: Tho' no praise can higher raise him (What can higher raise our King?) Were I silent,

E'en the stones would rise and sing. 3 [Many were the chains that bound me ; But the Lord has loos'd them all: Arms of mercy now surround me: Favours these, nor few nor small; SAVIOUR, keep me:

Keep thy servant lest he fall.]

4 Fair the scene that lies before me,
Life eternal JESUS gives:

While he waves his banner o'er me,
Peace and joy my soul receives:
Sure his promise!

I shall live because he lives.

5 When the world would bid me leave
Telling me of shame and loss: [thee,
SAVIOUR, guard me lest I grieve thee,
Lest I cease to love thy cross:
This is treasure:

All things else I'd count but dross.

132. For his Excellency. L. M.

How great is his goodness and how great is his beauty !—
ZECH. ix. 17.

GO, worship at IMMANUEL's feet,
See in his face what wonders meet !

Earth is too narrow to express His worth, his glory, or his grace. 2 The whole creation can afford But some faint shadows of my Lord; Nature to make his beauty known, Must mingle colours not her own.


3 Is he compar'd to Wine or Bread? Lord, may my soul with thee be fed; That flesh, that dying blood of thine, Is bread of life, is heavenly wine.


4 Is he a Tree? The world receives Salvation from his healing leaves; That righteous branch, that fruitful bough,

Is David's root and offspring too.


5 Is he a Rose? Not Sharon yields Such fragrancy, in all her fields: Or, if the Lily he assume,

The vallies bless the rich perfume.



6 IS CHRIST a Vine? His heavenly root Supplies the boughs with life and fruit: O let a lasting union join

My soul to CHRIST, the living vine!

a John vi. 35; Mat. xxvi. 27.

b Isaiah xi. 1; Rev. xxii. 2, 16.

c Song of Solomon ii. 1.

d John xv. 1.

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