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5 Day and night they cry before him, Holy, holy, holy Lord!"


All the powers of heav'n adore him;
All obey his sov'reign word.


Then haste, ye saints, your tribute bring,
And crown him everlasting King.



126. Blind Bartimeus. 148th.

LUKE Xviii. 35 to 43.

SINFUL, and blind, and poor,
And lost without thy grace,
Thy mercy I implore,

And wait to see thy face:
Begging I sit by the way side,
And long to know the crucified.

Jesus, attend my cry,
Thou Son of David, hear;

If now thou passest by,

Stand still and call me near:

The darkness from my heart remove,

And show me now thy pardoning love.

127. Legion Cast Out. 8-7.

LUKE viii. 27 to 39.

WELL might he be called legion,
Who my soul did occupy:
Round about, thro' all the region,
None was more possess'd than I.
Satan held me till one stronger
Came and set the pris'ner free:
Satan then could reign no longer:
JESUS made him yield his prey.

2 'Mong the dead the SAVIOUR found me; There it was I lov'd to dwell: Solemn vows had often bound me: What could bonds like these avail? As when Sampson rous'd from slumber, Broke with ease the chains he wore; So my vows, whate'er their number, Yielded to temptation's pow'r.

3 [They who in my madness knew me, Gaze and wonder at the change; At the SAVIOUR's feet they view me, And confess the matter strange: Many think the change a sad one; Look upon it as a curse:

Though the case was once a bad one, Yet they think the present worse.]

M 3

4 Fearful of the world's derision, Eager too to see his face : Oft I ask'd the Lord's permission, With himself to take my place: But whene'er I ask'd this favour, 'Twas his word, or seem'd to be, "Go and spread the truth's sweet savour, "Tell what God has done for thee." 5 Be it so, since thou hast said it: Be this world awhile my place: O may those, who hear me, credit, What I tell them of thy grace! Soon I hope to stand before thee: Soon to join the hosts above: There for ever to adore thee,

And proclaim thy matchless love.

128. Peter on the Water. 8-8-6.

MAT. xiv. 22, &c.

HE bids me come! his voice I know, And boldly on the water go, To him my God, and Lord; I walk on life's tempestuous sea; For he who lov'd and died for me, Hath spoke the powerful word. 2 Secure on troubled waves I tread, Nor all the storms of passion heed, While on my Lord I look ;

O'er every fierce temptation bound,
The billows yield a solid ground,
The wave is firm as rock.

3 But if from him I turn mine cye, And see the raging floods run high, And feel my fears within,

My focs so strong, my flesh so frail-
Vile unbelief will straight prevail,
And sink me into sin!

4 Lord, I my unbelief confess,
My little spark of faith increase,
And I shall doubt no more ;

But fix on thee

my steadfast eye, And on thine outstretch'd arm rely, Till all the storm is o'er.

129. The Leper healed. S. M.

MAT. viii. 2 to 4.

BEHOLD the leper comes
Oppress'd with pain and grief,
Pouring his tears at JESUS' feet
For pity and relief.

2 'O speak the word,' he cries,
And heal me of my pain:

'Lord, thou art able, if thou wilt,
'To make a leper clean.'

3 The Lord in mercy hears;
And speaks the gracious word;
The leper feels his strength return,
And all his sickness cur'd.


JESUS, to thée I look, Sick of a worse disease: Sin is my painful malady,

And none can give me ease. 5 But thy Almighty grace

Can heal my lep'rous soul:
O bathe me in thy precious blood,
And that will make me whole.


130. For the Atonement.


When we were yet without strength, in due time CHRIST died for the ungodly.-ROM. v. 6.

O THOU, who didst thy glory leave,
Rebellious sinners to retrieve
From nature's deadly fall,

If thou hast bought me with a price,
My sins against me ne'er shall rise,
For thou hast borne them all.

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