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Knowing that CHRIST being raised from the dead, dieth no more death hath no more dominion over him.ROM. vi. 9.

THE SAVIOUR lives, no more to die!
He lives, the Lord, enthron'd on high!
He lives, triumphant o'er the grave!
He lives, eternally to save!

2 He lives, to still his people's fears!
He lives, to wipe away their tears!
He lives, their mansions to prepare,
He lives, to bring them safely there.
3 Ye mourning souls, dry up your tears,
Dismiss your gloomy, groundless fears,
And let your hearts with this revive,
That JESUS CHRIST is yet alive.

4 His Saints he loves, and never leaves;
The chief of sinners he receives;
He'll guard your souls from ev'ry ill,
And all his promises fulfil.

5 Abundant grace will he afford,
'Till you are present with the Lord,
And prove, what you have heard before,
That JESUS lives for ever-more.

121. Resurrection. 8-7-4.

Ye seek JESUS of Nazareth, which was crucified. he is 11sen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.-MARK xvi. 6.

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COME, ye saints, behold and wonder,
See the place where JESUS lay:

He has burst his bands asunder
He has borne our sins away:
Joyful tidings!

Yes, the Lord is risen to-day.

2 JESUS triumphs! sing his praises : "Twas by death he overcame: Thus the Lord his glory raises; Thus he fills his foes with shame Sing his praises!

Praises to the victor's name.


3 JESUS triumphs! countless legions
Come from heav'n to meet their King:
Soon, in yonder happy regions,
They shall join his praise to sing :
Songs eternal

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Shall through heav'n's high arches





The Lord is risen indeed.-LUKE xxiv. 34.

"THE Lord is ris'n indeed!"

And are the tidings true?

Yes; they beheld the SAVIOUR bleed,
And saw him living too.



["The Lord is risʼn indeed !”— Then Justice asks no more : Mercy and Truth are now agreed, Which stood oppos'd before.]

"The Lord is ris'n indeed!”— Then is his work perform'd: The captive Surety now is freed, And death, our foe, disarm'd.

4 ["The Lord is ris'n indeed!”
Then hell has lost his prey:
With him is ris'n the ransom'd seed,
To reign in endless day!]


"The Lord is ris'n indeed!"
He lives to die no more:

He lives, the sinner's cause to plead,
Whose curse and shame he bore.

6 "The Lord is ris'n indeed!"
Attending angels, hear;

Up to the courts of heaven with speed
The joyful tidings bear.

7 Then take your golden lyres,
And strike each cheerful chord;
Join, all the bright celestial choirs,
To sing our risen Lord.

123. Resurrection.


Now is CHRIST risen from the dead, and become the first
fruits of them that slept.-1 Cor. xv. 20.
THE Lord is ris'n, O glorious hour!
When JESUS, by Almighty pow'r,
Reviv'd, and left the grave!
In all his works behold him great!
Before almighty to create!
Almighty now to save.

2 "The first-begotten from the dead,"
Behold him ris'n, his people's head!
To make their life secure ;

They too like him shall yield their breath, Like him, shall burst the bands of death: Their resurrection sure.

3 Why should his people now be sad? None have such reason to be glad, As reconcil'd to God.

JESUS, the mighty SAVIOUR, lives:
To them eternal life he gives: {
The purchase of his blood.

4 Why should his people fear the grave?
Since JESUS will their spirits save,
And raise their bodies too:
What tho' this earthly house shall fail?
Almighty pow'r will yet prevail,
And build it up anew.

5 [Ye ransom'd, let your praise resound, And in your master's work abound,

Steadfast, immoveable:

Be sure your labour's not in vain;
Your bodies shall be rais'd again,
No more corruptible.]

124. Ascension. C.M.

And he hath on his vesture, and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. REV. xix. 16.

WHENCE those unusual bursts of joy?
Whose sound thro' heaven rings?
They welcome JESUS to the sky,
And crown him "King of Kings."

2 [At sight of him, yon seraphs bright
Exulting clap their wings;

They hail their Lord with new delight And crown him "King of Kings.”] 3 The brightest angel glory boasts, To him his tribute brings;

And joins high heav'n's assembled hosts, To crown him "King of Kings."

4 [Look up, ye saints, and while ye gaze, Forget all earthly things:

Unite to sing the SAVIOUR'S praise, And crown him "King of Kings."]

5 While heav'n in honour of his name, With exultation rings,

His saints on earth will own his claim, And crown him "King of Kings."


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