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" Ngadsi " for the " Old Man of the Woods," who is supposed to come at night and fetch them. In this way the priests live in plenty, even during periods of famine. They are certainly conscious impostors, for by means of a peculiarly-shaped drum, which... "
Ethnologisches notizblatt - Side 62
Fuld visning - Om denne bog

The Great Rift Valley: Being the Narrative of a Journey to Mount Kenya and ...

J. W. Gregory - 1968 - 422 sider
...impostors, for by means of a peculiarly-shaped drum, which is beaten and blown at the same time, they make a noise described as louder than the roar of...lion. This they say is the voice of the Old Man of the Woods. Bird Thompson told me that the Wa-pokomo have a certain idea of immortality. One evening, as...
Begrænset visning - Om denne bog

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