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Thou hast covered all their Sin (Psalm

lxxxv. 1-13).
The Blessedness of Pardon (Psalm xxxii.

1-11.) XV. THE JOY OF RELIGION (Selections 83-91) 121

The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm xxiii. 1-6).
Strong Son of God, Immortal Love (Rom.

viii. 31–39; Eph. iii. 20, 21).
The Renewal of Joy (John xvi. 1-7;

Therefore my Heart is glad (Psalm xvi.

Rejoice in the Lord (Phil. iv. 4–8).
We believe and therefore speak (2 Cor. iv.

13–18; Jude 24, 25).
God so Loved the World (John iii. 16-21).
Peace with God (Rom. v. 1-11).
Blessed are They that dwell in Thy House

(Psalm lxxxiv. 1-12). XVI. TRUST AND CONFIDENCE (Selections 92–106) 132

God our Refuge (Psalm xlvi. 1-11).
As the Mountains are round about Jerusa-

lem (Psalm cxxv. 1-5; xciii. 1-5).
Be thou my strong Rock (Psalm xxxi.

1-8, 19–24).
Preserve my Soul (Psalm lxxxvi. 1-12).
I waited patiently for the Lord (Psalm xl.

I have trusted in Thy Mercy (Psalm xiii.

1-6; xx. 1-9).
Thou knewest my Path (Psalm cxlii. 1-7).
In His Favour is Life (Psalm xxx. 1-12).
Thou makest me Dwell in Safety (Psalm

iv. 1-8).
Under the Shadow of the Almighty (Psalm

xei. 1-16).
The Rock that is Higher than I (Psalm lxi.


I shall not be moved (Psalm lxii. 1-12).
The Lord is Thy Keeper (Psalm cxxi. 1-8).
Is not God in the Height of Heaven (Job

xxii. 12-30).
He Beholdeth all the Sons of Men (Psalm

xxxii. 13-22). XVII. COURAGE AND HOPE (Selections 107–113) 152

The Armour of God (Eph. vi. 10–18).
Be of good Courage (Psalm xxvii. 1-14).
Hope in God (Psalm xliii. 1-5; cxxxi. 1-3).
Watch and be sober (1 Thess. v. 1-10).
Let us Run with Patience (Heb. xii. 1-6,

Grace to help in Time of Need (Heb. iv.


I shall yet Praise Him (Psalm xlii. 1-11). XVIII. SERVICE AND REWARD (Selections 114-122) 162

Good Resolutions (Psalm xxvi. 1-12).
An Upright Character (Psalm xv. 1-5).
Praise of a good Life (Prov. xxii. 1-12).
The Reward of Righteousness (2 Sam. xxii.

The Two Paths (Prov. iv. 14-27).
Trust in the Lord and do Good (Psalm

xxxvii. 1-11).
The Happy Man (Psalm i. 1-6).
The Steps of a Good Man (Psalm xxxvii.

The Righteous shall Endure (Psalm cxii.

1-10). XIX. LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD (Selections 123–127) 172

The Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm cxxii. 1-9;

cxxxiii. 1-3).
The Greatest of These is Charity (1 Cor.

xiii. 1-13).
Love is of God (1 John iv. 7-21).
The Sons of God (1 John iïi. 1-3, 18–24).
Members One of Another (Rom. xii. 4-21).

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