A History of England in the Eighteenth Century, Bind 7


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Side 88 - England (other than such clauses in the said Acts or either of them as have been repealed or altered by any subsequent Act or Acts of Parliament) and all and singular other Acts of Parliament now in force for the establishment and preservation of the Church of England and the doctrine worship discipline and government thereof shall remain and be in full force for ever...
Side 127 - Bill than that the college was to be 'for^ the better education of persons professing the Popish or Roman Catholic religion.
Side 180 - It is no secret, that a persecution, accompanied with all the circumstances of ferocious cruelty which have in all ages distinguished that dreadful calamity, is now raging in this county.
Side 399 - Great Britain would be ruined by the Separation of Ireland. But, as there are degrees even in ruin, it would fall the most heavily on Ireland. By such a Separation, Ireland would be the most completely undone country in the world, the most wretched, the most distracted, and, in the end, the most desolate part of the habitable globe.

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