London Medical and Physical Journal, Bind 49

John Souter, 1823

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Side 309 - When the brain is injured or removed, the action of the heart ceases, only because respiration is under its influence, and if, under these circumstances, respiration is artificially produced, the circulation will still continue.
Side 323 - Practical observations on the treatment and cure of several varieties of pulmonary consumption and on the effects of the vapour of boiling tar in that disease, 1823.
Side 444 - A Practical Treatise on the Symptoms, Causes, Discrimination, and Treatment of some of the most Important Complaints that affect the Secretion and Excretion of the Urine.
Side 491 - An action on the case lies against a surgeon for gross ignorance and want of skill in his profession, as well as for negligence and carelessness, to the detriment of a patient...
Side 442 - Chamberlaine, the founder uf the " Society for the relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical men in London and its Vicinity.
Side 63 - There is no necessity of using the alkohometer in distillation, as the preceding account shews that the thermometer indicates the strength of the liquor with equal accuracy. 3. Without drawing off any spirit, what quantity there is of any particular strength may be immediately known. 4. Every possible fraud, during the operation, may be prevented, as the apparatus can either be locked up, or brought into an adjoining apartment, for the person who attends the work does not require the thermometer...
Side 90 - Practical Observations on the Treatment and Cure of Several Varieties of Pulmonary Consumption, and on the Effects of the Vapour of Boiling Tar in that Disease...
Side 311 - ... so slight, that on a superficial examination it might have been easily overlooked ; and in most of his experiments with arsenic, death took place in too short a time to be considered as the result of inflammation ; and in the next place, in whatever manner the poison is applied, whether externally to a wound, or internally to the membrane of the stomach, the inflammation is...
Side 221 - ... which appear to be of new formation, as no portion of the scapula or humerus is broken ; a new cavity is formed for the head of the os humeri on the inferior costa of the scapula, but this is glenoid, like that from which the os humeri had escaped.
Side 225 - the degree of deformity produced by this accident depends upon the extent of laceration of a ligament which passes from the under part of the spine of the scapula to the glenoid cavity. If this be torn...

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