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" Who curse the hour


Arabs came « To desolate our shrines of flame, 66 And swear, before God's burning eye, “ To break our country's chains, or die! “ Thy bigot sire,—nay, tremble not,

“He, who gave birth to those dear eyes, "With me is sacred as the spot

- From which our fires of worship rise ! « But know—'twas he I sought that night,

“When, from my watch-boat on the sea, “I caught this turret's glimmering light,

" And up the rude rocks desperately « Rushed to my prey—thou know'st the rest «I climbed the


vulture's nest, And found a trembling dove within ;« Thine, thine the victory—thine the sin“ If Love hath made one thought his own, “ That Vengeance claims first-last-alone! 60! had we never, never met, 6 Or could this heart ev'n now forget " How linked, how blessed we might have been, 6. Had fate not frowned so dark between! “ Hadst thou been born a Persian maid,

“ In neighbouring valleys had we dwelt, 6 Through the same fields in childhood played,

“ At the same kindling altar knelt,


« Then, then, while all those nameless ties,
«In which the charm of Country lies,
“ Had round our hearts been hourly spun,
66 Till Iran's cause and thine were one;
" While in thy lute's awakening sigh

I heard the voice of days gone by, “ And saw, in every smile of thine, “ Returning hours of glory shine ; “ While the wronged Spirit of our Land “ Lived, looked, and spoke her wrongs through

thee, 6 God! who could then this sword withstand ?

“Its very flash were victory! “ But now,-estranged, divorced for ever, “ Far as the grasp of Fate can sever; “Our only ties what Love has wove, —

“In faith, friends, country, sundered wide; " And then, then only, true to love,

" When false to all that's dear beside! « Thy father IRAN's deadliest foe« Thyself, perhaps, ev'n now—but no“ Hate never looked so lovely yet !

“No-sacred to thy soul will be « The land of him who could forget

« All but that bleeding land for thee. “When other eyes shall see, unmoved,

“Her widows mourn, her warriors fall,

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