The annals of the college of Fort William. [With] Appendix


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Side viii - ... reference, not to their nominal, but to their real occupations. They are required to discharge the functions of Magistrates, Judges, Ambassadors, and Governors of provinces, in all the complicated and extensive relations of those sacred trusts and exalted stations, and under peculiar circumstances, which greatly enhance the solemnity of every public obligation, and aggravate the difficulty of every public charge.
Side 297 - whatever his condition might be, ever possessed a mind so entirely exempt from every sordid passion, so negligent of fortune, and all its grovelling pursuits — in a word, so entirely disinterested — nor ever owned a spirit more firmly and nobly independent. I speak of these things with some knowledge, and wish to record a competent testimony to the fact, (hat witliin my experience, Dr.
Side ix - It would be superfluous to enter into any argument to demonstrate the absolute insufficiency of this class of young men to execute the duties of any station whatever in the civil service of the Company beyond the menial, laborious, unwholesome and unprofitable duty of a mere copying-clerk.
Side viii - Hindoo codes of law and religion, and with the political and commercial interests and relations of Great Britain in Asia. They should be regularly instructed in the principles and system which constitute the foundation of that wise code of regulations and laws enacted by the Governor-General in Council for the purpose of securing to the people of this empire the benefit of the ancient and accustomed laws of the country, administered in the spirit of the British constitution. They should be...
Side ix - Is there any public or Charity School, endow'd, or otherwise maintain'd in your Parish ? What Number of Children are taught in it ? And what Care is taken to instruct them in the Principles of the Christian Religion, according to the Doctrine of the Church of England ; and to bring them duly to Church, as the Canon requires ? IV.
Side ix - ... man to India at the earliest possible period. Some of these young men have been educated with an express view to the civil service in India, on principles utterly erroneous, and inapplicable to its actual condition ; conformably to this error, they have received a limited education, confined principally to commercial knowledge, and in no degree extended to those liberal studies which constitute the basis of education...
Side 513 - It would be treason against British sentiment to imagine that it ever could be the principle of this Government to perpetuate ignorance in order to secure paltry and dishonest advantages over the blindness of the multitude.
Side vi - Company are become of greater magnitude and importance, the denominations of writer, factor, and merchant, by which the several classes of the civil service are still distinguished, are now utterly inapplicable to the nature and extent of the duties discharged, and of the occupations pursued by the civil servants of the Company.
Side viii - ... to discriminate the characteristic differences of the several codes of law administered within the British empire in India, and practically to combine the spirit of each in the dispensation of justice and in the maintenance of order and good government. Finally, their early habits should be so formed as to establish in their minds such solid foundations of industry...
Side vii - Council such amendments of existing laws, or such new laws as may appear to them to be necessary for the welfare and good government of their respective districts. In this view, the civil servants employed in the departments of judicature and revenue, constitute a species of subordinate legislative council to the Governor-General in Council, and also...

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