Once Again: Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis

Thomas Heine Nielsen
Steiner, 2004 - 202 sider
This volume publishes a further seven papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre, five of which are written by Morgens Herman Hanson. The specialised papers make full use of inscriptions and other written sources to make comparative analyses of the nature of poleis, their citizens and their ethnicity. Subjects include: poleis as consumption cities; the concept of patris in sources; geographically grouped ethnics in the Athenian tribute lists; the evidence for two poleis called Sane; the names of Greek citizens; whether every polis state was centred on a polis town; the Perioikic poleis of Lakedaimon. Includes lists of sources. All of the papers are in English. The other two contributors are Thomas Heine Nielsen and Bjorn Paarmann.

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Mogens Herman Hansen The Use of SubEthnics as part of the Name
Mogens Herman Hansen Was Every Polis State Centred on a Polis Town?

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