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Scornful ladies, mirth creating, with your mouths of

downward curve ; Sniff the air if ’tis your pleasure from our pathway as

you swerve. It is hard to live uncared for, doubtless you can feel the

sting; Yet a greater pain upon you self conceit will surely

bring. Are

you best of all Eve's daughters ! is the clay of finer

mould! Is your lip of tenderer softness! or your hair of sunnier

gold! That you thus disdainful scatter seeds of enmity around Where the precincts of your presence vanity deems

hallowed ground. None like you are worth a love thought, such are only

sent as foils To the brighter sweeter dear ones. Vainly do ye set

your toils,

They all fail; ah! well ye know it: where exclusiveness

prevails It shuts out the mountain climbers with the dwellers in

the vales. Woman should cling to her mission, she was sent to

sweeten life, Whether sister friend or daughter fiancée or loving wife. Hateful are the acid hearted, sourin aspect or in tongue; Never for their sake have poets numbers tuned or verses

sung ; Save when in remorseless rancour sharp the biting

accents fall, Or when pity gives her verdict in the words "unloved DIX PETITS GARCONS NOIRS.

of all."

Dix petits nè-gres

Suivis par un bouf;

à la lune, et
Donc ils restaient neuf.

Neuf petits trembleurs

Courent un peu trop vite:
Un perit faute d'haleine, et

Donc restaient huit.

CHORUS. Un petit, deux petits, trois petits, quatre petits, cinq

petits, garcons noirs ; Six petits, sept petits, huit petits, neuf petits, dix petits

garcons noirs.

Huit petits nè-gres

Aiment Elizabeth,
Un mourut d'envie et

Elle epousa sept.

Sept petits pauvres, leur

Femme si cockatrice,
Egorge un par jalousie

Et cherit six.


Ces enfants noirs, des

Habits toujours manquent.
Un perit dans l'hiver et

Lui deploraient cinq.
Cinq petits frères, le

Plus opiniâtre
S'etrangla d'argument, et

Furent heureux quatre.

Quatre petits maris

Nageants à la fois,
La crampe en saisit un, et

Laissa seulement trois.

Trois petits tuent leur

Femme, qu'ils n'aimaient plus ;
Le Diable prenait un,“
En re-gardant deux !

Antropophages deux,

Pour leurs frères en deuil ;
L’un mangea l'autre afin

De demeurer seul.

Seul pauvre mechant

Assis sur le feu,
Des feux d'artifices en poche !!!
Tout disparu !!!!!

Et voila la fin de la veritable historire de ces pauvres

enfants noirs, c'est à dire de-un petit, deux petits, &c.


In such a case, of course, all sorrows vain--he's
Gone to his rest, so peace unto his Manes.
A clever pony; coachman said “

a stunner"
And groom lads murmured “ah! he was a one-er!"
In spirits lively; wincing like a colt,
Ready to shy, or prance, kick, bite, or bolt.
Among his detestations was a gun,
Away from which he always tried to run.

His temperament was nervous, any sound
However slight, if sudden, made him bound !
To keep upon his back was hard when he
Heard you ignite a match or a fusee.
To harness him was difficult, he fought
Against all strangers as he did'nt ought.
And when small village boys, to hold him tight,
Stood at his head his pleasure was to bite !
When taken to a Meet, he'd upwards flare,
His favorite attitudes were in the air;
Like Pegasus he seemed to scorn the ground;
Rearing erect and jumping quickly round:
So fond he was of standing up quite straight
And taking observations in that state !
Pawing the air, on his hind legs erect,
Producing on some people great effect.
Yet, notwithstanding these few naughty ways,
Jack was a pony worthy of great praise ;
Extremely handsome; with the prettiest head !
And legs unquestionably thorough bred.
He liked the ladies, and his thoughful mind
Led him to their small terrors to be kind;
And, when he found them very much perplexed,
Behaved much better than one might expect.
Another pony comes bis place to fill;
Yet Jackie dies not "admirari nil."
Never again, for me he'll patient stand ;
Or eat ripe maize corn from my open hand:
He wants no more; yet, these few words of chaff,
An old friend gives him for an epitaph.
He worked well to the last, and many here

old Jackie scarce restrained a tear. Worth Rectory, March, 1873.


A wonder! yea a wonder! shall I ever cease to wonder:
At the prodigy I met with just about a week ago ?
My hair was getting ragged, all the points were split and

jagged, And the wind in an unseemly manner blew it to and fro..

I dislike the operation of hair cutters' ministration; Their persistent empty chatter is a horror to me quite, Makes me angry beyond measure, I could punch their

heads with pleasure, If a jury would consider I was only acting right.

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While the Tichborne case was growing, a smart shaver

very knowing As he trimmed my whiskers said, “ of course Sir you

couclude he is the man Nearly drownded in the Bella, and for many years a

dweller In Australia.” Ah, then said I--" believe it if you can. It is monstrous altogether, ask yourself now really

whether You could quite forget your mother tongue in ten years

spent abroad.” He answered “yes, sir-truly—if such things are well

and duly Reconsidered, doubtless-different conclusions should be


My friend Adolpus Dunny, in manner sly and funny, Made a coiffeur contradict himself three times,—while

being clippedThe result though was not cheering, for the coiffeur

kept on shearing Until from Dunny's head the hair entirely was snipped.

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