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Although these different rhymes come near to each other in the present distribution, an interval of many years occurred between the dates of their first presentations, and notwithstanding Webster's opinion as to the pronunciation of the word, it can only be so used in the way of a careless or allowable rhyme, and perhaps then the license is questionable.

PAGE 104.-QUEENIE'S SONG. Music by Dominico Thorner, of wliom a slight sketch is given on a leaf of the song as published by Messrs. Lamborn and Cock, 62 and 63, New Bond Street.

THE GREATEST OF DRAMATIC POETS, WILLIAM SHAKSPERE.- The mystery surrounding the life and attaininents of this person is likely to remain, perhaps for ever, unsolved. The little we do know about him is mixed up with improbabilities and contradictions. There is no satisfactory way of accounting for his having found time, means, or opportunity, during his life, to obtain so vast an amount of general knowledge and information, which seems only possible of acquirement by long continued familiarity with books innumerable, as his multitudinous borrowings tend to prove; and yet, in 1592, when 28 years of age, he is alluded to by Greene as a “ Johannes Factotum among the actors, and was moreover, apparently a man of limited education. He does not say a word about any one of his plays when he makes his will. During his life the name is wrongly spelt by the printers, and 8 years after his death at 52, an early age for so experienced and prolific a writer, a folio edition of liis works was published with the usual erroneous spelling of the name on the title page. Whoever edited this edition of 31 plays excluded some which had been reputed Shakspere's. He, therefore, must have taken more interest in these plays than Shakspere himself is supposed to have done.

As to the spelling of the name, the reader will find, in vol. XXVII of the Archæologia, a letter in which Sir Frederick Madden shows that, in the acknowledged genuine signatures the surname is always written Shakspere. In the Stratford register the name is so spelt at his baptism and at his burial; and, in the entries of baptism in the same register, the names of his thres children, and, at the entry of the burial of his son, the names are written Shakspere!

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Page 6, Line 16. For “perturbed” read perturbed.
18, 13. For“ Crystall’d” read Crystal'd.

43, 13. For “nought” read naught.

Greek hexameter. Accent omitted to mark last word as

proparoxyton. 60, Last line. For "Shakespear" read Shakspere. , 64, Marks of quotation on this page should be erased.

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74, Line 16. “Suite" for suit.

And a few more of the trifling misprints which, with the “ maliciousness" usual on such occasions, manage to evade the author's eye till the sheets are struck off.


Hartley and Son, Steam Printers, Chronicle Office, Doncaster.

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