Edelweiss: An Alpine Rhyme


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Side 15 - ... dreams, but for fresher power To be and to do. We should guide our wayward or wearied wills By the clearest light; We should keep our eyes on the heavenly hills, If they lay in sight; We should trample the pride and the discontent Beneath our feet; We should take whatever a good God sent, With a trust complete. We should waste no moments in weak regret, If the day were but one; If what we remember and what we forget Went out with the sun; We should be from our clamorous selves set free, To work...
Side 47 - The Bells of Lynn," resound with this musical quality. "The Bells of Lynn," written on reading Longfellow's "Bells of Lynn" in Rome is, perhaps, the masterpiece of the collection. The brief poem, "Endurance," strikes tenderly one of the keynotes of life : For deeps of human suffering Or joy, no measure Into our hands is given ; We cannot know our brother's Loss or treasure, His anguish or his heaven. Ofttimes the arrowy sharpness Of a sorrow, Piercing life's common calm, Smites hidden rocks of comfort,...
Side 32 - The following graceful and loving tribute to Mrs. Janes was written by her friend, Mrs. Mary Lowe Dickinson, soon after Mrs. Janes's death : A PICTURE. Just as sweetly as fades the light After the sun is gone, Just as gently as through the night The steady stars shine on, Just as softly as spring leaves come, Or snow-flakes whiten the sod, Passed she out from an earthly home Into the home of God. Never the rays of moon or sun - Fell on her face that day, And only a heavenly artist's hand Could have...
Side 10 - When one more day had seen its shadows fall, That old stone tower gleaming in the sun, And the great olive by the western wall, Shaded two humble graves where had been one. And by and by, above the dear child's head, Arose a little stone with quaint device. When summer blossoms died around the bed, A marble hand grasped still the Edelweiss.
Side 7 - ... that old stone tower shine? There, in the churchyard, lies my mother, dead, And since she died the baby has been mine." Soft shone the lady's eyes with tender mist, And ever, as she pressed toward fields of ice, She pondered in her heart the half-made tryst With this young seeker of the Edelweiss. At night, safe sheltered in the convent's fold, Where white peaks stand in ermined majesty, Where sunsets pour great throbbing waves of gold Across the white caps of a mountain sea; At morn, with face...
Side 8 - ... vision of the great white throne, Or veil half-lifted from the face of God. The blessing of the hills her soul had caught Made all the mountain-track a path of prayer, Along which angel forms of loving thought Led to the trysting-place ; — no child was there! The wind was moaning in the old fir-tree, The lizards crawling o'er the mossy seat; But no fair child, with baby at her knee, And in the mold no track of little feet. No faded flowers strewing the stunted grass ; No young voice singing...
Side 56 - He hath green pastures lying afar, Needing no sunlight, needing- no star ; There from his presence the lambs never stray, Thither he leadeth me nearer each day.
Side 55 - Kind is my Shepherd, and large is the fold To which he calleth the young as the old, Tenderly watching in waking and sleep, Over us, evermore,; guard he doth keep.
Side 55 - THE Lord is my Shepherd," and I am his lamb, One of the smallest and weakest I am ; Yet by his bounty daily I'm fed, In his green pastures tenderly led.

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