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SUREN HUSIUS 'cause God proposed That

as the Means of per

forming his Promise ; I for whosoever designs an ' End, designs fome Means

to effect it) after this manner. He, who is willing to give, and can give, and certainly will

give in Time, more, he • is willing to give, and ' can give, and will give

less. But the Preserva• tion of the House of ' DAVID, to the Times ' of the MESSIAS, and ' bringing him into the • World at a fix'd Time is ' a greater and more ex' cellent Good than the

Preservation of AH AZ ' and his people. If there

fore God would fulfil that 'Promise, much more 'would he fulfil This. Be' sides, it was (a) custo'mary for the Prophets to • confirm the Truth of all • other Matters by alledg

ing the Promise of the

(a) Isaiah 9. Jer. 23.



'MESSI A S, which was

the Basis and Foundation

of them. Lastly, the • Promise of the MESSIAS

comprehended in it, that the Land should be forfa

ken by the two Kings ; ' and therefore both a 'MESSIAS to be born of ra Virgin, and present · Deliverance were pro"mised to the Jews by the * Prophet.

II. The second Prophecy mention'd by me was, out of Egypt have I calld my Son ; which MATTHEW applies (6) to Jesus's Coming out of Egypt, and introduces with the same Form of Quoting used in the preceeding Prophecy, that it might be fulfilld, which was Spoken of the Lord by the Prophet saying.

1. First, Mr. S. (c) says, that it appears, by the Form of Quoting used, that the Words of HOSEAH, which relate primarily to the Children of Israel's being call'd out of Egypt, are confirmd by Jesus's Coming out of Egypt; That is, the Coming of the Children of Israel out of Egypt was a Type or Figure of Jesus's Coming out of Egypt; and so the latter confirm'd the former.

(5) Surenhufius. p. 182, 183.

(6) Ib. & l. 1. Thes. 2.

2. Secondly,

2. Secondly, he says, the Jewish Doctors are used to detach Passages from their Connection, and put a Sense upon them, which has no Relation to what goes before or follows after, as he shows in Thesis 9, 1. 1. 2

3. Thirdly, the Words of the Prophet are, (d) when Israel was a Child, then I loved him, and called my Son out of Egypt. By which my Author thinks, that the Prophet marks out the Time of the Coming of Christ, and may be thus understood. « When the People “ of Israel were in their Infancy as to Light, “ (which happen'd in the Time of our Lord, “ when Religion was wholly corrupted by fallé “ Traditions) God called his Son out of Egypt « to preach the Gospel in Yudea." And this Antwer he thinks ought to satisfy the Yews, being suited to the Manner of explaining Scripture used by the Jewish Doctors, whom MatTHEW follow'd. But if this last be not deem'd fatisfactory, Mr. S. has another Way of drawing out the allegorical Sense, which he wants for his purpose, or would find out; and thus he interprets MATTHEW citing the Prophet. “ You Jews know, that the Prophet HOSEAH “ says, when Israel was a Child, then I loved him, and called my Son out of Egypt ; which " Words seem, according to their Letter, to “ relate to the Children of Israel; but I will “ explain them to you in a more useful Man“ ner, which is by you callid Allegory. I “ grant, indeed, that the Children of Israel (e)

(d) Surenhufius, 183, 184.

(e) Exod. 4. 22. Jer. 31. 9.,



« may in a Sense be call'd the Son of God or “ of the Lord; but if you can believe it, that “ very Jesus CHRIST, who was born among « you at Bethlehem, he, I say, is properly the “ Son of God, who almost in the fame Man"ner as the Children of Ifrael were obliged to go into Egypt on Account of the Famine, “ was obliged to go thither to avoid the Tyranny of HEROD. So that you may “ fee, for the Confirmation of your Faith, that “ This did not befal the Messias by Chance, ” but by divine Appointment, as it happen'd formerly to your Fathers. Wherefore the “ the Prophet said, that the Lord calld his Son out of Egypt, and That at a Time when “ you, in Respect of true Religion, were in a “ State of Infancy. Besides, the form of « Quoting used on this Occasion, that it might be fulfilld, which was spoken of the Lord by " the Prophet, always ( f) refers to a mystical “ Sense hid under the literal one. But to say * all in a Word, the People of Israel were ss the first born adopted Son of God, and “ Jesus was the natural Son of God.”

III. The third Prophefy mention'd by me, as not literally fulfilled, is contain'd in these Words, ($) And he came and dwelt in a City call'd Nazareth, that it might be fulfilld, which was spoken by the Prophet, “ He shall be call & “ a Nazarene.” Which Prophesy is found by SUREN HUSIUS in three Places of the Old Testament, and very ingeniously explain’d

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by him ; tho' it seems not to occur any where.

11.) First, he observes, (b) that the Prophets not only foretold Things by Types and Allegories, but by Enigmas. They foretold Things by the former, when the Things themfelves were imply'd without any change of Words ; and they foretold by Enigmas, when the Things were to be found out by a Change of Words ; and when a Prophesy of one or the other Sort was accomplish'd, the Jewish Doctors used to say, that it might be fulfill'd, which was spoken. This being so ; Isaiaŭ (i) having foretold, that the MesSIAH should dwell in Galilee, it was almost the same Thing, as if he had said, the MESSIAH should dwell at Nazareth, which was a City of Galilee. It being thus foretold, that the MESSIAS was to dwell at Nazareth, it is thereby imply'd, that he should be intituled to, or call’d by the Name Nazarene ; for, tho he was never calld a Nazarene, yet being intituled to that Name by dwelling at Nazareth, it was prophefy'd, He shall be calld a Nazarene ; to be call’d by a Name being all one as to be intituled to a Name. This enigmatical Prophesy therefore of the Messias's being to dwell in Galilee, rightly understood, was as much as to fay, He Mall be calld (or intituled to the Name) Nazarene ; which was fulfillid by Jesus's dwelling at Nazareth.

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