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But this most important Prophecy being, as it lies in ISAIAH, and referr'd to the Conception of the Virgin Mary, subject to very great Difficulties, and much objected to by the Jews (all whose Objections Mr. SURENHUSIUS endeavours to aniwer and obviate at large,) I shall draw the Substance of what he says into an Explication and Defence of the whole Prophecy, setting down the Words of ISAIAH in one Column, and SURENHUSIU S'S Explication and Defence in another,

ISAIAH 7. 1--16. SUREN H U SI U S,

p. 150--165. And it came to - In the Days of AHAZ, pals in the Days of King of Judab, REZIN Allaz, the Son of 'King of Syria, and PEJOTHAM ike Son 'KAH King of Ifrael beof UZZIAH, King 'sieged Jerusalem. Upon of Judah, that the Dread, which This Řezin the King 'occasion’d to AhAz and of Syria and Pe- his People, ISAIAH is Kau the Son of Re- ' commanded by the Lord MALIAH, King of to bid AHAZ take CouIfrael, went up to. ' rage and not Fear; for Jerusalem to war that their Design against against it. And "yudah, and to dethrone it was told the him, should not succeed. House of David, 'But Ahaz doubting asaying, Syria is 'bout the Matter, the confederate with ' Lord sent ISAIAH again Ephraim. And his with this Message, ask Heart was moved, 'thee a Sign as a Proof and the Heart of that I come to you from



ISAIAH the Lord. But Ahaz his people, as the * refusing a Sign, ISAIAH Trees of the Wood

fays to the House of are moved with the · David, the Lord shall Wind. Then said

give you a Sign. Behold the Lord unto IŠAI• å Virgin is with Child, AH, Go forth now

or shall miraculously con- to meet AMAZ,

ceive the MESSIAS, thou and thy Son • seven hundred Years SHE ARJASHUB, • hence, and call his at the End of the ' Name Jesus, (IMMA- Conduit of the up'NUEL and Jesus being per Pool, in the

of the fame Import) high Way of the ' who, tho' born miracu- Fullers Field; and ' loully, shall live upon say unto him, Take

the common Food of beed and be quiet ; the Country. By which fear not, neither it is manifest, that the be faint-hearted;

House of David shall for the two Tails. • not be destroy'd, nor of these fioaking

Jerusalem come under Fire-brands, for • the Power of DAMAS- the fierce Anger 'cus, before the Birth of of ŘEZIN with

the MESSI AS; and Syria, and of the therefore You, Ahaz, Son of REMA' have Nothing to fear, LIAH; because

from those Enemies, for Syria, Ephraim, .. Yerusalem or the House and the Son of • of David, if you will REMALIAH have ? consider, that the Mes- taken evil Counsel SIAS is to arise out of against thee, Jaythat House. For if the ing ; let us go up

· House



SUREN HUSIU S. against Judah, and House of David is to vex it, and let us "continue till the Birth of make a Breach the MESSIAS, neither therein for us, and of these two, nor any fet a King in the of the Enemies of that Midst of it, even House shall prevail athe Son of Ta- gainst it. And as cerBEAL. Thus faith 'tainly as the MESSIAS the Lord God, it is to be born in a miraMhall not stand, ' culous Manner of a Virneither ' mall it gin of the House of Dacome to pass. For ? VID, fo certainly will the the Head of Syria House of DÁVID be is Damascus, and preserved, from whence the Head of Da- ' he is to spring, and That mascus is REZIN; ' for the Sake of him, who and within three- ' is to be IMMANUEL, score and five Years · God and Man in one hall Ephraim. be · Person, and to reconcile broken, that it be Men to God, and God not a People. And to Men. By all which the Head of Ephra- ' the Connection appears, im is Samaria, and and the Reason of the the Head of Sama- · Sign is plain, viz. that ria is REMALI- the Jews might consider Au's Son; if ye 'the Promise of the Meswill not believe, SIAS, which was consurely ye shall not be · firm'd to them by fo establish d. More- ''many Miracles and Proover the Lord spake 'phesies, that it could not again unto AHAZ ' reasonably be call'd in saying, Ask thee a 'Question by them. For Sign

" that

SƯRENHUSIU S... ISAIAH. that Promise being steadi- Sign of the Lord ly believed by them, was thy God, ask it a Security to them, that either in the Depth, the House of DAVID or in the Height " Thould not be destroy'd above. But AHAZ • before that Time. And said, I will not

thus the Prophet put A- ask, neither will I "HAZ under a Necessity tempt the Lord,

either not to credit God's And he said, hear · Promise of his ownSafety, now, Ö House of

or to be guilty of Impiety DAVID, isit a sin disbelieving the fun- small Thing for "damental Promise given you to weary Men, • to the Jewish Nation con- but will weary

cerning the Messias in myGod also? There· Time to be born of the fore the Lord bin· House of DAVID. To self shall give you • the Objection, that it a Sign. Behold, a

does not follow from Virgin shall conhence, that Jerusalem ceive, and bear a and AHAZ would now Son, and shall call be preserved from the his Nam: IMMA· Power of those two NUEL. Butter and * Kings, which yet was Honey fhall he eat,

the chief End of the that he may Inorá · Sign ;. fince the House to refuse the Evil of DAVID might con- and chuse the Good. tinue till the Times of For before the

the MESSIAS, and fe- Child Mall know "rusalem might be taken, to refuse the Esi!

and AHAZ made Captive, and chuse the Good, and live as such; it is the Land that the answer'd,

abbor 6

ISAIAH. SUREN HUSIU S. abborrest shall be answer’d, first, that the forsaken of both primary Design of God ber Kings,

was to preserve the House

of David, which God ' often evinces, by the • Promise of the Mes! SIAS. Secondly, that « from this general Pro' mise an Argument may

thus be drawn for the Preservation of AHAZ

and his People from their Enemies. If God is not

only true in his Promise ' of a MESSI AS, but

powerful enough to pre• serve the House of DA'vid till the Times of

the MESSI AS, he ought to be deem'd fufficiently true and powerful to

fulfil his Promise in pre* ferving Ah Az and his • People from the Power

of these two Kings. And * This may more strongly • be concluded (for tho', • absolutely speaking, the

Promise of the Mes'SIAs might be fulfillid ' without it, yet hypothetically it could not, be

? cause

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