MBA Handbook for Healthcare Professionals

Joseph S. Sanfilippo, Thomas E. Nolan, Bates H. Whiteside
CRC Press, 2002 - 300 sider
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Practice management continues to be an area of growing importance, especially in the light of the increasing visibility of managed care with respect to private practice. The business aspects of medicine have acquired even greater significance. Establishing a mission for your practice allows you to convey who you are, what you want to be, and how you want to get there. Allowing a practice to be 'focused' is an investment that will pay big dividends. The question is: How does a physician establish competitive advantage?

Practical, comprehensive, and reliable, MBA Handbook for Healthcare Professionals tells you everything you need to know about the effective business management of a modern medical practice. The book includes marketing, streamlining overhead, developing a competitive advantage, understanding corporate finance, contract negotiating, employment law, and every other essential element of a successful medical practice. Exploring basic business principles as they apply to a medical practice, the book covers leadership and motivation, applied law, the business plan, strategic management, the theory of constraints, office management, operating strategies from a CPA's perspective, customer service, computers and the Internet, and the all-important business of coding documentation and compliance.

As a physician, you went to school to learn how to heal people. You probably planned on having a practice of your own. However, the reality of that practice often turns out to be more than just seeing patients. You must run the office, produce and stay within a budget, order supplies, market your services, and handle everything running a business entails. You need an MBA in business along with your medical degree. MBA Handbook for Healthcare Professionals gives you all that and more.

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how to motivate people
Applied law for the nonattorney
Its not a plan without a business plan
Reengineering your practice
Strategic marketing management
application to a general medical practice
perspectives of a physician
perspective of a
ethically effectively and economically
management information systems
Disciplining the difficult physician
Coding documentation and compliance
Accounting principles
Fundamentals of finance in a practice
Financial planning
Elements of employee handbook

Customer service excellence

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