Northern Antiquities: Or, An Historical Account of the Manners, Customs, Religion and Laws, Maritime Expeditions and Discoveries, Language and Literature of the Ancient Scandinavians

H. G. Bohn, 1847 - 578 sider

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Side 160 - A multitude, like which the populous North Pour'd never from her frozen loins, to pass Rhene or the Danaw, when her barbarous sons Came like a deluge on the South, 'and spread Beneath Gibraltar to the Libyan sands.
Side 140 - OH ! haste and leave this sacred isle, " Unholy bark, ere morning smile ; " For on thy deck, though dark it be, " A female form I see ; " And I have sworn this sainted sod " Shall ne'er by woman's feet be trod.
Side 193 - Byzantine court; and they preserved, till the last age of the empire, the inheritance of spotless loyalty and the use of the Danish or English tongue. With their broad and double-edged battle-axes on their shoulders, they attended the Greek emperor to the temple, the senate, and the hippodrome ; he slept and feasted under their trusty guard ; and the keys of the palace, the treasury, and the capital were held by the firm and faithful hands of the Varangians...
Side 43 - Upreared of human hands. Come, and compare Columns and idol-dwellings — Goth or Greek — With Nature's realms of worship, earth and air — Nor fix on fond abodes to circumscribe thy prayer!
Side 510 - And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years...
Side 443 - Thou didst perform a feat no less wonderful by lifting up the cat, and to tell thee the truth, when we saw that one of his paws was off the floor, we were all of us terror-stricken, for what thou tookest for a cat was in reality the Midgard serpent that encompasseth the earth, and he was so stretched by thee, that he was barely long enough to enclose it between his head and tail.
Side 441 - ... if thou showest no greater prowess in other feats than methinks will be shown in this.
Side 400 - Gangler thus began his discourse: 'Who is the first or eldest of the gods?' "'In our language,' replied Har, 'he is called Alfadir (All-Father, or the Father of All) ; but in the old Asgard he -had twelve names.
Side 446 - JEsir, at their meetings, to get Balder to stand up and serve them as a mark, some hurling darts at him, some stones, while others hewed at him with their swords and battle-axes, for do...
Side 443 - ... have brought me so near to a great mishap, I would not have suffered thee to enter this time. Know then that I have all along deceived thee by my illusions ; first in the forest, where I tied up the wallet with iron wire so that thou couldst not untie it.

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