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Side 19 - Higansets, abutting upon .the main land between the two rivers, there called or known by the several names of Connecticut and Hudson's river; together also with the said river called Hudson's river, and all the lands from the west side of Connecticut river, to the east side of Delaware bay.
Side 381 - ... of Sleepy Hollow, the headless horseman, who had been heard several times of late patrolling the country, and, it was said, tethered his horse nightly among the graves in the churchyard. The sequestered situation of this church seems always to have made it a favorite haunt of troubled spirits.
Side 179 - With a heart full of love and gratitude, I now take leave of you : I most devoutly wish that your latter days may be as prosperous and happy, as your former ones have been glorious and honorable.
Side 161 - Dinner was invariably a private meal, and the fat old burghers showed incontestable symptoms of disapprobation and uneasiness at being surprised by a visit from a neighbor on such occasions. But though our worthy ancestors were thus singularly averse to giving dinners, yet they kept up the social bands of intimacy by occasional banquetings, called tea parties.
Side 264 - Change the milk-and-water style of your last memorial. Assume a bolder tone, decent, but lively, spirited, and determined ; and suspect the man, who would advise to more moderation and longer forbearance.
Side 314 - During the stay of the troops in Massachusetts Bay, the officers are to be admitted on parole, and are to be allowed to wear their side arms.
Side 375 - When I was a child, I played with the butterfly, the grasshopper and the frogs; and as I grew up, I began to pay some attention and play with the Indian boys in the neighborhood, and they took notice of my skin being a different color from theirs, and spoke about it. I inquired of my mother the cause, and she told me that my father was a residenter in Albany, t I still eat my victuals out of a bark dish.
Side 321 - ... her to go over to her husband, to do which she would certainly obtain permission, and then she could attend him herself; she was a charming woman, and very fond of him. I spent much of the night in comforting her, and then went again to my children, whom I had put to bed. I could not go to sleep, as I had General Frazer and all the other wounded gentlemen in my room, and I was sadly afraid my children would awake, and by their crying disturb the dying man in his last moments, who often addressed...
Side 161 - The tea was served out of a majestic delft tea-pot, ornamented with paintings of fat little Dutch shepherds and shepherdesses tending pigs — with boats sailing in the air, and houses built in the clouds, and sundry other ingenious Dutch fantasies.
Side 205 - ... Lake Erie, is intended to indicate and commemorate the navigable communication which has been accomplished between our mediterranean seas and the Atlantic Ocean in about eight years, to the extent of more than four hundred, and twenty-five miles, by the wisdom, public spirit, and energy of the people of the State of New York ; and may the God of the heavens and the earth smile most propitiously on this work, and render it subservient to the best interests of the human race.

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