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Authentic Anecdotes.

Natural History.
Biographical Memoirs.

Theatrical Intelligence.
Manuer's and Customs.

Analysis of Historical Books.
Philosophical Papers.

Domestic News. &c. &c. &c.

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THE avowed tendency of this work was to preclude the

frequently deceive while they amuse, and ruin while they fascinate. It was hoped on the most solid principles--that the History of this and other countries, would furnith amusement blended with instruça : tion; and interesting incidents, adorned by Truth. We ought not to speak decisively on the result of our endeavours ; we are not so ridiculously guided by Fanaticism, as, to suppose that reformation of any kind is to be obtained by an instantaneous effort, or by a daring afleveration : on the contrary, it is presumed, that the fureit advances are to be made by gradual, or perhaps imperceptible, degrees. And in this way have we already met success, if our numerous private cora respondents are fincere in their expressions of approbation; and the general bulk of our present readers seriously disposed, as their orders indicate, to continue their journey with us, along the impetuous course of Time.

In no walk of literature is an author fendered more conspicuous than as a faithful and energetic narrator of public events : a great Historian is a literary character of the first magnitude; nor are Homer and Virgil more admired for the beauty of their poetical descriptions, than for the historical information contained in their celebrated works, which no other records have handed to posterity.

Recent circumstances, indeed, have convinced us of the utility of our favourite subject: for, since the first appearance of this Compilation, volumes and pamphlets; somewhat of the same nature, have been foifted on the Public; and, as if conscious of success, the several Editors, wholly inattentive to the formation, or the quality, of their contents, have sheltered themselves under the bulwark of a reputation, which they neither raised nor accelerated.

The valuable addition to this Work --ENGLISH HISTORY by Eminent Men-is in a state of great forwardness, when the Price of the whole is taken into deliberate consideration. Some of our inVOL. II.



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