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New year, Jewih, fome account of, Pillon, esq. memoirs of that gentleman,


Anecdote of, 101.
New years gifts, origin of them, 14. Plantagenet Richard, natural son of
Newton, fir Isaac, anecdote of, 11.

Richard III. account of, 202.
Navy, British, present state of the, 530. Parental exultation, anecdote of, 234.
Nadir Shah, an account of the mur. Prusia, king of, his political conduct
der of, 40, 41,

confidered, 109. Anecdotes of, 7,
Nite, the river, detail of circumstances 8, 235, 236, 279, 361.

previous to the discovery of its source, Polyphemus fenft, in Abyffinia, account
by Mr. Bruce, 193. Caufe of its

of a, 241.
overflowing, 340. His arrival at its Parisians, amusements of the, 25.
source, 1946

Divine honours paid Paris, thoughts on approaching it, 23..
to this river, 195. Exact latitude

Commotions at, 119.
and longitude of its source, 197. Palace of the Thuilleries, some ac-
Natural History, 401. A doubtful count of the, 24.
circumstance in, aicertained; 380. Pedestrianism, account of Powel's jour- ,

ncy to York, 348.
Ode for the new year, 18.

Prodigality, striking instances of, 363.
Old man, a remarkable, who lately Perfonal courage, striking 'intance of,

visited Paris, fome account of, 38, 360,

Procession, a curious monkly one to
Ostrich, new circumstances relative to discover a hidden treasure, 277.
the, 221.

Poison, 231.
Dath, remarkable one taken by the in. Philosophical and Natural History,

habitants of Mount Jura, 325. 283.
Oliver Cromwell, original letter from Perfidy of Theodorus Santabarenus,
him to his cousin, 397.

Ofenders, several notorious ones, exe- Peak's hole in Derbyshire, curious ac-
cuted, 432.

of, 439.
Ottomans, the heads of a treaty con. Pope Benedi&t XI. fingular behavibur

cluded between them and Pruffia,

Priests of Lao, their confessions, 445-
Opera, Italian, commenced at Mr. Prince of Wales, account of his fir
Colman's theatre, 17.

levee at Carlton House, 3.
Oczakow, account of the capture of, Phänomenon, musical, 54.

Pugilism, 55
Ochytin, an adventurer, short history Phänomenon at sea, 88. At Leeds, 8o.
of, 296,

Philanthrophy, 102, 432.
Olympus, the supposed, described by Parliament, the present, confiderations
Mr, Bruce, 235:

on its virtue, 154. His majesty's

meffage to, 187.
Preface to the second yolume, 1. Perer, surnamed the Cruel, of Caftile,
Punishments, account of singular ones, a smgular act of justice to his ho-
3, 4, 325

nour, 35.
Prince of Orange, anecdote of, 5. Performers, dramatic, the return of old
Polith king, anecdote of, 8.

and esteemed ones at Drury-lane,
Patients, leprous, sựngular facts re- 466.
lative to, 11.

Provocation, a pantomime, account of,
Prussia, views of, 101.

Pliny the elder, historical memoirs of, Pursuit, the Female, or Stop'her who

can? a comedy, 469.
Peter the Great, remarkable instance of Paris, the Picture of, a pantomime,

his courage and wifdom, 81. His 469.
philosophy, 84.

Poles, the late king of Prussia's cha-
Punishment, fingular, of a physician racter of them, 108.

accused of want of fkill, 84. Poland, present fituation of, 108,
Persians, fome account of che, 88, Prussia, the political conduct of the


of, 442.

59, 60,

present king of, confidered, 109. Revolution fociety, ferious queries ad.
Party, remarks on the views of, dur-

dressed to them, 422.
ing the king's illness, 142.

Revolution, French, its probable in.
Price, Dr. remarks on his mode of fluence on Great Britain, 342.
addrelling the king, 426.

Causes of the, ilg.
Petition, the presentation of a, to the Riley's Hiftorical Pocket Library, 185.

House of Commons by major Scait, Riou, lieutenant, his narrative of the
on the part of Mr. Hastings, on be- loss of the Guardian, 291. His lete
ing charged with murder by Mr.

tel Sy 190.
Burke, 145.

Provisions, fingular though cruel me- Saxe, marshal, anecdote of, 235.

thod of procuring them on a jour. Sadi, the philosopher, anecdote of, 4.
ney, 240.

Stocks, highest and lowest price of,
Pentapolis described, 222,

Palmyra, thort account of, 224. Spain, Gngular law in, 39.
Pyramids of Geeza and Sacchara, de. Seymour, fir Edward, anecdotes of,
Scribed, 226.


St. Leger, Mr. anecdote of, 64.
Queen, the present, her character, 1856 Sail-maker, old, anecdote of an, 72.
Quakerism, whimsical origin of, 399.

Swedish revolution, detail of the, 114.
Question of right, considocation of the Spaniard, anecdote of a, 86.

Statesman, Chinese, anecdote of, 66.
Queen's birth-day, account of, 29. Slavery, curious incitement to, 86.
Question of law, 54.

Slave trade, parliamentary difcuffior
Queen of Sheba, conjectures concern-

of the, 15!:
ing her-fupposed to have had a Slave thip, miseries of, depicted, 153.
child by king Solomon, 300,

Soldier, the courageous one, 163,

Sorcery, Siberian, description of, 236.

Satellites, Herschel's account of a
Remedy, curious, for want of provi- fixth and feventh, revolving round
fion, 296.

Saturn, 283, 284.
-Rhodes, an account of, by Mr. Bruce, Swallows, how useful, 288.

Sea-fight, a strange occurrence during
Ruffel, lady, anecdote of, 278.

one, 321.
Religion, anecdote relating to, 323. Superstition, instance of, 326.
Robbery, fmgular species of, practised Suicide, remarkable inftances of, 31,

by the Troglodites of Guarague, 379. 54, 80, 103, 310, 348, 391, 431.
Remarkable one, 431.

Secrefy, an historical anecdote of, 365.
leynolds, fir Joshua, refignation of, Sermon, a fingular, 397.

as president of the Royal Academy, Scales, lord, Tome account of, 434:
53. Present made him by the em- Speech of Henry the Firft to his
press of Russia, 101,

nobles, 437
Ras Michael, anecdotes of, 337. Stradella, the celebrated mufician, af-
Rover, or Banilhed Cavaliers, written fecting narrative of, 442.

by Mrs. Behn, revived under the State Papers, 459.

title of Love in many Masks, 100. Sand, prodigious pillars of, floating
Robber of Maitsha, Mr. Bruce's cu- in the great Nubian desert, 410.
rious adventure at the house of a, Simoon, dreadful particulars relative

to the, 411.
Rousseau, the celebrated, particulars Scott, major, reprimanded by the
of his wife, 27.

Value of his speaker of the House of Commons,
Thoes, 27.

Richard the First of England, noble Somerset House, 80,
conduct of, 396.

Shipwreck, 104, 389.
Record, a remarkable one lodged in Sea, small portions at, method of di.
the Tower, 449.

viding them, 216.
Rioting, 101,

Solitude, 11•


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in, 154.

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Slave, Circaffian, anecdote of a, 346. 76. Description of the execution of
Sweden, characters and anecdotes of counts Struensee and Brandt, 77.

the court of, 94. Sketch of the king Acconnt of the queen's departure
and queen of, 93, 94.

from the fortrets of Cronenburg, 77.
Shangalla, particulars of that nation, Progress in learning of the prince

307. Causes of polygamy amongst royal of Sweden, 95.
them ascribed to their women, 309. Supplies for 1790, lift of, 477.
Account of them concluded, 332.

Shekh of Atbara, treachtery of the, Theatre, History of, 17, 18, 186,267,

380. Mr. Bruce's visit to his wo. 3467466.
men, 381. Account of his feraglio, Turkith infolence, remarkable inftan-

ces of, 35, 36, 37.
Sennaar, description of, and its king, Tower of London, murders committed

384. The king's toilets described,
385. Mr. Bruce's adventures with Treachery, remarkable instances of,
the royal ladies, 385. The person 198, 393.
and dress of the principal queen, Travels, Bruce's, 121, 227, 253, 297
386. Singular duty of an officer 399, 410, 413, 415.

belonging to the king, 387. Test and Corporation ads, detail of the
Sunday, method of employing it in arguments used for and against the
France, 24.

repeal, 448.
Swift, dean, his own character, by Troglodites, fingular manner of rob-

himself, 376. Miscellaneous pieces, bery practised by the, 379.

Taranta, the tremendous mountain of,
Siberia, political state of, 295. Reasons and the phænomenon on its summit,
why the Rullians have not hitherto

described, 333.
been molested in the commerce of Teawa, Mr. Bruce's various adven-
that place, 295. Description of Ja- turės at that place, 381. Interefting
kutz, the remotest town in that interview between him and the thekh,
province, 294:

Shaving, origin of, 12.

Try Again, a farce, some account of,
Stone, cutting for the, origirrof, 15. 267.
Struensee and Brandt, counts of, au. Taste and Feeling, a triling dramatic

thentic elucidation of their history, piece, some account of, 346
and of the Danish revolution; 48. Tyre, description of, 224.
Struensee appointed physician to the Thebes, account of the stupendous
Danish king, 48. Gains the favour fepulchres there, 257.
of queen Matilda by his attention to Turks, their devotion, 446. Their
the young prince while under inocu. maritine condition, 106. Singular
lation, 48. With the aflittance of exclamation among them, 446.
the queen, procures the dismillion of Tripali, the ancient Byblis, described,
the ministry, and new models the

constitution of the country, 49. Re- Tour through France, copious extracts
ports, injurious to the honour of the from, 20.
queen, in confequence of her attache Travelling, mode of, at Caẹn, in Nora
ment to him, 49. - Formation of a mandy, 22.
Stratagem to ruin the queen and her Twelfth night, origin of, 12.
party, 51. Struensee and his friends Travellers, disagreeable and dangerous
Teized and committed to prison, 53 Atace of, described, 412.
Count Ranzau appears before the

queen to secure her, 74. Description Vfurer, striking picture of the misery of
of his brutality, and her courage, 74. a, 99
Humiliating mode of conveying her

to the fortress of Cronenburg, 74. Valley of Hyænas defcribed, 334.
Struensee's confession relating to her Vanity, remarkable instance of, 179.
conduct, 75 Artifice of baron Vaillant, montieur, an account of his
Schak to wrest a confirmation of the travels, 177, 182, 216, 220,
count's confeffion from the queen, Virtue, incentive to, 322


Virgins of Pegu, how facrificed, 445. Who's the Dupe? Mr. Boyes makes his
Volumes, the number of them contained first appearance in, 100.
in the French king's library, 25., Widow of Malabar, a tragedy, at

Covent Garden, account of the, 186.

Waryng, Miss Jane, a love-letter te
Watts, Dr. anecdote of, 64.

her from dean Swift, 376.
Whittington, fir Richard, history of, Watches, origin of, 14.

Widow, tragical adventure of a, 217. Yalous, the first king of Abyssinia,
Wisdom in an Indian, 396.

remarkable condescension in, 304.
Women of Madagascar, behaviour to His adventure at the mountain, 3036
their infants, 444.

Punishment of his murderers, 306.
Warriors of Congo, their ideas of suc- Inttance of his excessive affection for
cess in war, 445

his mistress, 305
War, profpect of, 187,

Women at Dieppe, in France, ridicu. Zyand, cham of the Calmucs, anec.
lous customs of, 21.

dore of, 4.
Wife of the celebrated Rousseau, parti. Zealand, New, ascertained to be two
culars of her, 27.

ilands, 72

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I 21

Hussein and bis Slave, to face

Page 4
Death of Pliny the Elder,

Grenadier mounting the Bastille Walls,
Montaser and the Interpreter,

A Kamtschadale Hunter,

Abyssinian Parents dividing their Children,

A Galla Female asking, for her Husband, another Wife,

Columbus prophesying to the American Indians,


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