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VII. After the conclusion of the

general peace, his Pruffian majesty en. OF THE TREATY CONCLUDED BE.

gages to guarantee all the possessions TWEEN PRUSSIA AND THE OTTO that remain to the Porte, and to pro

SIGNED JAN. 31, 1790. cure the guarantee of England, Hol. IT being the mutual interest of the land, Sweden, and Poland, for the

fame. Sublime Porte and his Pruffian majelty, to increase and consolidate the

VIII. The present treaty shall be exfriendship that has long subsisted be changed and ratified at Conftantinople

within five months at least. tween them : their majetties, Selim lll. emperor of the Ottomans, and Frede.

(Signed) sick William II. king of Prussia, have


(L. S.) ASKOR. authorised the underligned minifters

Von Dietz. plenipotentiary to stipulate and fign

(L. S.) the following articles-To wit:

ARTICLES I. His Prussian majesty engages to declare war, in the spring of 1790,

OF CONVENTION BETWEEN PRUSagainst the Austrian and Russian courts,

SIGNED AT to compel them to consent to an equi

REICHENBACH, IN SILESIA, ON table peace. And the Sublime Porte

THE EVENING OF THE TWENTYengages to use all its forces to obtain

SEVENTH OF JULY. the restitution of Gallicia, Ludoniria, ART. I. AUSTRIA renbounces its and all the territories wrested by the alliance with Ruflia. court of Vienna from the republic of II. Austria concludes a separate Poland.

peace with the Turks, and renounces II. The high contracting parties ra all its conquests made during the war. tify the treaty of commerce now fub- It Mall, however, retain its ancient Bling between them, as if the same provinces of Gallicia and Ludomiria, were repeated word for word; and the III. Should Auftria be enabled to Sublime Porte guarantees the free na. procure, by means of a friendly negovigation of Prullian Mips in the Me- liation with the Turks, any exchange diterranean, &c.

of territory, Pruffia fhall obtain from III. The Sublime Porte being re the court of Vienna, in order to pre. folved not to make peace, without the ser«e the balance of power, as many rehitution of the fortreffés, provinces, fquare miles of land belonging to the and above all the Crimea, which the Austrian possessions in Upper Silesia, enemy have gained in the present war; as Austria shall obtain from the Turks inis Pruffian majelty engages not to on the fide of the Aluta. discontinue the war till these objects IV. The king of Pruffia engages to are obtained.

give king Leopold his vote at the ap. IV. This alliance offensive and de- proaching election for the Imperial fensive, in which Sweden and Poland Throne, but under this express condi. are included, to continue in force even tion (fine qua non), ihat the emperor after the peace with the two Imperial of the Romans Thall never enter into courts shall be concluded.

alliance with Ruffia, in order that he V. The conquests which the high may be enabled, as the chief of the contracting parties may, make, Mall Germanic empire, to refft any attack not be restored, until the courts of which Russia might, at a future period, Petersburgh and Vienna agree to sub- be induced to undertake against it. mit the differences that subfift between y. Austria shall have full liberty to them and the republic of Poland to the inforce obedience from its revolted fube mediation of the two contracting par- jects in the Netherlands, under conties,

dition that the king of Hungary restores VI. The Sublime Porte and the to them all the privileges they enjoyed king of Prussia shall submit to no peace, under the government of Maria Theresa. but

under the mediation of England (This article is guaranteed by all the and Holland.

mediating powers.


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VI. The king of Prussia does not months, and one of the high contracting expect any compensation for the ex-' parties is in the mean time attacked holm pences of his warlike preparations, nor tilely in some of its estates, rights and does he inforce his claim to the ter- poffeffions, or in any manner what. ritories of Thorn and Dantzic.

foever, the other hereby engages to aslift VII. Should Russia persist in car. its ally without delay, and maintain it rying on the war against the Porte and in the possession of all its estates, terri. Sweden, and that the latter powers de- tories, cities, and places belonging to manded aflistance of Prussia, according it before the commencement of hore to the fubfisting treaties, his Prussian tilities. majesty thall have free liberty to accede And for this purpose, if the kingto these demands, and the court of dom of Poland happens to be attacked, Vienna Ihall not interfere in the dispute. his majesty the king of Pruslia shall

furnish the king and republic of Poland

with the aid of fourteen thousand inARTICLES

fantry, and four thousand cavalry, acOF THE TREATY BETWEEN POLAND

companied by a train of artillery proAND PRUSSIA, SIGNED ON THE

portioned to those troops ; and if the TWENTY-NINTH OF MARCH LAST; king of Prussia be attacked, the king

and republic of Poland fhall furnish him

with eight thousand cavalry and four Art. I. THERE shall be a sincere thousand infantry, with suitable artile and constant amity between his majesty lery ; which alsistance fall be fur. and the king of Prussia, his heirs and nished within the space of two months successors, and his majesty of Poland from the date of the requisition preand his successors, as well as the most sented by the party defiring assistance, serene republic of Poland, in fuch man and shall remain at the disposal of that ner, as the high contracting parties shall party, during the continuance of the give all their attention to maintain be war in which they may be involved. tween their respective states and subjects, These troops to be paid by the party, the molt perfect friendship and good un. furnishing them, until they come to derstanding, and shall endeavour by all action ; but the party requiring them means in their power to defend, and fall maintain them after they are como mutually preserve peace and tranquilo into service, and that on the same foota lity.

ing with his own troops. If the party íl. In consequence of this engage- atracked fall prefer the assistance of ment, the two contracting parties shall money rather than of troops, he may as much as possible guarantee and pre- take his choice; and this allistance is serve reciprocally the quiet possession of to be valued at twenty thousand Dutch all the itates, provinces and villages; ducats per annum, for one thousand and all the territory which they are in infantry, and twenty-fix thousand fix possession of at the conclusion of the hundred and fixty-fix ducats for one present treaty. This guarantee of pre- thousand cavalry per annum, or in the sent poffeffions, shall not however inter- same proportion by the inonth. If likefere with the amicable accommodation wise the republic of Poland prefer conof certain differences, relative to par- tributing their succours in grain to furticular limits which existed before the nith the magazines, his Prussian majesty' conclusion of the treaty, and have not shall acquiesce as far as his interest will been adjusted.

permit, and the grain to be estimated III. In case one of the high con- according to the price current of Potracting parties shall be threatened by land. hoftilities from whatever quarter, the IV. In case the assistance ftipulated other shall, without delay, employ its proves insufficient for the defence of good offices to prevent the hostilities, the power demanding it, the other may to procure satisfaction to the injured augment it according to the urgency of party, and procure a reconciliation : the case ; and this increase shall

extend, but, if such endeavours have not the on the part of his majesty of Prussia, to desired effect, within the space of fix thirty thousand men, and on the part



of Poland to twenty thousand. If nota THE COUNT DE MERCY ARGENwithstanding one of the parties shall TOU, THE find a necellity, for demanding the Ś ADOR; PRESENTED

THE whole forces of the other, the two TWENTIETH OF NOVEMBER. parties reserve the power of agreeing

YOUR excellency cannot but recola between themfelves on such an einer.. let, that from the moment we had the gency: v. The troops furnished by either with you, which had no other object

honour of entering into conferences party, shall be under the command of in view than that of accommodating the general of the army of the party re

the affairs of the Belgic ftates, we quiring thein; but remain together and

agreed, as a fundamental principle; commanded respectively by their own

" That no coercive measures Thould be officers. They shall not be more ex

adopted, fave and except in cale our posed than the other troops, and liall beitendeavours failed in producing the receive the same treatment.

delired effects ;" a Lalis which his Ima VI. If any foreign power should with, in consequence of

perial majelty himself had previously any

former acts and stipulations, or any interpre- of the 20th August 1790, delivered by

proposed, as appears by the declaration tation of such, to interfere in the in

the baron de Buol to the states general; ternal affairs of the republic of Poland, and that, in order to obviate the imor its dependencies, at any time, or in any manner whatsoever, his majesty of of the moderate tendency of these pre

proper use the Belgic states might make, Pruffia shall use every means to prevent liminary articles, by means of prothe hostilities that may arise from such crastination, we agreed, on our part, to pretension, but in case the means are

grant them a certain time for their final unsuccessful, his majesty is bound to

detei mination. By virtue of this con. defend the republic of Poland accord

vention, and will your excelleney's ing to the tenor of this treaty. VII. The contracting parties having ration of 314 October, expressly ftipu

concurrence, we did, in our last decla. resolved to provide for the interest of

late, " That it depended wholly on the two nations, bý“ a treaty of commerce, and as, in the nature of it, ancient constitution, as establisfied prior

the Belgic nation to be restored to their such a treaty requiring time, they are unwilling nevertheless that any delay

to the preceding reign, in its utmost should prevent the present treaty of al. purity, both with regard to their eccle

fiaftical and civil rights, and to grant liance, which is equally agreeable to both parties ; but the negociations thall them an act of oblivion on

all that happroceed, until a treaty of commerce be pened during the late troubles; but in

order to obtain these concessions, the formed which shall embrace the re

Belgic states were required, on their ciprocal advantage of the two nations.

'VIII. Concerns the date of rati. part, speedily to notify the terms they fic:tion.

expected conducive to this end ; and Done at Warsaw, March 29, 1790.

that no longer period would be allowed (Signed),

than twenty-one days, reckoning from

the faid date of 31 October.”' - These (L.S.) Jerome Marquis de Lucchesini, (L.s.) Jacinthe Comte Malachowki. same representatives of the Belgic naAlexandre Prince Sapieha.

tion, under the denomination of the Matthias Garnitz.

ftates general assembled at Brussels,

then sent four deputies to the Hague, Joachim Chreptowicz.

charged with a commission, requeiting Jofeph Rybinfky.

fufficient time to confider, deliberate, Ignace Potocki. Stanislaus Malachowski.

and express the wishes of the nation.Casimir Prince Sapieha.

This itep we consider tending towards Antoine Dziduszycki.

an accommodation—a step equally con. fiftent with the dignity of the fovereign,

and security of the subjects. As fuch, MEMORIAL

we communicated their overtures to OF THETHREE MEDIATING POWERS your excellency, when, to our great

RESIDING AT THE HAGUE, to surprise, we received for answer, that

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you rejected all farther delay, notwith GREAT BRITAIN AND PRUSSIA, standing our utmost endeavours to remove every apparent difficulty, and not. withfanding the engagement the said

IT is generally known, that the condeputies formally, and by a written in

vention signed at Reichenbach on the Itrument, entered into, “ that imme. 27th of July lait, and properly ratified diately on the cessation of hottilities, by the above high contracting powers, the respective provinces promised with

had for its object the re-establishment out delay to convene the states general, of peace and good order in the Belgic who, also, would lose po time to appoint provinces of his Imperial majesty, by deputies charged with full powers to

a general amneity, and total forgiveness pave the way for terminating the sub- of whatever had passed during the lifting differences.". On this occasion, troubles, under the guarantee of the your excellency, in answer, told us, faid powers : since which time it has that you

considered our intercellion as been the constant labour of the said entirely fulfilled, and that, at all events, plenipotentiaries, in concert with the the Imperial troops were destined to Imperial minister, to bring the Belgic march into the country, either as friends

provinces to a proper submision, under or foes, according to the submission or

certain ftipulated conditions; but which resistance they might meet with. Your they have been unable finally to acexcellency will permit us to remark, complish, without the aid of his Imhow much such' measures and views perial majesty's troops. appear to us repugnant to the principles

This desirable business having been which from the beginning of the nego; fulfilled, according to the engagement ciation we presumed to entertain; and of the mediating powers, it became wherewith, Sir, we thought to do juf- further necessary for the confirmation tice to the jult and humane character of his Imperial majesty's authority over which so eminently distinguished your the said provinces, for the security of illuftrious master. We cannot persuade those provinces, and for the mutual oui selves, nor can your excellency, on interest of the mediating powers, that matuie consideration, imagine matters the bonds of friendship should be recihaving arrived to that extreme as to procally more closely drawn between render a military force as the only them ; for which purpose the following mean's capable of restoring the Belgic articles have been unanimously agreed nation to their sovereign, advisable. It

to by the said minifters, in virtue of is for these reasons that we neither can nor will be considered as having been invested.

the powers with which they had been the cause, or co-operators, in any man

1. That on receiving the usual honer whatever, in the measures which

mage of the Belgic provinces, his Imyour excellency seems inclinable to perial majesty shall confirm them in all pursue. In consequence of which, we

the conftitutional privileges and legal resolve ourselves for and in behalf of customs which they had enjoyed by the oor respective sovereigns, to act in a

acts of inauguration of the emperor manner according to future circum- Charles VI. and the emprefs Maria fances, and as in our judgment it may Theresa. appear consistent with the nature of the

II. His Imperial majesty consents to fame. • AUCKLAND.

bury in oblivion all the excesses that (Signed)

have been committed during the late “ Count VAN KELLER. troubles, and to comprise them in a « VAN DE SPIEGEL."

general amnesty, which shall be in

Itantly made public, notwithstanding SUBSTANCE

the former limitation of that amnesty OF A CONVENTION

to the 21st of November, with the ex. THE roth of DECEMBER 1790, ception of a very few individuals, BETWEEN THE MINISTERS PLE whose conduct has precluded them NIPOTENTIARY

IMPE. from every claim to this general pardon; RIAL MAJESTY THE EMPEROR and of those culprits, whose crimes QF GERMANY,

are distinct from the disorders comVOL, II.






3 N

mitted during the late insurrection. At on their former foundation, his majesty the same time it is to be understood, that promises to apply the revenues of thoic his Imperial majesty does not by this convents to such pious purposes as general amnesty mean either to acknow- seem to be most analogous to the injedge or confirm those usurpations, tention of their respective founders :wliich, during the troubles, have been And he also promises to revive, and made on the rights and prerogatives of confirm in their rights, such suppressed his sovereign power.,

abbeys as anciently enjoyed the priIII, His Imperial majesty, during vilege of fending deputies to the ftates. the conferences at Reichenbach, having Fourtily, His majesty, relying on the been disposed to grant certain con- patriotism and valour of the Belgic procesfions, not ulteriorly affecting the Im- vinces, positively renouoces every preperial conftitution, in case that fub- tension to keep a standing army (cona mission should prea de compulsion, has {cription militaire) directly or indirect. yet, at the inftance of the mediating ly ; nor will he attempt to raise any powers, granted those concesions which troops in the provinces, but with the he had been previously dispofed to content of the ftates, and as exigengrant of his own accord, as the reward cies may require: And, Fifthly, con. of a voluntary submission, and which fiding in the love of his subjects, and are contained in a letter from his Im- their generous efforts for the support perial majesty's plenipotentiary to the of his empire, he engages never to lexy mediating ininisters, dated at the Hague any tax upon them, on any pretext the 29th of October 1790, and are con whatever, without the full consent and taineú effentially under the following concurrence of the fates. heads :

Sixthly, The judges of the superior First, In regard to certain points of courts are confirmed in their stations, ecclesiastical discipline, in which fome agreeable to the constitutions of each alterations had been made during the province on this head. last reign, and with intentions, the Seventhly, The diploma granted by purity of which have been miscon. the emperor Charles VI. to the superior ceived, his Imperial majesty places all tribunals, is made irrevocable. such matters under the regulation of The eighth article contains his ma. the bishops, restoring to them all the jesty's intimation of hearing and conpowers which they exercised at the ter- sulting with the states and tribunals on mination of the reign of the late em- the lubject of any new and general press Maria Theresa ; and as particu- law.-- T'he ninth is an extension of this Jarized in an edict made in the province privilege on the subject of the penal of Luxembourg, and which shall be laws. published throughout the other pro Tenthly, His majesty engages to revinces ; although his Imperial majesty establish the organization of the governis fill of opinion, that those arrange

ment and chamber of accounts, on the ments which he now revokes, did by fame footing as in the reign of the late no means militate against the constitu- empress ;. referring to himself the right tion of the respective provinces. of making such changes as may be

Secondly, His Imperial majesty come indispensibly neceffary, yet always would willingly place the university of with attention to the public voice, and Louvaine on the same footing as at the the right of the conftitution. decease of her late Imperial majesty; By the eleventh article it is ftipu. but considering the necessity there is of lated, that the commander in chief of a reform in the plan of studies of phi- the troops, and the minister plenipoJosophy, law, and physic, his majesty tentiary, shall respectively be under the judges it necessary to keep such con control of the governors general; and cession in suspense, till a new plan of his majesty in confidence that when the ftudy can be adopted and introduced; prefent troubles are perfectly overcome, on the subject of which he will deli- there will exist no pretext whatever for berate with the states.

their revival, withes to have it eftaThirdly, As it would be im possible blished as an immutable rule, that the to re-establish the suppreffed convents soldiery Ahall never be called out against


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