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by one of the yncas of Peru. Soon doned himself to despair, without
alter Ordaca arrived on the banks making the smallest attempt to
of the river Oroonoko, his powder guide his canoe ; and in this dread-
magazine, by fome accident, blew ful ftate, night overtook him, add-
up, which difabled him from profe- ing darknels to his horror.
cuting his intended discovery. This
misfortune being imputed to the
carelessness of Juan Martinez, (at

that time maiter gunner to Diego Such is the superstition of the
de Ordaca) he was immediately Indians in Dutch America, that the
condemned to be thot ; but the day after a native dies, his family
foldiers interpofing, his punishment and friends assemble and bury him
was changed, though perhaps not naked; after which, they all drink
for the better! he was put alone till they are foundly intoxicated.
into a sinall canoe, with arins and After the body has lain long enough
ammunition for his defence, but for the flesh to be quite putrified,
without any provisions, and in that the fame parties again meet, if alive,
distressful manner committed to the when the grave is opened, the bones
mercy of the winds and waves. taken out, and diftributed among
Carried away by the current of the the relations, and the same scene
river, destitute of succour, and in a of riotous sorrow is a second time
country unknown, Martinez aban- performed.

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Theatriben af at all points from

verned by the strictest discipline at CURIOUS PARTICULARS OF

home, where the smallest broil or

quarrel among individuals is taken [From Bruce's Travels.]

cognizance of, and receives imme. HE tribes of Galla gird Abys- diate punishment.

Each of the three divisions of eaft to west, making inroads, and Galla elect a king, that is, there is burning and murdering all that fall a king for every seven tribes. There into their hands. The privities of is also a kind of nobility among the men they cut off, dry, and hang them, from whose families alone them up in their houses. They are the sovereign can be chofen. But fo merciless as to spare not even wo- there are certain degrees of merit nien with child, whom they rip up (all warlike) that raise, from time in hopes of destroying a male. The to time, their plebeian families to western part of these Galla, which nobility, and the right of suffrage. furrounds the peninsula of Gojam No one of these nobles can be electand Damot, are called the Boren ed till past forty years of age, unless Galla; and those that are to the he has sain with his own hand a eait are named Bertuma Galla, number of men, which, added to though this last word is seldom used his years, makes up forty. in hiflory, where the Galla to the Iron is very scarce among them, westward are called Boren; and the so that their principal arms are others Galla merely, without any poles sharpened at the end, and other addition. All these tribes, hardened in the fire, which they though the most cruel that ever ap- use like lances. Their fields are peared in any country, are yet g9. made of bulls hides of a fingle fold,


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so that they are very subject to warp the dung of a cow in his left. He in heat, or become too pliable and then says, May this never enter, soft in wet weather. Notwithstand- nor this ever come out, if he does ing these disadvantages, the report not do what he promises ;” that is, of their cruelty made such an im- may the grass never enter the cow's prefsion upon the Abyffinians, that, mouth to feed it, or may fhe die be

their first engagements, they fore it is discharged. Matrimonial rarely stood firmly the Galla's first vows, moreover, are very simple; onfet. Befides this, the shrill and he swears to his bride that he hall very barbarous noile they are al give her meat and drink while live ways used to make at the momenting, and bury her when dead. they charge, used to terrify the Polygamy is allowed among them, horses and riders, so that a flight but the men are commonly content generally followed the attack made with one wife. Such, indeed, is by Galla horse.

their moderation in this respect, that The women are said to be very it is the women that folicit the men fruitful. They do not confine them to increase the number of their felves even a day after labour, but wives. The love of their children wash and return to their work im- seeins to get a speedy ascendency mediately. They plow, fow, and over passion and pleasure, and is a reap. The cattle tread out the corn, noble part of the character of these but the men are the herdsmen, and favages that ought not to be forgor. take charge of the cattle in the A young woman, having a child or fields.

two by her husband, intreats and fuBoth sexes are something less than licits him that he would take anothe middle size, exceedingly light ther wife, when the names to him and agile:

Both, but especially the all the beautiful girls of her acmen, plait their hair with the bowels quaintance, especially those that the and guts

of oxen, which they wear thinks likelieit to have large familikewise, like belts, twiited round lies. After the husband has made their middle; and these, as they his choice, the goes to the tent of the putrify, occasion a terrible itench. young woman, and lits behind it in Both copiously anoint their heads a fupplicant posture, till the has ex and bodies with butter or melted cited the attention of the family grease, which is continually raining within. She then, with an audible' from them, and which indicates that voice, declares who fhe is; that she they came from a country hotter 'is daughter of such a one ; that her than that which they now possess. husband has all the qualifications They greatly resemble the Hotten- for making a woman happy; that tots in this filthy taste of drets. the has only two children by hiin; The rest of their body is naked; a and, as her family is so small, the piece of skin only covers them be comes to folicit their daughter for fore; and they wear a goat's skin her husband's wife, that their famion their shoulders, in the shape of lies may be joined together, and be a woman's handkerchief or tippet. strong; and that her children, from

The Galla sometimes marry the their being few in number, may not Abyflinian women, but the issue of fall a prey to their enemies in the those marriages are incapable of all day of battle ; for the Galla always employment. Their form of marriage fight in families, whether against one is as follows: the bridegroom, stand- another, or against other enemies. ing before the parents of the bride, When she has thus obtained a holds grass in his right hand, and wife for her husband, the carries her


home, puts her to bed with her hus- days. All that time the husband re. band, where, having left her, the mains at home in possession of his new fearts with the bride's relations. bride; at the end of which he gives There the children of the first mar a feast, when the first wife is feated siage are produced, and the men of by her husband, and the young one the bride's family put cach their serves the whole company. The first hands upon these children's heads, wife from this day keeps her preand afterwards take the oath in the cedence; and the second is treated usual manner, to live and die with by the first wife like a grown-up them as their own offspring. The daughter. I believe it would be very children, then, after this species of long before the love of their families adoption, go to their relations, and would introduce this custom among vific them for the space of seven the young women of Britain.



kept so long in view after the appa

rent contact. The time of hanging PLANET SATURN. CONCLUDED FROM P. 286.

upon the disk, in the seventh satel

lite, has actually amounted to twenty FROM ROM the ring and satellites minutes. Now, as its quick motion

of Saturn, we now turn our during thatintervalcarries it through thoughts to the planet, its belts, and an arch of near fix degrees, we find, its figure. Accordingly, Dr. Herf- that this would denote a refraction chel enumerates the belts which he of about two seconds, provided the observed from April 9, 1775, to Sep- encroaching of light had no Mare in tember 1780; and says that he found the effect. By an observation of them generally in equatorial situa- the fixth satellite, the refraction of tions, but now and then they were Saturn's atmosphere amounts to otherwise. From all which, fays, nearly the same quantity; for this he, two conclusions may be drawn. fatellite remained about fourteen or The first, which relates to the changes fitieen minutes longer in view than in the appearance of the belts, is, it shouid have done ; and as it moves that Saturn has probably a very about 2 degrees in that time, and considerable atmosphere, in which its orbit is larger than that of the these changes take place ; just as the seventh, the difference is inconsideralterations in the belts of Jupiter able. What has been said will fuf. bave been shewn, with great proba- fice to fhew, that very probably bility, to be in his atmofphere. Saturn has an atmosphere of a conThis has also been confirmed by siderable density. other observations: thus, in occul The next inference we may draw tations of Saturn's satellites, I have from the appearance of the belts on found them to hang to the disk a Saturn is, that this planet turns long while before they would vanish. upon an axis which is perpendicular And though we ought to make some to the ring. The arrangement of allowance for the encroachment of the belts, during the course of fourlight, whereby a satellite is seen to teen years that I have observed them, reach up to the disk fooner than it has always followed the direction of actually does, yet, without a confi- the ring, which is what I have derable refraction, it could hardly be called being equatorial. Thus, as


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