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during my troubles *. Of which I Madam, would you acknowlege an will not at present specify other equal liberty and power in your proof, than that which I have gained subjects ? Notwithstanding this, my of it by the confession of one, who authority has been by my subjects was afterwards amongst those that transferred to my fon, when he was were most advanced for this good not capable of exercising it. And service, and of the witnesses con. since I was willing to assure it lawfronted with him. To whom if I fully to him, he being of age to be had since done justice, he had not afliited to his own advantage, it is afterwards, by bisantient intelligences, suddenly ravished from him, and renewed the same practices against alligned over to two or three traimy son ; and had not procured for tours; who having taken from him all my traitourous and rebellious sub- the effectiveness of it, will take from jects, who took refuge with you, him, as they have from ine, both that aid and support which they have the name and the title of it, if he had, even since my detention on contradicts them in the manner he this fide ; without which support, I may, and perhaps his life, if God think, the said traitours could not does not provide for his preservasince have prevailed, nor afterwards tion. have stood out so long, as they have When I was escaped from Lochdone.

levin, ready to give battle to my reDuring my imprisonment at bels; I remitted to you by a genLochlevio, the late Trogmarton tleman express a diamond jewel, [Throgmorton) counselled me on which I had formerly received as a your behalf, to sign that demillion token from you, and with assurance which he advertiléd me would be to be succoured by you against my presented to me; assuring me, that rebels ; and even that, on my reit could not be valid. And there tiring towards you, you would come was not afterwards a place in Chris. to the very frontiers in order to tendom, where it was held for valid, atlift me ; which had been confirmed or maintained, except on this fide; to me by divers mellengers. This (where it was maintained] even to promise coming, and repeatedly; having assisted with open force the from your mouth (though I had authors of it. In your conscience, found myself often abused by your

* The note of Blackwood, the publisher the while in league with Murray, and inof the letter, and a cotemporary with Mary. tending to serve his and her purposes by it; “ She means Thomas Randol (Randolph], in a train of such hypocritical professions o! the ordinary emballadour of Elizabeth in friendthip, as muít ihock even a profligate Scotland, who, under thadow of his office, child of the world to think of. "She feni committed there ten thousand treasons Mary a diamond jewel, as a solemn loken against the queen of Scotland, corrupting of her avowed friendship, and as an express her subjects with gold and silver, to incite testimony of her promised assistance. She them into rebellion ; as was proved by the even aftured Mary, that on hearing the process made against him.”-One clauie in was obliged to retire before her rebels 10the text shows Elizabeth, to have been at the wards England, she would come to the bottom of that horrid conspiracy: the mur very frontiers of England, to meet and der of Rizzio and the feizure of the queen receive her. This she repeatedly confirmed Randolph was then emballadour in Scot- after wards, by ineffengers to her. And, land, and left the country soon afterwards after all, how did the behave? This fami. (Keith, 344).

liar toad at the ear of the innocent and + Elizabeth appears from this, to have unfu!pecting Eve, injecting its poison into early formed the delign of drawing Mary in- her brain, and tempting her to her ruis, 10 England, under pretence of allilting her, then started up at once in its own natural and in order to feize, infult, and imprison thape, and appcared a very devil by her her. This (chemic the carried on, being all side. -WHITAKER,



ministers) made me place such affic cafile of Edimbourg, and one of the ance on the effectiveneis of it ;-that, first anong them poisoned t, and the when my army was routed, I came other most cruelly hanged; after I directly to throw myself into your had two times made them lay down arms, if I had been able to approach their arms, at your request, in hopes them. But while I was planning of an agreement, which God knows to set out and find you, there was I whether my enemies aimed at. arrested on my way, surrounded with I have been for a long time tryguards, secured in trong places, and ing, whether patience could foften at lait reduced, all fame set aside, the rigour and ill treatment, which to the captivity in which I remain they have begun for these ten years to this day, after a thousand deaths peculiarly to make me suffer. And which I have already suffered from accommodating myself exactly to it.

the order prescribed me,


my capI know, that you will alledge to tivity in this house ; as well in reme what passed between the late gard to the number and quality of duke Nortfolk [of Norfolk) and me. the attendants which I retain, disI maintain, that there was nothing mising the others; as for my diet, in this to your prejudice, or again it and ordinary exercise for my health ; the publick good of this realm; and I am living even at present as quietly that the treaty was fanctioned with and peaceably, as one much inferiour the advice and signatures * of the to myielf, and more obliged than first persons who were then of your with such treatment I was to you, council, under the aílurance of had been able to do; even to demaking it appear good to you. How prive myself, in order to take away could such perfonages have under-all shadow of fufpicion and diffidence taken the enterprize, of miking you from you, of requiring to have some consent to a point, which should de- intelligence with my son and my prive you of life, of honour, and country, which is what by nó right your crown; as you have shown or reaton could be denied ine, and yourself persuaded it would have principally with my child; whom, done, to all the embafladours and intłead of this, they endeavoured by others who speak to you concerning every way to persuade against ine,

in order to weaken us by our diviIn the mean time


lion. ceiving, that their headlong course It was permitted me, you will say, was carrying them much farther to send one to visit him there about than they had thought before, and three years ago. His captivity then the truth being evidenced concerning at Sterling under the tyranny of the calumpies, that had been propa- Morton, was the cause of it; as his gated of me at the conference, to liberty was afterwards, of a refusal which I subinitted in full assembly of to make the like vifit. All this year your deputies and mine, with others pait, I have several times entered of the contrary party in that coun into divers overtures, for the estatry, in order to clear myself pub- blidhment of a good amity between lickly of them; there were the prin- us, and a sure understanding between cipals, for having come to repent. these two realmis in future. To ance, besieged by your forces in the Chatsworth, about ten years ago,

* Camden : "subscriptionibus, que pro- treasons: the baron Grange, and his bro. ferri poffunt."

ther, were hanged." + *• This was the secretary Lethington, Camden: " scrâ pænitentiâ" and "plewho was poisoned for fear he should dif- nivís perfpicerent é colloquio," &c. cover the death of the king, and all thcir




your obe.

commissioners were sent me for that shall be patien:ly when I Mall know purpose. A treaty has been held the occafion of it: if any good, upon it with yourself, by my embaf- fuffer me not to be worse treated for Sadours and those of France. I it, with your very great commission even myself made concerning it, the before God and man*. last winter, all the advantageous The vileit criininals, that are in overtures to Beale, that it was pofli- your prisons, born under ble to make. What return have I dience, are admitted to their juftifihad thence ? My good intention has cation ; and their accufers, and been despised, the fincerity of my their accufations, are always deactions has been neglected and ca- clared to them. Why then thall lumniated, the state of my affairs not the same order have place, tohas been traversed by delays, poit- wards me a Sovereign Queen, your ponings, and other such like arti- nearest relation and lawful heir ? I ficcs. And, in conclusion, a worfe think, that this last circumstance has and more unworthy treatment from hitherto been, on the side of my day to day, any thing which I am enemies, the principal cause of it compelled to do in order to deserve and of all their calumnies, to make the contrary, my very long, use their unjust pretensions flide between less, and prejudicial patience, have the two, by keeping us in division, reduced me to low; that mine ene. But, alas! they have now little reamies, in their habits of using me ill, fon and less need, to torment me think this day they have the right more upon this account. For I of prescriprion for treating me, not proteit to you upon mine honour, as a pritoner, which in reaton I that I look this day for no kingdom, could not be, but as fome slave, whose but that of my God; whom I see life and whole death depend only preparing me, for the better concluupon their tyranny.

fion of all my afflictions and adverI cannot, Madam, fuffer it any fities pait. longer; and I must in dying dita This will be to you (a monition] cover the authors of my death, or to discharge your conscience towards living attempt under your protection my child, as to what belongs to him to find an end to the crueities, ca on this point after my death ; and lumnies, and traitourous designs of in the mean time not to let prevail my said enemies, in order to establish to his prejudice, the continual prac. me in some little more repose for the tices and secret conspiracies, which remainder of my life. To take our enemies in this realm are making away the occasions pretended for all daily for the advancement of their differences between us, clear your- faid pretensions ; labouring on the self, if you please, of all which has other side with our traitourous subbeen reported to you concerning my jects in Scotland, by all the means actions ; review the depositions of which they can, to halten his ruin; the strangers taken in Ireland ; let of which I do not demand other those of ihe jefuits last executed be better verification, than the charges represented to you ; give liberty to given to your last deputies sent into those who would undertake to charge Scotland, and what the faid depume publickly, and permit me to en- ties have seditiously practised there, ter upon my defence : if any evil as I believe, without your knowledge, be found in me, let me suffer it, it but with good and sufficient solicita

* With what a bold air, does innocence Hifpanorum, qui in Fiiberniâ nuper capti, in: here invite and challenge an inquiry into me teftimonia," its own acions! Camden proferantur


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tion of the earl my good neighbour Hunfdon) too sensible of the rank at York *.

from which he is sprung, to engage And on this point, Madam, by his honour in a villanous act; he what right can it be maintained, has had for an affistant of a sworn par: that. I, the mother of my child, am tisan of the earl of Huntingdon's, totally prohibited, not only from af- by whose bad offices an action as bad lifting him in the necessity fo urgent has nearly succeeded to a similar efin which he is, but also from having fect. I shall be contented then, any intelligence of his state? Who only at your not permitting my fon can bring him more carefulness, to receive any injury from this counduty, and sincerity, than 1? To try (which is all, that I have ever whom can he be more near? At the required of you before, even when least, if fending to him to provide an army was sent to the borders, to for his preservation, as the earl of prevent justice from being done to Cherufbery (Shrewibury] made me that deteftable Morton); and that lately undertiand that you did, you none of your subjects directly or had pleased to take my advice in the indirectly intermeddle any more in matter; you would have interposed the affairs of Scotland, unless it is with a better face, as I think, and with my knowledge, to whom all with more obligingness to me. But cognisance of these things belongs, consider what you leave me to think, or with the assistance of some one on when forgetting fo fuddenly thé the part of the Most Christian King, offences which you pretended to have my good brother, whom, as our taken against my son, at the time I principal ally, I defire to make privy was requesting you that we should to the whole of this cause, because send together to him; you have of the little credit that he can have dispatched one to the place where with the traitours, who detain my he was a prisoner, not only without son at prefent. giving me advice of it, but debar In the mean time I declare with ring nie at the very time from all all openness to you, that I hold this liberty, that by no way whatever I last conspiracy and innovation, for might have any news of him. pure treason against the life of my

And if the intention of those, who fon, the good of his affairs, and that have procured on your part this so of the country; and that while he proinpt a visit of my son, had been shall be in the state in which I unfor his preservation, and the repose derstand he is, I shall esteem no of the country ; they needed not to word, writing, or other act, that have been só careful in concealing comes from him or is passed under it from me, as a matter in which I his name, as proceeding from his should not have been willing to free and voluntary difpofition, but concur with you. By this means only from the said conspiratours, they have lost you the good-will, who, at the price of his life, are which I Mould have had for you. making him to serve as a masque to And, to talk to you more plainly them. upon the point, I pray you not to But, Madam, with all this freeeinploy there any more fuch means dom of speech, which I can foresee or luch persons. For, although I will in some sort difplease you, hold the lord de Kerri (Cary lord though it be the truth itself; you

will find it more strange, I assure * 6 She means the earl of Hondinton [Huntingdon].” So, in another letter, myself, that I come now to impor(Keralio, v. 375) the speaks of " mon bon + 66 This is the eldest son of lord Hol. voilin le comte dc Hungtingdon.”

dẹn, a relation of Elizabeth’s.”


I will come now to that, with which to the ruin of my son and of myself; the earl of Scherufbery (Shrewsbury] I took your filence for a refusal, and has charged me, if such a one as he discharged myself by express letters, can charge me ; which is this : that as well to you as to your council, contrary to my promise made to from all that I had treated upon Beale, and without your knowledge, with the faid Bcale *. I have been negotiating with my son, I made you fully privy to what to yield to him my title to the crown monsieur the King, and madame the of Scotland ; when I had obliged Queen, had written to me with their myself not to proceed in it but with own hands upon this business; and your advice, by one of my servants, I asked your advice upon it, which who should be directed by one of is yet to come, with which it was in yours in their common journey truth my intention to proceed, if thither. These are, I think, the you had given it me in time, and very words of the said count. I you had permitted me to send to my will tell you upon this, Madam, fon; assisting me in the overtures that Beale has not ever had a simple which I had proposed to you, in orand absolute promise of me ; but in- der to establish between the two deed overtures conditional, to which realms a good amity and perfect I cannot remain bound in the fashion intelligence for the future. But to in which the business is, unless the bind myself nakedly to follow your conditions, which I annexed to it, advice, before I knew what it would might be previously executed; about be, and, for the journey of our serwhich so far is he from being satis- vants, to put mine under the direcfied, that on the contrary I have tion of yours, even in my own counnever had any answer from him, or try; I was never yet so simple, as heard mention of it since on his side. to think of it. And on this account I remember Now I refer to your confidervery well, that the earl of Scheruf ation, if you knew of the false game, bery (Shrewsbury], about laft Easter, which mine enemies on this fide hare wanting to draw from me a new con- played me in Scotland, to reduce firmation of what I had spoken to the things to the point at which they faid Beale; I replied to him very stand; which of us has proceeded fully, That it was only in case the with the greatest fincerity. God faid conditions might be granted, judge between them and me, and and consequently effectuated, to me. avert from this ifle the just punishThe one and the other are yet living ment of their demerits. Send back to testify this to you, if they will again at once the intelligence, which tell the truth about it. Then seeing my traitourous subjects of Scotland that no answer was made me ; but, can have given you. You will find, on the contrary, that by delays and and I will maintain it before all the neglects mine enemies continued Christian princes, that no one thing more licentiously than ever their whatever has there pafled on my practices, formed since the residence side, to your prejudice, or againit of the said Beale with me, in order the good and repose of this realm; to traverse my just intentions in which I affect not less than any Scotland, so as the effects have been counsellor or subject that you have, well witnessed there; and that, by having more interest in it than any this means, the door remained open of them.

* This serves to show how treacherously nourably Mary acted in return, revoking Elizabeth acted with Mary, turning con

even conditional agreements by exprels ditional agreements into positive, for her letters.-WHITAKER. owo advantage; and how openly and how


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