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until I could procure a proper

match « On the Sth, fourteen exiles arrived for the young lady. In this state of from different places, and begged me to astonishment the roused me out of my receive them into our society, which reverie, by saying, 'Liften, my dear was agreed to. At six o'clock the friend, do not afflict yourself: your vesel, having undergone a complete Aphanasia will not be unhappy. She repair, was rigged, and twenty-two loves you, and will always love you, bears were this day Salted as part of our She cannot call herself yonr wife, but sea stock; and on the sith of May you may keep her as your child.' the whole company embarked, hoisting Immediately after which the faid, the colours of the confederation of Po• Shall it not be so, my dear papa ?"

land." " She added, that Me would be con. We find at this place a short extract tented to live in the country where I of the different voyages undertaken to Lhould fix my abode, and mould enjoy the eastward of Kamchatka, the manuperfe&t happiness in seeing me, and call- fcripts of which were found in the Chaning me father. Her hopes, she faid, cery. The description of Jakutzk, the were to enjoy perfect repose in the remotest town in Siberia, is worthy bosom of my family, as she was resolved notice. to renounce marriage entirely; and the " This town lies in the fixty-third only promise the requelted of me was, degree of north latitude, at the distance to consider her as my own daughter, and of one hundred and twenty-five French permit her to change her clothing, leagues from Ochoczk, a town and with a view that, when cloathed as a port on the eastern coast of the frontier. man, the might be less embarrassing to Jakutzk is subject to the government of

Irkuczk, and is under the command of • May the 4th. This day a council a voivode. In the year 1964 it was was held to judge Mr. Stephanow, who reckoned that forty thoufand souls were had again tranfgreffed on the score of subject to the government of this town, Mifs Nilow, and sentence was passed, including the whole nation of the Jathat he should be excluded, in every kutt Tartars, a wandering people, who refpect, from their meetings, and froin occupy the immenfe deferts which form all command among the associates. this province. The town is inhabited Just before the breaking up of the com- by exiles and Cossacks, who are always mittee, Miss Aphanalia presented here armed in readiness to keep the Jakutt self in the dress, and with the arms of a chiefs in dependence. On the banks man, and the company named her of the river Lena stands a fortress built Achilles. Her figure in this dress was in wood; the garrison of which consists charming, and the certainly had as of one hundred and fifty soldiers. Se much courage as it is possible for a veral rich merchants are settled in this woman to havę.

town, who carry on the fur trade. All “ On the 6th, after having nomi- the caravans that pass from Russia to nated persons to the administration, and Ochocak or Kamcharka are obliged to caused the inhabitants to make oath winter in this town, on account of the that they would do nothing without the great quantity of snow and the excessive consent of me or my companions, during cold, which prevents them from going the avhole time we thould continue at forward during the whole winter, which Kamchatka, I effected. my departure, lasts full eight months. and the business was transacted to the “ In the year 1770, a confiderable great contentment of both parties,' quantity of cannon, anchors, cables, though from different caufes. At ele-, and other marine stores, arrived in this ven o'clock in the evening, I arrived at town destined for the port of Ochoczk, Tsekawka, where I was received with where it was intended to establish a enthusiasın by my companions and by more considerable sea force; but the Mr. Clurin, commander of the cor- impossibility of drawing these heavy vette, who affured me that the vessel articles by dog's, obliged government to would be ready to fail on the oth of give up the project. I found one hunMay.

dred and twenty-five officers exiled in

this province, who, finde the reign of or ten to the Aleuthes iflands. The the present empress, have been banished cargoes of these vessels consist in tointo this barbarous country! The bacco, a small quantity of flour, brandy, communication between this town and gunpowder, and fome toys. On their Ochoczk is kept up by the Jakutts, who return they bring back the skins of are obliged annually, in the month of fables, martins, beavers, foxes, roltoJune, to provide fix thousand horses, maks, bears, ermins, elks and copper, The caravan employs three months on which they have for some years paft the road from here to Ochoczk, and the brought from Beering's ille. The Rufhorses pass no further than Judoma ; fians have hitherto carried on this trade from whence dogs and sledges are made without interruption ; but since the des

use of to carry their merchandize to sertion of several exiles, who have fixed. Tochoczk.

their abode in the Aleuthes islandse “When I came myself along this and entered into alliance with the fac road, on which I was detained ninety- vages, several vessels have been taken, five days, I saw no more than eighty and their crews cut off. Several others horfes, with which we were supplied, likewise have furrendered their vefsels, and all these, except seventeen, died on and have established themselves in there the road. It is impossible for govern- idlands, instead of returning to Siberia, ment to remedy. this inconvenience, The spirit of defertion being thus ex which, in process of time, must cut cited among the common people, veroff all communication by land with sels are no longer fitted out but with Ochoczk. The prospect of this event apprehension; and the parties concerned, has engaged the Ruflian government to petition government to put troops oa make preparations for securing the na board each vessel, to keep their crews ia vigation of the river Amour, which fubjection. But who can answer for falls into the sea to the southward of the the ideas of the foldiers: they likewise island Sachalin, and runs through the are men, and the love of liberty may fouthern parts of Siberia.

have its influence on them as well as on port of Ochoczk is formed by others. a river of the lame name. The entrance • Ruflia is indebted, for the peaceof this harbour is due north. The able poffeffion of this trade, only to the town is built on the banks of the river, distance and the secrefy it preferres reand a pretended fortress commands the specting its advantages, and the indoharbour. The exiles are employed in lence of the other states of Europe, fea affairs, and there is no year which is which have not made fufficient ennot signalized by some revolt. This quiries into the sources of the power of difpofition, which is maintained by de- this vast monarchy. The immenficy spair, will open the entrance of Siberia and extent of its pofseflions appears in to the first comer, and I can confidently credible to them, and prevents them affirm, that the arrival of the first foreign from adopting the opinion, that, with vessel will produce a revolution in Si- the fightest facrifice and exertions, its beria : for from Ochoczk to Tobolczk force may be overthrown, and destroyed there are at lealt one hundred and fixty at pleasure. thousand exiles, or their descendants, “ The greatest advantage which Rulall bearing arms. The different hords fia might derive from Kamchatka, beof Tartars would join the common fides its furs, would be to establiftz caufe to overthrow the Russian domi- smelting works for iron and copper. nion.' This event cannot be far dif- Unfortunately, however, the cruelty tant, and Russia will find herself, by a with which the Russians have treated Itroke of this nature, deprived of all the natives lias diminished the number. that support which alone enables her to For, at the arrival of the Russians, their play a principal part in Europe, hy vir- number was reckoned at seventy thoutue of the considerable augmentation of sand, and ing my stay it scarcely her revenue.

amounted to eleven thousand, a number “ Several vessels are dispatched yearly which must in future be still more dimiFrom this port : one to Idziga; one to nished by the oppression they suffer. Tigil ; "three to Kamchatka, and eight They are forced to contribute annually

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a number of slaves for the service of of his assertion, to baron Lafferti a the soldiers and Cossacks, and are be. Prutfian officer, who was exiled to Koo fides compelled to the sea service.” lima, and returned to Europe in 1760."

The 12th of May; the count failed From Beering's island, the crew comfrom the harbour of Bolsha, in the pelled their leader to steer northward of corvette Peter and Paul, having on Kamchatka, with a view of reaching the board feventy-five doing duty; nine American coast. They persevered till women, and twelve palengers. On they arrived in the fixty-lixth deg. N. the 20th they arrived at Beering's ifland, when, from the number of large masses. and discovered that it was inhabited of ice, fome of which itruck and daat the time by an adventurer named maged the ship, the count was permitted Ochotyn, who behaved in the most to alter the course, and to steer for friendly manner to the count and his China. Almost every page of the count's alsociates.

journal is occupied with fresh instances “ Mr. Ochotyn was a man of family of the perfidy of Stephanow, who con. in Saxony, and served under the empreis tinually excited the spirit of mutiny Elizabeth, in the rank of captain, in the among the people : yet does our hero, regiment of Smolenskoi, which he left notwithstanding his personal safety was for the employment of adjutant to ge, highly endangered, always appear as neral A praxin. When that general the criminal's advocate, by mitigating was arrested, by order of the empress, he the rigour of the sentences passed on was himself likewise sent to prilon, with him by the associates. In truth, the Mr. Baron Klusewsky, who is still an picture which the count draws of his exile at Jakutzk, under the name of lenity in this instance, but ill agrees with Fiskin. Mr. Ochotyn was not delivered some other of his transactions. In from prison until he was sent as an exile one of Stephanow's frolics, fereral into Siberia. On his arrival at Jakutzk, calks of water, and some of brandy, he obtained the favoui of being sent to were staved ; in consequence of which Ochoczk, where he engaged himself on the whole crew were driven to the utboard a ship fitted out for catching most distress. The little provision and beavers. He made two voyages in this water left, the count shared equally, ac vefsel, but, during the third, having once, to each man, reserving a little fecured the attachment of fifty of the biscuit for the women : some of them crew, he seized the vessel at the Aleuthes devoured the whole at once, and dread. islands, with which he made prize of ful would have been their Gituation if two others, whose crews joined his for the intrepid count had not deviled a

His party at firit consisted of means of relief-he ordered the skinson one hundred and thirty-four determined board to be cleaned, and drefied with men, able to contend with the maritime oil, which was found eatable. In this force of Ochoczk. Eighteen months dilemma, they fortunately arrived at an afterwards he had the good fortune to island, Rocked with every necessary, establish himself on one of the largest of which they named Liquor' Iland, and the Aleuthes islands, where he formed where a party insisted on continuing, connections, by means of the marriages impelled by a view of discovering gold of his companions with the girls of the mines. To divert them from this purcountry. The dependence he could pose, which was pretty strongly sup. place on the friendship of the natives of ported, the count had recourse to ftrathese islands had determined him to form tagem; he represented the great in. colonies; but, as he was without the adequacy of the number of women to necessary arms and utensils, he had the inen, and advised a voyage to Japan, determined to visit Kamchatka and in order to seize a sufficient number of Ochocz, with the intention of utterly females, and then to return and settle on destroying these two establishments, and this island of abundance. This procarrying off every thing which he might posal met universal approbation; and, find suitable to luis purposes.

on the 28th of July, they arrived at “ The family of Mr. Cchotyn is Japan, where their receprion was exknown in Saxony by the name of tremely favourable. Ulikamly, chid Leuchtenfeld, and he referred, in proof of a large district, created the count with



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much politeness; and, after hearing says, that the Greeks, by putting O him declare that he worshipped the fame before Siris, had made the word uninGod as the Japanese-the creator of all telligible to the Egyptians: Siris, then, things-loaded him with presents, and was Osiris ; but he was not the sun, no gave him and those of his country,

li. more than he was Abraham ; nor was berty hereafter to enter into a free trade he a real personage. He was Syrius, with them; as a testimony of which, he or the dog ítar, designed under the presented the count with a flag, to be figure of a dog, because of the warning again shewn when he might hereafter he gave to Atbara, where the first ob. return on a trading project; and, be- servations were made at his disengaging fides, entrusted to his care a young man himself from the rays of the sun, so as of the country, whom he was to carry to be visible to the naked eye. His {afely back.

first appearance was figuratively comThe count, ready again for fea, per- pared to the barking of a dog, by the fuaded nis companions to give up the warning it gave to prepare for the apidea of returning to Liquor Inand; proaching inundation. Mr. Bruce beand set sail, on the ad of August, for lieves, therefore, this was the first hieCanton in China, to dispose of their roglyphic; and that Ifis, Osiris, and furs; from thence they intended to Tot, were all after inventions relating proceed for Europe, in hopes of en to it. It is not to be doubted, that gaging fome power to countenance them hieroglyphics, but not astronomy, were in returning, to form a respectable co invented at Thebes, where the theory lony on the Japanese coast.

of the dog star was particularly inwesThe count touched at several other tigated, because connected with their parts of this coast; but his reception rural year. was by no means fo friendly as he Mr. Bruce gives an account of the had at first experienced. In the course fluctuating state of the Indian trade, of their progress, they piratically board- which was much hurt by military exed a small bark richly laden; but, in peditions of the Persians; he describes doing this, the bark struck the corvette, its revival under the Ptolemies, and its which sprung a leak; a part of the decay under the Romans ; to the birth crew, and among them the count, took of Cyrus. This prince having taken to the yawl, in hopes of towing the vef- Babylon and flain Belfhazzar, became sel inio the island of Usmay Ligon, master of the whole trade and riches of one of the Lequio islands: the yawl, the East. Whatever character writers however, overset, two of the associates give of this great prince, his conduct, were drowned ; and it was with no lit-' with regard to the commerce of the te difficulty that our hero faved his country, thews him to have been a weak own life, after sustaining an uncommon one; for, not content with the prodi. Thare of danger and fatigue.

gious prosperity to which his dominions At this period of the count's history, had arrived, by the misfortune of other the translator has thought proper to nations, and perhaps by the good faith conclude the first volume.

kept by his subjects to merchants, en[To be continued.]

forced by those written laws, he under

took the most absurd and disastrous BRUCE's TRAVELS. , CONTINUED

project of molefting the traders themFROM P. 262.

Telves, and invading India, that all at

once he might render himself master of PURSUING the subject of the origin their riches. He executed this scheme of characters or letters, Mr. Bruce lays, just as absurdly as he formed it; for, but two original characters obtained in knowing that large caravans of mer Egypt. The first was the Geez, the fe- chants came into Persia and Assyrią cond the Saitic, and both these were the from India, through the Ariana, (the oldest characters in the world, and both desert coast tha runs all along the Inderived from hieroglyphics.

dian Ocean to the Persian Gulf, almost Thebes was built by a colony of entirely destitute of water, and very Ethiopians from Sire, the city of Seir, nearly as much fo of provisions, both or the Dog Star. Diodorus Siculus which caravans always carry with them) VOL. II.




he attempted to enter India by the very buildings wherever he went. This same road with a large army, the very was a gratification to the shepherds, same

way his predecesor Semiramis had being equally enemies to those that projected one ihousand three hundred worshipped beasts, or lived in cities. years before ; and, as her army had pe. After this introduction, he concluded rished, fo did his to a man, without peace with them in the most folemn having ever met with the least success.

manner, each nation vowing eternal His fon and essor, Cambyses, was amity with the other. Notwithstanding equally unfortunate ; for, observing which, no sooner was he arrived at the quantity of gold brought from Thebes (in Egypt) than he detached a Ethiopia into Egypt, he resolved to Jarge army to plunder the temple of march to the source, and at once make Jupiter Ammon, the greatest object of himself master of those treasures by the worship of these shepherds ; which rapine, which he thought came 100 ariny utterly perished without a man Nowly through the medium of com- remaining, probably covered by the

moving lands. He then began his Camby fes's expedition into Africa, march against the Macrobii, keeping obtained a celebrity by the absurdity close to the Nile. The country there of the project, by the enormous cruelty being too high to receive any benefit and havoc that attended the course of from the inundation of the river, proit, and by the great and very just duced no corn, so that part of his army punishment that closed it in the end. died for want of provision. It was one of those many monstrous ex A detachment from another part of travagancies, which made up the life of his army, proceeded to the country of the greatest madman that ever disgraced the Shepherds, who, indeed, furnished, the annals of antiquity. The batelt him with food; but, exasperated at the mind is perhaps the most capable of facrilege he had committed against avarice; and when this passion has their god, they conducted his troops taken possession of the human heart, it through places where they could prois strong enough to excite us to under cure no water. After suffering all this, takings as great as any of those dictated loss, he was not yet arrived beyond by the noblest of our virtues. Cam- 24 deg, the parallel of Syene. From byses, amidst the commission of the hence he dispatched ambassadors, or most horrid excesses during the conquest spies, to discover the country before of Egypt, was informed that, from the him, finding he could

no longer rely south of that country, there was con upon the shepherds. These found it stantly brought a quantity of pure full of black warlike people, of great gold, independent of what came from size, and prodigious strength of body; the top of the Arabic gulf, which was active, and continually exercised in now carried into Assyria, and circulated hunting the lion, the elephant, and in the trade of his country. This fup- other monstrous beasts which live in ply of gold belonged properly and ex these forests. They so abound with clusively to Egypt; and a very lucra- gold, that the most common utensils tive, though not very 'extensive coin- and instruments were made of that merce, was, by its means, carried on metal, whilst, at the same time, they with India. He found out that the were utter strangers to bread of any people, possessing these treasures, were kind whatever ; and, not only so, but called Macrobii, which signifies long their country. was, by its nature, incalivers; and that they possessed a coun: pable of producing any sort of grain try divided from him by lakes, moun- from which bread could be made. They tains, and deserts. But what still af- sublifted upon raw flesh alone, dried in fe&ted hiin most was, that in his way the sun, especially that of the rhinocewere a muliitude of warlike Mepherds. ros, the elephant, and giraffa, which

Cambyses, in order to make peace they had flain in hunting. On such with the thepherds, fell furiously upon food they have ever since lived, and live the gods and temples in Egypt; he to this day, and on such food Mr. murdered ihe sacred ox, the apis, de- Bruce himself lived with them; yet still ftroyed Memphis, and all the public it appears ftrange, that people confined

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